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Demand for Data Centres Continues to Rise in Singapore with Expansion Plans for 2013 and Beyond

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Independent study commissioned by Digital Realty reveals that three out of four IT decision makers in Singapore participating in survey intend to expand their data centres

SINGAPORE, June 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: DLR), a leading global provider of data centre solutions, cited a recent research study indicating that 78 percent of Singapore’s IT decision makers who participated in the survey plan to definitely or probably expand their data centres in 2013, with 82 percent planning for 2014. More than two thirds of the respondents who plan to expand this year prefer to locate their new data centres in Singapore as compared to other countries in the region. The research, conducted by Campos Analysis & Research on behalf of Digital Realty, indicates that 83 percent will use a partner for design and build or to lease wholesale space, or both.

Of the Singapore-based respondents in the survey, 11 percent cited owning six or more data centres. Approximately 67 percent said they had built a new data centre in the past 24 months. Of those with plans to expand in 2013, 61 percent say they plan to expand in more than one location.

Commenting on the survey results, Kris Kumar, Senior Vice President and Regional Head of Asia Pacific for Digital Realty, said, “It is clear that Singapore’s data centre users are driving their expansion initiatives forward to manage the exponential growth in IT applications and data storage. With the high costs of individual new construction and the limited number of appropriate new sites, IT decision makers see the value of working with a data centre provider such as Digital Realty to fulfill these requirements.”

The average desired space and power requirements for data centre expansion initiatives are 14,000 square feet and 5.4kW per rack respectively. The research also indicates that the respondents’ need to track and manage data centre power usage effectiveness (PUE) has increased over the last year. Most companies (80 percent) likely to expand in 2013 are extremely or very confident that they can comply with future energy (86 percent) or carbon emission regulations (82 percent).

“The continued focus on energy efficiency will drive change in the type of requirements customers have for their data centres,” explained Kumar. “This will highlight the capabilities of solution providers, such as Digital Realty, that can deliver data centre designs that are not only resilient, but also extremely efficient.”

For Further Information

A summary of the Campos survey results can be found at the company’s Knowledge Center at www.digitalrealty.comvia the “Thought Leadership” dropdown menu.

About the Methodology

Research was commissioned by Digital Realty and carried out independently by Campos Research & Analysis. Results of this study are based on surveys of 100 Singaporean IT decision makers at large corporations with annual revenues of at least US$500M and/or at least 2,000 employees. All survey participants are directly involved in the process of managing, executing contracts for, implementing or expanding existing data centres. All participants were executives or senior level management, including CxOs, in IT, MIS, IS, Real Estate or Finance. The survey was conducted in January 2013.

About Campos Research & Analysis

Campos Research & Analysis conducts consumer research and business-to-business research, using qualitative and quantitative methodologies, to address the business issues of client companies. Campos Research & Analysis was founded in 1988 by Rusty Campos. Ellen Campos became a principal in the firm in 2000. Between them, the principals have nearly 50 years of research experience, both client-side in Fortune 500 companies and supply-side with Honomichl 50 market research companies. For more information, visit

About Digital Realty

Digital Realty Trust, Inc. focuses on delivering customer driven data centre solutions by providing secure, reliable and cost effective facilities that meet each customer’s unique data centre needs. Digital Realty’s customers include domestic and international companies across multiple industry verticals ranging from information technology and Internet enterprises, to manufacturing and financial services. Digital Realty’s 122 properties, excluding three properties held as investments in unconsolidated joint ventures, comprise approximately 22.7 million square feet as of April 26, 2013, including 2.6 million square feet of space held for development. Digital Realty’s portfolio is located in 32 markets throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Additional information about Digital Realty is included in the Company Overview, which is available on the Investors page of Digital Realty’s website at

Safe Harbor Statement

This press release contains forward-looking statements which are based on Digital Realty Trust, Inc.’s current expectations, forecasts and assumptions that involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual outcomes and results to differ materially, including statements related to Digital Realty’s survey results, demand for data centres in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region, plans for data centre expansion, use of a partner in data centre expansion, expected space and power requirements in future data centre expansions, compliance with future regulations on power usage and carbon emissions, and impact of monitoring and managing energy use.  These risks and uncertainties include, among others, the following: the impact of the recent deterioration in global economic, credit and market conditions, including the downgrade of the U.S. government’s credit rating; current local economic conditions in its geographic markets; decreases in information technology spending, including as a result of economic slowdowns or recession; adverse economic or real estate developments in its industry or the industry sectors that it sells to (including risks relating to decreasing real estate valuations and impairment charges); its dependence upon significant tenants; bankruptcy or insolvency of a major tenant or a significant number of smaller tenants; defaults on or non-renewal of leases by tenants; its failure to obtain necessary debt and equity financing; increased interest rates and operating costs; risks associated with using debt to fund its business activities, including re-financing and interest rate risks, its failure to repay debt when due, adverse changes in its credit ratings or its breach of covenants or other terms contained in its loan facilities and agreements; financial market fluctuations; changes in foreign currency exchange rates; its inability to manage its growth effectively; difficulty acquiring or operating properties in foreign jurisdictions; its failure to successfully integrate and operate acquired or developed properties or businesses; the suitability of its properties and data centre infrastructure, delays or disruptions in connectivity, failure of its physical infrastructure or services or availability of power; risks related to joint venture investments, including as a result of its lack of control of such investments; delays or unexpected costs in development of properties; decreased rental rates or increased vacancy rates; increased competition or available supply of data centre space; its inability to successfully develop and lease new properties and space held for development; difficulties in identifying properties to acquire and completing acquisitions; its inability to acquire off-market properties; its inability to comply with the rules and regulations applicable to reporting companies; its failure to maintain its status as a REIT; possible adverse changes to tax laws; restrictions on its ability to engage in certain business activities; environmental uncertainties and risks related to natural disasters; losses in excess of its insurance coverage; changes in foreign laws and regulations, including those related to taxation and real estate ownership and operation; and changes in local, state and federal regulatory requirements, including changes in real estate and zoning laws and increases in real property tax rates.  For a further list and description of such risks and uncertainties, see the reports and other filings by Digital Realty Trust, Inc. with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, including Digital Realty Trust, Inc.’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2012 and Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended March 31, 2013.  Digital Realty Trust, Inc. disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Source: Digital Realty

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June 24, 2013 at 4:55 pm

en world Appoints Brian Richards as President, Singapore

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SINGAPORE, June 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — en world, an APAC leader in human resources solutions and workforce management services, has appointed industry veteran Brian Richards as President of en world Singapore.

Brian will be responsible for leading and driving all of en world Singapore operations, its staffing divisions and corporate functions, as well as growing and expanding its business and investment opportunities in Singapore. He will utilize his established network and industry experience to contribute to the growth of the company’s business across the Asia-Pacific region.

Craig Saphin, President, en world group said, “Brian brings a wealth of experience and energy to our organisation. I am confident that his appointment will ensure we continue to innovate and grow our business and ensure quality services to our customers. Expansion in the Asia Pacific region is a key strategic priority for us to support the requirements of our clients in all key regional markets.”

Brian started his career in the financial markets before moving into the information technology sector, running regional sales and operations for a global IT services provider. Moving into executive recruitment, Brian’s accomplishments include successfully recruiting a number of niche/challenging roles in the banking technology sector and heading the technology division for a Fortune 500 recruitment agency.

“I am delighted to be part of the en world regional growth journey and look forward to working with our team of dynamic and talented consultants across Asia. The labor market in Asia is improving but there remains a talent shortage in the professional and technical space. Therefore, it will be critical to find innovative solutions to meet the demand for professional and technical expertise and prepare for the market recovery.  With our specialized recruitment capabilities, robust recruitment tools and extensive professional network, we look forward to supporting our clients in finding the right talent for roles that are critical for current business opportunities and their long term growth strategies,” said Brian.

About en world:

en world is an international recruiting agency, focusing on managerial and senior-level career solutions. en worldwas established in Japan in 1999 and has expanded to Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia and Vietnam. With 270 staff representing 15 nationalities in 10 offices, we are supporting over 12,000 placements with 2,400 clients across the Asia Pacific Region. en world is a subsidiary of en-japan inc., Japan’s leading internet-based recruitment solutions provider.

Visit –

Source: en world

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June 24, 2013 at 4:47 pm

NeuroAiD, a Stroke Treatment Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Increases Chances of Recovery

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SINGAPORE, June 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — NeuroAiD, a stroke treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, increases the odds of achieving a better functional outcome, according to research published online in the journalStroke.

The CHIMES study is an academic international double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial which included 1100 patients from several countries who had suffered an ischemic stroke of intermediate severity within 72 hours, treated and monitored for 3 months. Researchers found that patients who were taking NeuroAiD at acute stage had an 11 % increase in the odds of achieving independence in function and being able to perform daily activities at the end of three months. This effect was even greater when NeuroAiD was started beyond 48 hours after stroke onset, with an increase of 39%.

The odds ratio was the highest among recently completed stroke trials of neuroprotective agents. The benefit observed is clinically relevant and might have reached statistical significance with a larger sample size. In addition the study confirmed the excellent safety profile of NeuroAiD. Stroke survivors who were on NeuroAiD had fewer adverse events than those in the control group. Further studies will likely look into the benefits of longer duration of treatment.

Prof Christopher Chen, neurologist at the National University of Singapore and the principal investigator of the CHIMES study, said the results looked very promising and suggested that the effectiveness of such herbal supplements could have a great impact on stroke management. “I think one thing which is very clear is that NeuroAiD is safe in acute stroke. A previous meta-analysis suggested that NeuroAiD is efficacious and safe in the chronic stage of stroke. Now the Chimes study has provided us with much more reliable data about the safety and efficacy of NeuroAiD in acute stroke. I think the CHIMES results are not only a step forward, but also a major achievement.”

Each year, 20 million people suffer from the devastating disease. However, there are only a few effective, generally accepted and specific treatments available. Therefore, there is an increasing need for multi-modal therapies to help more patients recover quickly and effectively from stroke. Moleac, a Singapore based bio-pharma company, developed NeuroAiD to meet this need.

For more information and interview requests, please contact: 
Fahima Khail 
+65-6478-9430 ext. 124

Source: Moleac

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June 24, 2013 at 3:45 pm

NeuroAiD, a Stroke Treatment Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Increases Chances of Recovery

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  • CHIMES Society, a unique international partnership of experts in strokes undertakes first large-scale endeavour to investigate the use of a treatment derived from natural substances in stroke management
  • Rigorous study shows ischemic stroke patients of intermediate severity who take NeuroAiD at acute stage had an 11 % increase in the odds of achieving independence  and being able to perform daily activities at the end of three months
  • Effect was even greater when NeuroAiD was started beyond 48 hours after stroke onset, with an increase of 39%.

SINGAPORE, June 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –NeuroAiD, a stroke treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, increases the odds of achieving a better functional outcome, according to research published online in the journalStroke.

The CHIMES study is an academic international double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial which included 1100 patients from several countries who had suffered an ischemic stroke of intermediate severity within 72 hours, treated and monitored for 3 months. Researchers found that patients who were taking NeuroAiD at acute stage had an 11% increase in the odds of achieving independence in function and being able to perform daily activities at the end of three months. This effect was even greater when NeuroAiD was started beyond 48 hours after stroke onset, with an increase of 39%.

The odds ratio was the highest among recently completed stroke trials of neuroprotective agents. The benefit observed is clinically relevant and might have reached statistical significance with a larger sample size. In addition the study confirmed the excellent safety profile of NeuroAiD. Stroke survivors who were on NeuroAiD had fewer adverse events than those in the control group. Further studies will likely look into the benefits of longer duration of treatment.

Prof Christopher Chen, neurologist at the National University of Singapore and the principal investigator of the CHIMES study, said the results looked very promising and suggested that the effectiveness of such herbal supplements could have a great impact on stroke management. “I think one thing which is very clear is that NeuroAiD is safe in acute stroke.  A previous meta-analysis suggested that NeuroAiD is efficacious and safe in the chronic stage of stroke. Now the Chimes study has provided us with much more reliable data about the safety and efficacy of NeuroAiD in acute stroke. I think the CHIMES results are not only a step forward, but also a major achievement.”

Occurring every 2 seconds, stroke is one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Each year, 20 million people suffer from the devastating disease. However, there are only a few effective, generally accepted and specific treatments available, such as thrombolytic treatment for highly selected patients. Therefore, there is an increasing need for multi-modal therapies to help more patients recover quickly and effectively from stroke. Moleac, a Singapore based bio-pharma company, developed NeuroAiD to meet this need.

The large-scale investigator-initiated study is an independent initiative conducted by the CHIMES Society, an international partnership of key opinion leaders in neurology. It is among the first large-scale endeavours to investigate the use of a product from natural substances in reducing disability after an acute stroke in a rigorous manner.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is used extensively in Asia to facilitate recovery after stroke and has become an increasingly important player in the global health system and economy.  Recent rigorous medical studies conducted on some TCMs have confirmed that they have, among other properties, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, which render them attractive options to be investigated for stroke recovery.

About Moleac

To address therapeutic gaps, Moleac has pioneered a new drug development approach, looking at sources of innovation from Traditional Medicines, hence shortening considerably drug development cycle time and investment to bring medicine to sufferers’ unaddressed needs. Moleac’s neurorestorative drug NeuroAiD™ reaches patients in more than 30 countries.

About CHIMES Society

The CHIMES Society is a unique international partnership which consists of an innovative academic industry collaboration with the objective to establish new stroke treatments. CHIMES is a Singaporean non-profit society founded by a group of experts in stroke and South-East Asian stroke clinicians interested to implement a research project: the NeuroAiD Efficacy on stroke recovery trial (CHIMES trial).

CHIMES Society is the recipient from a research grant from the National Medical Research Council in Singapore (NMRC) which supports the implementation of CHIMES trial in Singapore.


To learn more about the medical paper and for interview requests, please contact:

Fahima Khail
T. +65-6478-9430 ext. 124

Source: Moleac

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Suncheon Thanks Local Governments for Expo’s Initial Success

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SUNCHEON, South Korea, June 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The mayor of Suncheon has sent letters of appreciation to local governments and public agencies across the nation for helping his city host the Suncheon Bay Garden expo, city officials said on Friday.


Suncheon thanks local governments for expo’s initial success

The letters were sent as the international garden exposition being held in Suncheon, 415 kilometers south of Seoul, has reached the 2-million-visitor mark this week, just two months after its opening. It is well on track to reach the 4-million-visitor target by the October closing.

“We will dedicate our best efforts to turn the expo into a beloved one that helps all visitors make meaningful memories,” Cho Chung-hoon, the mayor of Suncheon, said in the letters. He called for continued support and attention from the local governments for the remaining four months of the event.

The International Garden Exposition Suncheon Bay Korea 2013 opened on April 16 under the theme of “Garden of the Earth” to exhibit a vast range of wetlands, gardens and green paths stretched across 1.1 million square meters.

It offers scenic views of 83 different types of exotic gardens as well as a variety of cultural events, exhibitions and performances running daily to entertain visitors.

Located near one of the world’s top coastal wetlands Suncheon Bay, the event will run until Oct. 20.
Source: The Committee of the International Garden Exposition Suncheon Bay Korea 2013

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Bosch Announces 2012 Southeast Asia Financial Results

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Singapore is top contributor for Bosch in Southeast Asia

Regional momentum increases

  • Over 85 percent sales growth makes Singapore top contributor in Southeast Asia
  • Regional growth of almost 30 percent in Southeast Asia
  • Further expansion and headcount growth of over 35 percent in developing markets

SINGAPORE, June 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services, closed its 2012 fiscal year at SGD 1.13 billion (702 million euros) in sales in Southeast Asia to realise a remarkable increase by almost 30 percent. Singapore was the top contributor in sales to the region, netting SGD 390 million (243 million euros) to achieve a resounding year-on-year increase of over 85 percent. “Southeast Asia is currently the fastest growing region for Bosch, and we expect to maintain this growth momentum and achieve double-digit growth for 2013,” said Martin Hayes, president of Bosch in Southeast Asia.

Amidst the rapid growth within Southeast Asia, Bosch also saw an overall healthy increase of nine percent in manpower for the region, and seven percent locally at the regional headquarters in Singapore. This growth was amplified in the developing countries of Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam, raising headcount by more than 35 percent per country, year on year.

Bosch further increased its footprint in Southeast Asia with the opening of a representative office in Yangon, Myanmar, earlier this year in April, and offices beyond the capital cities of Thailand and the Philippines into Chiang Mai and Cebu respectively in May this year. Last year, the company expanded into Da Nang, Vietnam, and Medan, Indonesia. This year, it broadened its presence in Indonesia into Balikpapan.

“In 2012, we strengthened our agility to react quickly to market volatility and exploit cross-divisional potential. We are seeing the results of this approach here in Southeast Asia, and expect to continue this momentum in key growth markets in the region,” added Hayes.

Strong potential of Southeast Asia

As the world’s largest supplier of cutting-edge automotive technology, Bosch presented an automotive position paper on behalf of the industry at the 3rd ASEAN-EU Business Summit in March this year. The paper offered key recommendations to address challenges faced by the automotive industry in the region. One such recommendation is the harmonization between local and international standards to facilitate the region in becoming a singular manufacturing hub for the global marketplace.

“We are upbeat about the potential that Southeast Asia holds as a region, especially as members of ASEAN gear themselves towards the ASEAN Economic Community by 2015,” said Hayes. “The expanding economy and rising middle-class present a strong case for Bosch to focus its efforts to further develop the market, while cost of labour and infrastructure build-up makes the region globally competitive for manufacturing its products and components.”

Currently, Bosch has five manufacturing plants in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, delivering a multitude of product categories such as power tools; automotive components and multimedia; and industrial technology that serves both domestic and international demand.

Strong development across business divisions to meet diverse demand

In fiscal 2012, sales revenue in Southeast Asia increased across the various business divisions of Bosch.

The Thermotechnology division posted the strongest growth of around 70 percent in Southeast Asia. Apart from an increased presence in the region, this growth was also due to key projects secured in the Food and Beverage industry in Vietnam and Indonesia, and across various industries in Singapore.

The Drive & Control division posted similar high sales growth of more than 60 percent across Southeast Asia, and almost doubled its revenue in Singapore due to projects in the marine and offshore industry.

The Automotive Aftermarket, Power Tools and Security Systems divisions all posted double-digit growth in the region. Packaging Technology increased its regional sales by around 25 percent, and continues to be on track for growth, especially in the confectionary and pharmaceutical industries.

In 2012, the company’s subsidiary Bosch Software Innovations received a special recognition for its software solutions: it was positioned as ‘Visionary’ in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites. Bosch Software Innovations secured several key projects in the banking and financial services industries across Asia Pacific, operating out of the Singapore regional head office. As the only R&D centre outside of Germany for the business division, Singapore is well-positioned for Bosch Software Innovations to develop and implement leading-edge technologies, especially in the Internet of Things and Services (IoTS). Approximately 50 percent of the staff in this division is involved in R&D functions for the core technology that enables IoTS.

Bosch’s Corporate Research and Advance Engineering Centre is also housed within the headquarters in Singapore. The centre is involved in cutting-edge technologies in fields such as off-grid decentralised electrification, power electronics using a model-based design, and gas sensors for air quality and medical diagnosis.

Course of business in Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific, Bosch increased its sales by 5.6 percent to SGD 20.2 billion (12.6 billion euros). Sales in the Chinese and Indian economies developed less dynamically in 2012 than in previous years. To reach its long-term target of generating 30 percent share of its sales in Asia Pacific, the company invested around SGD 1.25 million (780 million euros) in the region last year, on par with the previous year.

Bosch Group business developments 2012-2013

In fiscal 2012, sales of the Bosch Group grew 1.9 percent to SGD 84.3 billion (52.5 billion euros). Pre-tax profit came to SGD 4.5 billion (2.8 billion euros).

Developments in the business sectors differed. In 2012, Automotive Technology, the largest business sector, increased its sales by 2.1 percent to SGD 49.9 billion (31.1 billion euros). Sales of the Industrial Technology business sector stagnated at SGD 12.8 billion (8 billion euros). The Consumer Goods and Building Technology business sector generated sales of SGD 21.5 billion (13.4 billion euros), a 2.5 percent increase.

Headcount, adjusted to match the company’s business development over the course of the past year, rose only slightly by 3,400 to 305,900. In total, Bosch invested SGD 12.8 billion (8 billion euros) in the company’s future in 2012: SGD 7.7 billion (4.8 billion euros) for research and development and SGD 5.1 billion (3.2 billion euros) in capital expenditure.

For 2013, Bosch expects global sales growth of two to four percent. The measures to improve results that were started in 2012 — such as limits on fixed costs, capital expenditure and company acquisitions — are to be continued.

The supplier of technology and services will continue to rigorously pursue the main lines of its strategy — with systems for environmental protection, energy efficiency and safety. Bosch believes that there is huge energy efficiency potential, as well as sales potential, in modernizing the power supply, energy management and insulation of buildings. On 1 January 2013, Bosch brought together the areas of its business that deal with this to form a fourth business sector, Energy and Building Technology. This new business sector generated sales of SGD 8 billion (5 billion euros) in 2012.

The company also expects sales growth to come from innovative and beneficial products, web-based business models, and the further expansion of its international presence. At the company’s recent annual press conference in Germany, Dr. Volkmar Denner, chairman of the Bosch board of management said, “Bosch’s broad footprint has never been as valuable as in the age of connected life.”

Further information, press photos and video materials are available online at the Bosch Media Service:

About Bosch in Southeast Asia and Singapore

Robert Bosch (South East Asia) Pte Ltd is a regional subsidiary of the Bosch Group, representing the Group’s interests in Southeast Asia. Business operations in the 10 ASEAN countries report to Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd, located in Singapore. In fiscal 2012, the regional headquarters employs over 750 associates and generated SGD 390 million in sales. Bosch has been in Singapore since 1923, active in Automotive Aftermarket, Power Tools, Security Systems, Drive and Control Technology, Packaging Technology, Solar Energy, Thermotechnology, as well as Software and Systems Solutions. The Asia Pacific headquarters for the Bosch business divisions of Automotive Aftermarket, Security Systems and Bosch Software Innovations, as well as operations for Corporate Research and Advance Engineering, and Information Technology, are part of Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd. Additional information can be accessed at

About Bosch worldwide

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. In fiscal 2012, its roughly 306,000 associates generated sales of 52.5 billion euros. Since the beginning of 2013, its operations have been divided into four business sectors: Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its roughly 360 subsidiaries and regional companies in around 50 countries. If its sales and service partners are included, then Bosch is represented in roughly 150 countries. This worldwide development, manufacturing and sales network are the foundation for further growth. Bosch spent 4.8 billion euros for research and development in 2012, and applied for nearly 4,800 patents worldwide. The Bosch Group’s products and services are designed to fascinate, and to improve the quality of life by providing solutions which are both innovative and beneficial. In this way, the company offers technology worldwide that is “Invented for life”. Additional information is available online at and

Source: Bosch

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Echo Unveils Proposal for World’s First Connected, Integrated Resort at The Star

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SYDNEY, June 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —


  • Two new international hotels with more than 500 new rooms:

o    A six star luxury hotel

o    A five star premium hotel with prestige global operator

o    This brings to 1,150 the total number of rooms at The Star

  • More than 50 world-class restaurants and bars, including over 20 brand new experiences;
  • A contribution of $130 million to community infrastructure including the “City Link” pedestrian/cycle bridge and an upgraded light rail station to transform transport options for 10 million Sydneysider trips a year;
  • An increase of 330,000 international and interstate visitors per year, or a 1.2 per cent increase to current overall NSW international and interstate visitor arrivals, increasing the total number of estimated annualvisits to The Star by international and interstate guests to over 2,000,000 by 2025;
  • An estimated incremental tax contribution of around $1 billion to the Government across the proposed extended exclusivity period;
  • Employment of over 5,750 Sydneysiders – including more than 1,460 new permanent jobs for Sydney;
  • Forecast incremental contribution to the NSW Gross State Product of $350 million per annum;
  • Payments for extended licence exclusivity totalling  $250 million to the NSW Government (which could give the NSW Government the option of underwriting a six star hotel at Barangaroo with these funds); and,
  • A total investment spend of more than $1.1 billion, 93% in non-gaming, tourism related infrastructure.

Echo Entertainment Group Chairman John O’Neill and CEO John Redmond said today that Echo’s expansion plans for The Star would see the world’s first “Connected Integrated Resort” built in Sydney.

To view the multimedia assets associated with this release, please click:

Mr O’Neill and Mr Redmond today unveiled details of Echo’s Detailed Proposal which was formally submitted to the NSW Government through its unsolicited proposal process on Friday afternoon.

“The proposal we are unveiling today is visionary, transformational and we believe would create the world’s best Integrated Resort right here in downtown Sydney,” Mr O’Neill said.

“This is a pivotal moment. What we are proposing is a real game-changer for the city and the State that will help deliver the Premier’s ambition to make NSW number 1 again.

“If approved, our plans will complete Sydney’s new feature precinct, integrating Barangaroo, Darling Harbour and Pyrmont and contribute greatly towards the ambitious goals set by the NSW Government which aim to double overnight visitor expenditure to NSW by 2020.

“Our proposal complements the NSW Government’s vision for a revitalised Pyrmont and Darling Harbour precinct and will simplify transport options for millions of Sydneysider trips each year.

“Importantly, the people of Sydney and NSW will also benefit if our proposal is approved,” Mr O’Neill said.

Mr Redmond said that Echo’s plans would further improve upon the benefits The Star already provides to NSW.

“Since 1995, The Star is estimated to have already contributed around $4 billion in taxes, licence fees and other charges to the NSW Government, and GST to the Commonwealth Government,” Mr Redmond said.

“As part of our plans today, we are giving the NSW Government the option of exclusivity payments totalling $250 million and a further tax contribution of $1 billion for the duration of the extended exclusivity.

“We are already one of the largest single site employers in Sydney and once our expansion plans are completed, The Star will be providing jobs for more than 5,750 people.

“We are home to The Darling, which is the only new five star hotel built in Sydney since the 2000 Olympics. We will further add to this by building two brand new hotels which will mean The Star will be home to a total of 1,150 hotel rooms for tourists.

“The Star is already one of the leading tourist destinations in Sydney and NSW but our plans are expected to attract an additional 330,000 international and interstate visitors per year.

“I have been in this business all my life and there is not an Integrated Resort anywhere in the world with a better location than The Star, and the opportunity to build a complex of this scale and on such a site should be a huge magnet to overseas visitors wanting to visit Sydney.

“This project will make The Star a $3 billion ‘downtown’ resort – in the heart of Australia’s global city – on the shores of the world’s greatest harbour.

“We are unashamedly about Sydney. We are aiming higher for Sydney while our rival has to have a bet each way. We believe our plans will be compelling for both the NSW Government and the residents of Sydney,” Mr Redmond said.

Strategic Benefits of Proposal


Under Echo’s proposal, The Star will feature every element of a world class Integrated Resort and once completed it is expected to deliver an additional 330,000 international and interstate visitors per year. Key attractions will include:

  • A total of 1,150 hotel rooms – including over 500 new 5- and 6- star rooms spread over two hotels;
  • More than 50 world class restaurants and bars – including over 20 brand new experiences; and,
  • Extensive convention and meeting spaces and a full range of resort facilities.


Echo has also committed to building the “City Link” Bridge, a new pedestrian and cycle bridge designed to relieve transport pressure for people travelling from Pyrmont to Barangaroo or further into the CBD. It will provide a missing transport connection and an enhancement to the walk-ability of the city.  As part of developing the plans Echo will undertake an international architectural design contest.

Echo will also invest in an upgrade of the light rail station to better integrate into The Star to elevate its use as a connection to the precinct.

Three public parklands in the precinct will be enhanced improving the connectivity along the waterfront.  The design of the parks will also be subject to a design competition. Central to the connectivity of the parks will be a new sculpture walk and a combination of permanent and temporary interactive art installations.  These features will be developed in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art.

NSW Government

Echo’s proposal has significant benefits for the Government and state of NSW including;

  • Substantial investment in tourism infrastructure – $1.1 billion;
  • Further payments for licence exclusivity – $250 million;
  • Increased gaming and payroll tax – more than $63 million per annum by 2025;
  • New jobs – a total of 2,000 during construction, and then 1,460 per annum new full time positions;
  • Positive impetus for NSW – $350 million increase in Gross State Product;
  • Strong tourism growth – 330,000 additional tourists each year to Sydney;
  • Sydney for major events – 40% growth in international event delegates;
  • Positive implications for gaming – only one, well regulated destination gambling venue in Sydney; and,
  • Improved transport infrastructure – integrate Pyrmont/Darling Harbour and ICC Sydney Barangaroo, linking the combined precinct with the CBD.

Alternative Option

Echo considers the optimal outcome for Sydney is the continued existing industry structure in NSW (and across all Australian capitals) of full exclusivity, allowing for one licensed casino operator.  However Echo also shares the NSW Government’s enthusiasm for the development of Barangaroo, and supports the inclusion of a six star hotel as a feature to help underpin the success of such an important state project.

Echo has provided an alternative option within its proposal to the NSW Government that does allow for earlier certainty of such a development at Barangaroo, through Crown Limited’s proposed six-star hotel. This accommodation would be on the proviso that the gaming facilities proposed as part of the current Crown plan are strictly table games, VIP-only, as Crown originally proposed and in line with the globally accepted meaning and current regulatory framework applying to Echo around VIP (that is international and interstate “rebate”) gaming.

With some fragmentation of the gaming market under this scenario, Echo would not make a cash payment for extending exclusivity arrangements, but would remain committed to its proposed development investment.

John O’Neill said: “Echo is still able to commit to such an investment because the primary focus is enhancing Sydney as a destination for a greater numbers of Asian tourists, and that tourist market is forecast to grow rapidly.

“While Echo is confident that our proposed development plus licence exclusivity payment provides the most impactful solution, this alternative may be seen as a potential win-win scenario for the people of Sydney, with a combined infrastructure and tourism spend potentially in excess of $2 billion.”

For further information contact

Camille Bentley, 0488 353 718 or Rod Bruce, 0409 637 264, Echo Entertainment Group

Peter Brookes, 0407 911 389, Citadel Communications

Source: Star Casino

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Vivanta by Taj – Madikeri, Coorg on the Conde Nast Traveller Hot List 2013 in US, UK and India for the Best New Hotels in the World

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MUMBAI, India, June 21, 2013/PRNewswire/ — Vivanta by Taj – Hotels & Resorts is  pleased to announce the latest accolade. Vivanta by Taj  Madikeri, Coorg, has made it to the Conde Nast Traveller US, UK and India’s Hot List 2013. The Conde Nast Traveller Hot list showcases some of the most authentic havens for travelers across the globe. The publication publishes the list every year and the final selection is made from hundreds of suggestions from magazine correspondents worldwide.

To view the Multimedia News Release, please click:

Situated at an altitude of 4000 ft. within 180 acres of subtropical rainforest, the hotel is the perfect retreat for nature lovers and sybarites. It offers panoramic vistas of the mountains. The surrounding rainforest’s lush canopies are home to over 350 species of flora and fauna.

The hotel has a 30,000 sq. ft. Jiva Grande Spa. The spa with an unusual design offers a signature Jiva experience – the wood fired Gudda bath that draws from the local ethos of Coorg and is found in traditional households of the region.

Local Coorg specialities are de rigueur at the Nellaki Restaurant whilst the all-day Fern Tree offers breathtaking vistas and Dew, ensures that health conscious guests can enjoy organic treats.

Each Vivanta by Taj hotel presents ‘Vivanta Motifs’, signature experiences rooted in the local culture. At Vivanta by Taj – Madikeri, Coorg guests can get their hands dirty in a 2500 sq feet pottery studio, or interpret an elusive rainforest with the “rainforest insider”, explore the Vivanta Conservatory – a living chronicle of the land of Kodavas, enjoy a personalised 101 Candles dining experience in a large outdoor amphitheatre or share a table with Dr. Belliappa, the noted historian of Coorg, as he narrates tales from Madikeri.

The 2 year old brand, Vivanta by Taj, was ranked 36 in the Top 50 Most Sought After Hotel Brands in the world in the World Luxury Index 2013, compiled by the Digital Luxury Group in association with Ecole Hoteliere and the Luxury Society – an international ranking and analysis of the most searched for brands within the luxury industry.

Discover Vivanta
Work hard and play hard. Relax and energize. Ideate and confer. Evolve and transform. Revel in a spirit that presents the normal with an unexpected twist. Stylish and sophisticated, Vivanta by Taj delivers premium hotel experiences with imagination, energy and efficiency. Currently comprised of 27 hotels and resorts in India and the Indian Ocean region, Vivanta by Taj is represented across key metropolitan capitals as well as popular holiday destinations like Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Vivanta by Taj offers an imaginative, vivacious and stylish take on ‘cool luxury’. With innovative cuisine, energetic spaces, unique motifs, the smart use of technology and experiences that seek to constantly engage, invigorate and relax, it appeals to the cosmopolitan world-traveler immersed in a sensory lifestyle.

Stay connected to Vivanta by Taj Hotels & Resorts.

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Source: Vivanta by Taj Hotels & Resorts

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TOEFL(R) and TOEIC(R) Programs Set Global Standard for English-Language Assessment

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PRINCETON, N.J., June 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/  Educational Testing Service (ETS) last year administered approximately eight million English-language assessments through its TOEFL® and TOEIC® assessment programs. The assessments are used by more than 22,000 organizations in 150 countries.

(Logo: )

With almost two billion English-language speakers around the world English has become an increasingly important international language used by people from different geographic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds to communicate with each other. As such, the need for assessing English-language proficiency for the global workplace and educational institutions continues to grow. As the world leader in English-language assessments, ETS’s TOEFL and TOEIC tests meet this demand.

“Global businesses, educational institutions and government entities need to recruit highly qualified candidates that will be able to perform in a competitive environment,” said David Hunt, ETS Vice President and COO of ETS’s Global division. “The TOEFL and TOEIC tests help these institutions make well-informed decisions regarding applicants’ abilities to effectively communicate across borders.”

The TOEFL test is the international standard — used by more than 8,500 colleges, universities and agencies — for measuring academic English proficiency at the university level. Moreover, the TOEFL test measures how well an individual is able to combine listening, reading, speaking and writing skills to perform academic tasks. The assessment offers a comprehensive and reliable tool to measure the English proficiency skills of individuals from around the world.

The TOEIC tests are the international standard for assessing an individual’s English-language proficiency level for the workforce, measuring how well a potential employee can apply their English-language skills in a practical working environment. Currently, nearly 14,000 organizations use TOEIC scores to build a stronger workforce. In addition, job seekers trust TOEIC scores to differentiate themselves in a competitive job market. TOEIC assessments measure all four language skills and provide descriptions of a test taker’s strengths and weaknesses that can be used to inform critical hiring and placement decisions. Furthermore, the TOEIC testing process is standardized, so organizations can use TOEIC test scores to place, develop and promote employees from and within any country or region in the world.

For more information about the TOEFL program, please visit For more information about the TOEIC program, please visit

About the TOEFL Test
The TOEFL test of academic English is the most widely accepted English-language assessment worldwide, recognized by more than 8,500 institutions in more than 130 countries, including Australia, the U.K., Canada and the United States. To date, more than 27 million students have taken the TOEFL test. For more information on the TOEFL test visit the TOEFL website at

About the TOEIC Tests
For more than 30 years the TOEIC test has been the global standard for measuring workplace English-language communication skills. The TOEIC assessment family, including the TOEIC Listening and Reading test, the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests and the TOEIC Bridge™ test are used by nearly 14,000 businesses, organizations, and government agencies in 150 countries. In 2012, almost seven million TOEIC tests were administered worldwide, solidifying the TOEIC Program as the largest and most widely used English-language assessment for the workplace. For more information on the TOEIC tests and other services provided by the TOEIC Program visit

About ETS
At ETS, we advance quality and equity in education for people worldwide by creating assessments based on rigorous research. ETS serves individuals, educational institutions and government agencies by providing customized solutions for teacher certification, English language learning, and elementary, secondary and post-secondary education, as well as conducting education research, analysis and policy studies. Founded as a nonprofit in 1947, ETS develops, administers and scores more than 50 million tests annually — including the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests, the GRE® tests and The Praxis Series™ assessments — in more than 180 countries, at over 9,000 locations worldwide.

Source: Educational Testing Service

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Breakfast Meeting with Former U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine K Albright: “Evolving Governance Trends and their impact on Economic Activity”

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NEW DELHI, June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The American Chamber of Commerce in India (AMCHAM India) and Herbalife, a global nutrition company, hosted a breakfast meeting with Madeleine K Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chair of Albright Stonebridge Group and Des Walsh, President of Herbalife International.

In her presentation, Secretary Albright discussed evolving governance trends and their impact on economic activity. She specifically highlighted the need for political and economic development to occur together — noting that “governments have to deliver” for their constituents and need to focus on bolstering confidence in the institutions of democracy and the rule of law.

Secretary Albright underscored that the development of the middle class was crucial — and a hallmark of a healthy democracy. The more that citizens participate in the decisions made by their government and in the development and diversification of their economy, the stronger the fabric of society is. India, she said, is a prime example — not only the world’s largest democracy, but one in which this important dynamic is expanding.

She cited Herbalife as offering a business model that is a “fascinating example of empowering people so that they are able to earn their own living, rise up to become the middle class, and ultimately have a greater stake in the governance of their own communities and country.”

Des Walsh spoke about nutrition and the economy, and Herbalife’s shared commitment to empowerment and how its independent distributors have an opportunity to lift themselves up to become the middle class and be part of a vibrant economy.

Madeleine K. Albright

Madeleine K. Albright is Chair of Albright Stonebridge Group, a global strategy firm, and Chair of Albright Capital Management LLC, an investment advisory firm focused on emerging markets. She was the 64th Secretary of State of the United States. On May 29, 2012, Dr. Albright received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, from President Obama.

In 1997, Dr. Albright was named the first female Secretary of State and became, at that time, the highest ranking woman in the history of the U.S. government. As Secretary of State, Dr. Albright reinforced America’s alliances, advocated for democracy and human rights, and promoted American trade, business, labor, and environmental standards abroad. From 1993 to 1997, Dr. Albright served as the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations and was a member of the President’s Cabinet. From 1989 to 1992, she served as President of the Center for National Policy. Previously, she was a member of President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Council and White House staff and served as Chief Legislative Assistant to U.S. Senator Edmund S. Muskie.

Dr. Albright is also currently a Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. She chairs both the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and the Pew Global Attitudes Project and serves as president of the Truman Scholarship Foundation.

Des Walsh

Des Walsh is responsible for the growth of Herbalife business by working closely with Distributors to achieve greater access and deeper penetration of Herbalife products throughout the world. Reporting to him are the managing directors of each of Herbalife’s six regions, and he has overall responsibility for Distributor-facing functions throughout the world, including marketing, promotions, sponsorships, business methods support, events and Distributor communications.

Walsh joined the company in 2004 as senior vice president, worldwide Distributor sales, where he was responsible for sales strategy, business development, corporate events, worldwide promotions and Distributor services. Later, he became executive vice president of worldwide operations and sales, and had overall responsibility for the company’s business operations in all Herbalife markets around the world.

Walsh has extensive international business experience gained during his 20-year career in sales, marketing and executive management.

About The American Chamber of Commerce India

The American Chamber of Commerce in India (AMCHAM – India) is an association of American business organizations operating in India. AMCHAM – India is accredited to the Chamber of Commerce of USA, Washington DC, U.S.A. (COCUSA). It is also a full member of the Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC). Established in 1992, AMCHAM has around 500 members. Companies of US origin make up about 95 percent of membership, the remaining being individual or honorary members. The incumbent U.S. Ambassador to India is the Honorary President of AMCHAM. AMCHAM enjoys a very close relationship with the US Embassy officials and receives tremendous support in fulfilling its objectives.

About Herbalife

Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE: HLF) is a global nutrition company that sells weight-management, nutrition, and personal care products intended to support a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife products are sold in more than 80 countries to and through a network of independent distributors. The company supports the Herbalife Family Foundation and its Casa Herbalife program to help bring good nutrition to children. Herbalife’s website contains a significant amount of information about Herbalife, including financial and other information for investors at The company encourages investors to visit its website from time to time, as information is updated and new information is posted.

For media enquiries, kindly contact:

American Chamber of Commerce in India
Anisha Kapoor
Project Lead
Tel: + 91 11 26525201/02

Herbalife Asia Pacific
Daliea Mohamad-Liauw
VP, Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific
Tel: +852 3589 2643

Source: Herbalife Asia Pacific

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