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Kingyoup Unveils High Throughput Semiconductor Wafer Bonding & Debonding Tool at ECTC 2014

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NEW TAIPEI CITY/PRNewswire/ — Kingyoup Optronics Co., Ltd. (“Kingyoup”) during the IEEE Electronics Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) held at Orlando, Florida USA, in May 2014 show-cased their temporary bonding and debonding equipment developed in collaboration with IBM (NYSE:IBM). This equipment is specially designed to meet the microelectronics miniaturization needs of today’s smart, mobile, consumer electronics devices. Specifically, it enables 3D Integrated Circuits, 2.5D Packaging Integration and System applications.

The temporary bonding and debonding equipment uses a hybrid laser debonding solution with an industry-leading throughput of over 60 to 100 wafers per hour. It also supports wafer thinning to less than a human hair thickness (<< 50 um ) for either 200mm or 300mm wafers. A video demonstration of the debonding equipment releasing wafers was shown at the ECTC exhibit booth.

Working together with IBM, Kingyoup has developed a solution that demonstrates lower power consumption and much faster wafer cleaning, leading to high yield and high throughput, and concludes with lower cost of ownership.

Technical presentations by IBM researchers discussed the benefits of this patented laser debonding technology.  The technology can be applied to semiconductor wafer processing and packaging technologies in either wafer level or panel size formats.

About Kingyoup Optronics

Kingyoup Optronics(KYO), founded and invested by Kingyoup Enterprises in 2013, is an expert in design and manufacturing of in-line sputter equipment, roll to roll sputter equipment and 3D IC wafer bonder and debonder.

Facing rapid growth of end products requiring high performance and miniaturization design, 2.5D, 3D and fan out IC packaging solutions have become one of the key technologies in semiconductor industries. With IBM technology licensing, Kingyoup is now designing mass production wafer bonding and laser debonding equipment. Beta tool is available for live demo. Furthermore, temporary bonding and de-bonding also could be applied in the process of light weight and wearable device in the future.

KYO has rich experiences in touch panel sputtering and FPD industry. We provide total solution for ITO, SiO2, Metal, Nb2Ox coating…etc., and we record outstanding sales performance of 3.5G to 7.5G in-line sputter equipment. KYO is one of the few suppliers in Taiwan and China who is capable of coating of multi-layer film. KYO also has delivered roll to roll equipment for high-end flexible material and process. Visit KYO website

Media Contact

Baker Tu
Financial Director of KYO
+886-2-2999-1355 ext:141

Source: Kingyoup Optronics Co., Ltd.

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