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Run Your Own Social Platform with App Blastout’s New Service

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SINGAPORE, Sept. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Social App BlastOut (, developed by Singaporeans Daniel Chia and Cynthia Siantar, will soon empower users to create their very own exclusive social network for their private events with the launch of their new freemium web service.

“We want to extend the privilege of creating a temporary social network to everyone; not just for large scale event organisers, but for our users’ private events as well. This will add an additional dimension to their events, allowing them to do more by merging their virtual and real life social interactions, and bringing the experience of their events to the next level,” said Daniel Chia, Co-Founder of BlastOut.

The app attracted S$200,000 in angel funding and both investors and founders believe that the app will change the way we interact with each other.

Empowering Users with the Freemium Web Service

BlastOut allows event organisers to create in-app content, enabling them to focus on reaching out to people around their location. Users can be engaged through time-sensitive special deals, customized brand messages and the app’s commenting system and plug-in support.

With the launch of the freemium service, users themselves can create their very own exclusive temporary social network to enhance their private gatherings. They can include event albums and other interactive content like stock games, chats and polls to add a dimension of fun and interactivity to the party, or connect the guests through a shared experience.

The app has been very well received by the public for its exclusivity and the temporal nature of the content, as well as the fact that it makes social media more social by encouraging real people to interact in real life.

Its geolocation feature means that users have to be physically present at the venue in order to access the exclusive content posted on BlastOut. Users will receive alerts to the presence of content on BlastOut when they get close to the venue, and check out fun and interesting things that others shared.

Success in the local market

Since its inception, BlastOut has several high-profile tie-ups and partnerships with major brand names inSingapore, working closely with Cathay, *SCAPE, SMU, Lunafly Fanmeet and party organizer Blackwhite Productions for events in venues like Butter Factory and Azzura Beach Club. The partnerships were hugely successful, with high levels of social engagement within the app and the ability to increase sales at some establishments by as much as 12.5%.

BlastOut has also recently partnered with local celebrity Keagan Kang to use BlastOut in his F&B establishment, The Papa Shop. The partnership will see The Papa Shop adding a depth of interactivity with their customers through special offers and interesting content, and the team has launched Papa Gives Back, a special monthly initiative to connect professionals together.

Going Global

BlastOut has recently hosted their first London event, a summer ball for the Imperial College of London’s Royal College of Science Union (RCSU), with over 400 attendees. They are also working with top varsities in the US to launch their service there.

With the hosting of the London event and the upcoming US campaign, Cynthia sees the app gaining popularity across the globe. “We really are a global platform, and with the freemium service, BlastOut is now in the hands of people all over the world. We believe that our successes in London and Singapore are just the beginning.”

For media enquiries:

Wesley Gunter
Right Hook Communications Pte Ltd
t: +65 9679 8574

Daniel Chia
t: +65 9879 3832

About BlastOut

BlastOut is your geo-located, temporary Social Network that lets you start real conversations with relevant people around you. Posts on BlastOut only last for a limited time before they disappear, so exchange contacts to stay in touch with the people you meet.

Visit to download the app or download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Source: BlastOut

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