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Perfect World’s Swordsman Online Creates New Opportunities for China-made Online Games

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BEIJING, July 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Perfect World’s 3D martial arts game Swordsman Online launched open beta on June 28. The long-awaited online martial arts game was developed by an elite team at Perfect World after several years of research and has been highly anticipated by the industry, media and players. The title received an unprecedented enthusiastic response from players upon receiving the fully immersive experience on the first day of open beta.

Joe Chen under the spotlight for endorsing Swordsman Online
Joe Chen under the spotlight for endorsing Swordsman Online

With online games having entered a period of stable development over the last few years, the shift from quantity to quality will play a vital role in differentiating Perfect World from competitors. With high-quality development and globalization as the mission goals, Perfect World has created a host of classical online games which have not only attracted great attention within the industry and beyond but also gained high popularity worldwide. The high frequency coverage by authoritative media, such as China Central Television’s Xinwen Lianbo, allows Perfect World to receive ongoing widespread attention. Perfect World has always pursued growth by developing high-quality games and expanding into overseas markets. The launch of Swordsman Online further demonstrates Perfect World’s strong R&D capabilities and operating strengths.

Swordsman Online was created by Perfect World by adapting Jin Yong’s classic novel of the same name. The title features Perfect World’s independently developed Angelica III game engine, featuring a lifelike scenario and an even more realistic visual effect. Meticulously designed martial arts action and combat elements, magnificent skills and a multitude of interesting gameplay options offer players a richer and more immersive experience. In addition, the design that encourages in-depth interactions among players and a compelling tale accurately interprets the free-wheeling nature and chivalry of the martial arts world in its original state.

The premium brand image of Perfect World and the high quality of Swordsman Online allowed the title to gain great popularity immediately after its launch. The strong performance of Swordsman Online brings a potent new force to China’s domestic client game market. The title, after years of development and innovations, won multiple prestigious awards before its official launch. In keeping with Perfect World’s tireless search for quality, Swordsman Online inevitably and quickly earned its status a blockbuster.

Going forward, Perfect World will not veer from its mission goals of quality and globalization, or from its diversified development strategy that simultaneously encompasses client, web and mobile games. The company aims to continue telling the story of Chinese martial arts culture through flexible thinking and bold innovation, bringing to life sagas that have beheld millions of readers such as the Swordsman through its China-made high-quality online games, and adding to company’s confidence in itself as it further pursues global expansion.

Source: Perfect World Co., Ltd.

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July 5, 2013 at 3:15 pm

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