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CUCKOO Holds Premium Rice Cooker Demonstration Event

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SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —

  • Event for learning recipes and winning prizes held at electronic markets in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi
  • Special event to for demonstration and experiencing CUCKOO rice cooker that will lead the “electric rice cooker” trend in Vietnam

Cuckoo Electronics Co. Ltd, a healthy home appliances company, (CEO Koo Bon-hak) will host a premium CUCKOO rice cooker demonstration event until December 1 at electronics markets in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi of Vietnam.

CUCKOO Holds Premium Rice Cooker Demonstration Event
CUCKOO Holds Premium Rice Cooker Demonstration Event


This event was designed to give consumers the opportunity to experience the excellent taste of rice and superior quality of CUCKOO products, which is Korea’s top rice cooker brand. In addition to the new electric rice cooker models, cooks will also offer recipes and tasting experiences by cooking various dishes conveniently such as rice and soups using the various functions of CUCKOO rice cookers.

Bring your receipt after purchasing a CUCKOO rice cooker to the demonstration event booth to receive kitchen gloves and premium crystal bowl. Also, visitors to the booth will receive a lucky draw card for the chance to win a premium rice cooker. Furthermore, in addition to the event booth, visitors can also listen to product descriptions and view cooking demonstrations using the CUCKOO rice cooker at the CUCKOO product line.

The event will be held from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. and it will be held at Vietnam’s biggest electronics markets such as Nguyem kim, Thien Hoa, Pico, and Phan Khang. It will be held at a total of ten stores in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi and detailed schedules are as shown below

<Demonstration Event Schedule>
Ho Chi Minh
1. 10/25~11/7: Nguyem kim Q1
2. 10/25~10/31: Nguyen Kim — Thu Duc
3. 11/1~11/7: Nguyen Kim — Tan Binh
4. 11/8~11/10: Thien Hoa Q.10
5. 11/15~11/17: Pico Cong Hoa
6. 11/22~11/24: Nguyen Kim Go Vap
7. 11/29~12/1: Phan Khang Tan Binh
Region: Hanoi
1. 11/12~11/18: Nguyen Kim – Trang Thi
2. 11/22~11/24: Nguyen Kim – Ba Dinh
3. 11/29~12/1: Pico Giang Vo

CUCKOO Electronics was founded in Korea in 1978 and has sold over 25 million rice cookers recording a market share of 73% and maintaining its uncontested top position in the electric cooker sector. All of the CUCKOO rice cookers sold in Vietnam are made in Korea and it contains the technologies and knowhow accrued over the past 35 years and thus boasts excellent rice tastes and quality.

CUCKOO is popular among Vietnamese consumers in terms of rice taste, quality, design and convenience and has taken the top position in the premium brand market. The key buying factor, which was surveyed among Vietnamese consumers, for electric rice cookers was “durability” and “user convenience”, which took first and second place, respectively. These factors are exactly the same as what CUCKOO rice cooker buyers said that the strength of CUCKOO was. This shows that CUCKOO products will completely satisfy the needs of consumers in Vietnam.

Thanks to such consumer support, the new CUCKOO electric rice cooker G-TOOL (model CRP-G1015M) that will be launched soon, is expected to become a trend leader while displaying the superiority of electric rice cookers in Vietnam where most rice cookers are still mechanical. The 17 minute quick-cook function is expected to be welcomed by Vietnamese consumers and the new TV commercial starring the Hallyu star Lee Seung-gi will also go on air from October 27 (Sunday).

In order to establish itself as a premium rice cooker brand in Vietnam, CUCKOO Electronics is planning to suggest a new standard for “electric rice cooker with tasty rice” based on its 35 years of technological experience, and distinguish itself from other brands while enhancing consumer satisfaction.

Source: Cuckoo Electronics Co., Ltd.

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