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Simplify Your Comfort — Ambi Climate Accepting Pre-orders on 22nd July

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HONG KONG /PRNewswire/ — Ambi Climate, the delightfully simple add-on upgrade that simplifies your comfort and optimises your home’s air conditioning (“AC”), will be accepting pre-orders from9am on 22nd July, as one of the inaugural projects on a new Asia focused crowdfunding platform launching that day.

Ambi Climate. Simplify your comfort.
Ambi Climate. Simplify your comfort.

Ambi Climate solves a problem that is familiar in many Asian households  over 90% of households in the leading cities in Asia use ACs, yet many users find that their ACs do not adequately maintain their comfort. “Our online survey of 6 major Asian markets last year showed that over 70% of respondents identified with at least one comfort complaint caused by their AC, with the most common complaints being temperature related, such as finding the room too hot or too cold; or humidity related, such as condensation problems or finding things too humid,” explains Ambi Labs founder and CEO Julian Lee. These comfort challenges require effort on the user to solve, with some research participants remarking “[I am] looking forward to not having to touch the remote 5 times an hour” and “Crazy unpredictable weather. [It is] hard to really control [my] aircon based on my needs.”

“One goal of this crowdfunding campaign is to recruit more beta testers,” said Julian. “We already have over 100 beta testers signed up, mainly in Singapore and Hong Kong, and we wish to recruit users from other Asian countries to ensure our product meets the needs of consumers across the region. Our beta units are already in production and will ship in September. To make this reward especially attractive, we have priced these units atUS$89, over 40% off our expected retail price of US$149  despite higher manufacturing costs for these early units. Backers who wish to support us, but who would prefer to wait for a more mature version, are encouraged to back our production reward tiers, which will ship in April 2015 and start at US$69 for the early bird promotion.”

For more details of our upcoming campaign, and to sign up for news of upcoming promotions and discounts ahead of the launch, visit:

Press Contact:

Elizabeth Choi
Press Page:
Twitter: @ambiclimate

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About Ambi Climate

Ambi Climate harnesses machine learning and big data techniques to solve common air conditioner (“AC”) usage challenges. It is the world’s first system that learns not just your preferences, but also predicts how conditions in your home will change. Ambi Climate’s patent pending algorithms build up a holistic picture of your home, and is able to adjust your AC settings to ensure your comfort, no matter the time of the day, or outdoor weather patterns. Ambi Climate also provides deep, data-driven insights into the conditions in the user’s home, and the impact of their usage behaviour. This knowledge helps users to take control of their AC usage patterns, allowing them to understand the tradeoffs between comfort and energy consumption.

Ambi Climate:

  • Simplifies your comfort
  • Solves common Asia pain point  the need to frequently adjust the AC
  • Uses proprietary machine learning techniques to predict conditions in your home
  • Gives you more insight into the impact of your AC usage patterns
  • Is an add-on upgrade, compatible with all remote controlled ACs
  • Smartphone controlled, wifi enabled, talks to your AC in place of your remote control

About Ambi Labs

Ambi Labs is a Hong Kong based startup that is changing how Asian consumers interact with household appliances. Ambi Labs applies its proprietary machine learning and predictive technology to the Asian household, customised for the habits and preferences of the Asian consumer.

Source: Ambi Labs Limited

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