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Emerging Intelligent Campus Industry Infuses Energy into Digital Cross-disciplinary Economy

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TAIPEI, Sept. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — In light of the fact that Intelligent Campus has become one of the major topics for the global advanced countries, Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs commissioned the Institute for Information Industry to hold the “International Innovative Learning & Cross-domain Innovation Seminar and Exhibition” on September 11. The seminar and exhibition attracted more than 1,000 governmental officials, industry professionals and experts interested in the development of intelligent campus. By providing hands-on experiences and receiving feedback, the Taiwan government intended to motivate more collaboration between the research and industry and more innovative services so as to bring forth more domestic and international business opportunities.

The deputy director general of Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau, Mr. Jang-Hwa Leu, expressed that the strategies to assist digital learning industry since 2003 had been expanding, and integrating and internationalizing through the approaches of integrating hardware and software along with the cross-domain innovation. The development from the digital contents, total solution of smart classrooms to the new territory of intelligent campus innovative services increases the output value by 20% from USD1.9 billion in 2013 to USD2.3 billion. The International revenue increases by 40% from USD400 million in 2013 to USD566 million.

This year, Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau assisted Taiwan leading system integration enterprises to have more involvement in the research of technology and service innovation with the intelligent-campus research plan. The verification stages of POC (Proof of Concept), POS (Proof of Service) and POB (Proof of Business) has been planned to apply domestically in schools. The mentioned effort is to establish a comprehensive industrial chain and to accelerate the growth of intelligent campus industry. In addition, the seminars about intelligent campus have been held to encourage the interaction between the system integration enterprises and the end users in schools. Also, the group meetings for the standard development has planned various standards for different aspects of campus services to accelerate the development of the intelligent campus.

Deputy Director General Leu stressed Taiwan government’s endeavor for the exploration in the international market. For example, the bureau helped the integration of Taiwan intelligent campus products to develop integrated English cloud training services in Vietnam. With the collaboration of the Vietnamese partner, it is estimated to train 10,000 English teachers in the coming few years. In addition, the Industrial Development Bureau helped Taiwan enterprises to work with Singtel, the international telecom based in Singapore, to introduce Chinese digital learning plans for children and to establish overseas example sites so as to expand to the experiences to the potential global markets like Indonesia, Australia and etc. Besides, the government also played the role of leading Taiwan digital learning enterprises to participate in the Digital Education Show in Malaysia to market the Taiwan digital learning industry internationally.

The seminar on September 11 invited renowned experts from the USA, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam to share the future trend, introduce experiences and business model of intelligent campus and also to expound the development strategies and needs of intelligent campus in overseas markets. Furthermore, Taiwan leading system integration enterprises, Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd., Delta Electronics Ltd., MiTAC Information Technology Corporation and Wistron Corporation, also participated in the exhibition to demonstrate their products and services for Taiwan and international visitors to experience their world-class intelligent campus total solutions.

For more information, please contact Tina Shao at +886-2-6631-6736 or

This article is an advertisement of Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs

Source: Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs

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