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New Feature-rich DesignSpark PCB Version 5.0 from RS Components Delivers Time Saving and Error Reduction Benefits to Design Engineers

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Feedback from DesignSpark user community helps determine new features in latest release of PCB design software

SINGAPORE, April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), the world’s leading high service distributor of electronics and maintenance products, has unveiled the latest release of DesignSpark PCB, the company’s award-winning professional software for schematic capture and PCB layout. DesignSpark PCB Version 5.0 integrates two additional features within the free design tool – online Design Rule Checkingand buses – which have been introduced to further reduce design times for engineers and to minimise errors during the design process.

This new release builds upon the previous version of DesignSpark PCB announced in October 2012, which provided access to the industry-leading ModelSource component library, PCB quote service and BOM quote functionality.

Online Design Rule Checking (DRC)

Design Rule Checking determines whether the physical layout of an integrated circuit satisfies a series of recommended parameters called design rules. DRC is an important step during the physical verification of a design, which is normally carried out in the post-design phase. Online DRC is an advancement of this process that enables the engineer to detect errors in real-time during the design stage, highlighting any issues before the design is finalised and layout completed.

The inclusion of online DRC within DesignSpark PCB Version 5.0 is a significant addition to the software’s functionality, introducing considerable time saving benefits to the user as any errors can be rectified immediately with minimum knock-on effect to the rest of the design, ensuring maximum yield and reliability.


The increasing adoption of digital design has resulted in the use of on-chip buses, or bundles of related wires, to transfer data, enabling the engineer to combine multiple data signals into a bus in multiples of 8  (e.g. 8, 16, 32). Instead of drawing and/or labelling the individual wires in a schematic, a single ‘bus wire’ can be used to represent related wires, thus simplifying the final schematic. This also enables simulation and debugging to be carried out with minimum errors. Buses have been added directly into DesignSpark PCB Version 5.0, allowing the engineer to refine the schematic during the design phase.

“The uptake of DesignSpark PCB has been tremendous since we launched the software in July 2010 with more than 155,000 downloads recorded globally,” said Mark Cundle, Head of Technical Marketing at RS. “User feedback is an important part of the tool’s evolution and these two new features have both been popular requests from the user community. The relationships we have developed with some users are helping to shape the future direction of the software, ensuring that our continued investment in DesignSpark PCB is based on the needs of engineers.”

The DesignSpark PCB Timeline:

  • July 2010 – First Release of DesignSpark PCB
  • March 2011 – Addition of 3D visualisation of PCB layouts and increased library management functionality.
  • November 2011 – Addition of simulation interface, design calculators and component-grouping functionality.
  • October 2012 – Enhanced library manager with access to 80,000 part numbers in ModelSource component library, and addition of Bill-Of-Materials quote and PCB manufacturing quote functionality.
  • February 2013 – Integration of online Design Rule Check and buses.

About RS Components

RS Components and Allied Electronics are the trading brands of Electrocomponents plc, the world’s leading high service distributor of electronics and maintenance products. With operations in 32 countries, we offer more than 550,000 products through the internet, catalogues and at trade counters to over one million customers, shipping around 44,000 parcels a day. Our products, sourced from 2,500 leading suppliers, include electronics, automation and control, test and measurement, electrical and mechanical components.

Electrocomponents is listed on the London Stock Exchange and in the last financial year ended 31 March 2012 had revenues of GBP1.27bn.

For more information, please visit the website at

Further information is available via these links:

Twitter: @RSElectronics; @alliedelec; @designsparkRS
RS Components on LinkedIn:

Relevant Links:

Electrocomponents plc

RS Components


RS Components
Tan Soo Chun
Public Relations Manager – Asia Pacific
T: +65-6391-5745

The Hoffman Agency
Rasheed Abu Bakar
Senior Account Executive
T: +65-6361-0250

Source: RS Components

Related stocks: LSE:ECM

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Data Published in JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions Show that OrbusNeich’s COMBO Dual Therapy Stent(TM) Reaches Primary Study Endpoint and Is Effective in Controlling Neointimal Proliferation

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Results from REMEDEE Confirm that the COMBO Stent Is Non-Inferior to DES

HONG KONG, April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — OrbusNeich today announced that data from the REMEDEE (Randomized Evaluation of an abluMinal sirolimus coatED bio-Engineered stEnt) study published online in JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions demonstrated that the COMBO Dual Therapy Stent met the study’s primary endpoint and was found to be effective in controlling neointimal proliferation. Specifically, the COMBO Stent was shown to be non-inferior to a drug eluting stent (DES) with respect to angiographic in-stent late lumen loss at nine months. Further, the COMBO Stent was shown to be safe, with an overall low rate of clinical events, a low rate of binary restenosis and no stent thrombosis (ST) observed up to 12 months.

The COMBO Dual Therapy Stent combines an abluminal sirolimus drug elution delivered from a biodegradable polymer that achieves full and complete dissipation by 90 days with a proven pro-healing antibody surface coating.

At nine-month angiographic follow-up, the in-stent late lumen loss for the COMBO Stent was 0.39 +/- 0.45 millimetre compared to 0.44 +/- 0.56 millimetre for the control DES – the TAXUS® Liberte® paclitaxel-eluting stent. This is well below the threshold of 0.50 millimetre shown in the literature to be effective in preventing repeat revascularization.

At 12 months, the major adverse cardiac event (MACE) rate, defined as a composite of death, myocardial infarction (MI), emergent coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), or target lesion revascularization (TLR) by repeat percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) or CABG, was 8.9 percent for the COMBO Stent group and 10.2 percent for the DES group. The clinically driven TLR rate and the clinically driven target vessel revascularization (TVR) were 4.9 percent and 6.5 percent, respectively, for the COMBO Stent group and 8.5 percent and 10.2 percent, respectively, for the DES group. No difference in mortality or occurrence of MI was observed, and no ST was reported in either group.

“Late and very late ST and a lack of durability of clinical effectiveness in the longer term remain issues with today’s monotherapy DES,” said Prof. Dr. Michael Haude of the Medical Clinic I, Lukaskrankenhaus, Neuss, Germany, and first author of the publication. “With the COMBO Dual Therapy Stent, we have an innovative stent technology that may accelerate early healing and neointimal stent strut coverage to allow for a shorter duration of dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) without compromising efficacy in respect to in-stent late lumen loss, restenosis and the need for reintervention. Additionally, intravascular ultrasound (IVUS)-virtual histology (VH) results revealed a bare metal stent (BMS)-like composition and morphology of the neointimal tissue for the COMBO Stent group versus DES, suggesting that the COMBO Stent may have the long-term safety profile of a BMS.”

At nine months, IVUS revealed a numerically lower neointimal hyperplasia volume of 21.5 +/- 21.7 cubic millimetre versus 25.9 +/- 18.7 cubic millimetre for the COMBO Stent compared to DES. The in-stent volume obstruction was 15.24 +/- 14.22 percent for the COMBO Stent versus 14.59 +/- 8.38 for DES. An IVUS-VH comparison of the COMBO Stent with DES found a significantly less necrotic core area at maximum site on neointimal hyperplasia of 0.25 square millimetre for the COMBO Stent versus 0.46 square millimetre for DES and a less confluent necrotic core of 10 percent for the COMBO Stent versus 80 percent for DES.

In the study, 183 patients with de novo native coronary artery stenoses were randomized 2:1 to COMBO Stent or DES implantation. The study’s primary endpoint was in-stent late lumen loss at nine months. Secondary endpoints included device, lesion and procedural success, all-cause and cardiac mortality, MI, MACE and ST, as well as clinically (ischemia) driven TLR and clinically (ischemia) driven TVR at 30 days, nine months and one through five years. In-stent and in-segment angiographic binary restenosis, in-stent and in-segment minimum lumen diameter and neointimal hyperplasia volume and percent in-stent volume obstruction were measured by IVUS at nine months. Baseline IVUS was performed in a subgroup of 66 patients (45 patients from the COMBO Stent group and 21 patients from the DES group), and IVUS follow-up at nine months consisted of 35 from the COMBO Stent group and 17 from the DES group.

The average pre-procedure reference vessel diameter (RVD) was 2.77 millimetre for the COMBO Stent group and 2.85 millimetre for the DES group, and the average lesion length was 13.69 millimetre for the COMBO Stent and 14.64 millimetre for DES. Of the lesions treated, 66.2 percent were type B2/C lesions in the COMBO Stent group and 61.0 percent were type B2/C in the DES group. For patients treated with the COMBO Stent, 33.1 percent had diabetes mellitus, compared to 37.3 percent for DES.

“The promising results from the first-in-man REMEDEE study not only confirm the COMBO Stent’s safety and efficacy at one year, but they also differentiate the COMBO Stent from current monotherapy DES,” said Stephen M. Rowland, Ph.D., vice president of research & development at OrbusNeich. “The COMBO Dual Therapy Stent reflects OrbusNeich’s commitment to addressing the limitations of today’s stent technology through ongoing innovation.”

About the COMBO Dual Therapy Stent

The COMBO Dual Therapy Stent is the first dual therapy stent to both accelerate endothelial coverage and control neo-intimal proliferation through the combination of the proven pro-healing technology with an abluminal sirolimus drug elution delivered from a biodegradable polymer that achieves full and complete dissipation by 90 days.

OrbusNeich’s patented endothelial progenitor cell (EPC) capture technology promotes the accelerated natural healing of the vessel wall after the implantation of blood-contact devices such as stents. The technology consists of an antibody surface coating that captures EPCs circulating in the blood to the device to form an endothelial layer that provides protection against thrombosis and modulates restenosis.

About OrbusNeich

OrbusNeich is a global company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical devices for the treatment of vascular diseases. Current products are the world’s first pro-healing stent, the Genous™ Stent, as well as other stents and balloons marketed under the names of Azule™, R stent, Scoreflex™, Sapphire™, Sapphire II and Sapphire NC. Development stage products include the COMBO Dual Therapy Stent, the world’s first dual therapy stent. OrbusNeich is headquartered in Hong Kong and has operations in Shenzhen, China; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Hoevelaken, The Netherlands; and Tokyo, Japan. OrbusNeich supplies medical devices to interventional cardiologists in more than 60 countries. For more information, visit

Follow OrbusNeich on Twitter at, and learn more about the company and its innovative technology on OrbusNeich’s YouTube Channel:

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The 5th Annual Independent Games Festival (IGF) Calls for Submissions

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SHANGHAI/PRNewswire/ — The 5th Annual Independent Games Festival (IGF China 2013) now is calling for submissions! The organizer cordially invites all independent game developers in Pan-Pacific Area to join the event. IGF China, as a platform showing independent game spirit, is committed to seek out the most talented independent game developers and amazing designs. Every year, IGF China Pavilion not only attracts great number of game players, manufacturers and investors but also provides opportunities for independent game developers to communicate with each other.

IGF China 2012
IGF China 2013 Event Dates and Deadline
Apr 8th 2013 Entry Submission is Open
July 19th 2013 Submission Deadline
Aug 15th 2013 Finalists Announced
Sept 15th ~ 17th2013IGF China Pavilion & Independent Game Summit
Sept 15th2013 IGF China Awards Ceremony
IGF Main Competition
Who Is Eligible: Open to all independent game developers in Pan-Pacific Area
The 2013 IGF Main Competition will give out SIX major awards:
Best Game(RMB20,000)
Best Mobile Game (RMB5, 000)
Excellence in Audio (RMB5, 000)
Excellence in Technology (RMB5, 000)
Excellence in Visual Arts (RMB5, 000)
Excellence in Design (RMB5, 000)
There are eight specifically named finalists in total. The winners will be selected from those finalists. All finalists will be given THREE free All Access Passes and invited to attend the IGF awards ceremony at GDC China 2013 and showcase their game at the IGF China Pavilion. In addition to the prestige and prizes, all winners will be offered TWO extra free All Access Passes to attend the 2014 Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco.
IGF Student Competition
Who Is Eligible: Open to all student game developer in Pan-Pacific Area
The IGF China’s Student Competition, the premiere competition highlighting top student-created indie games within the region, will give out the awards as follows:
IGF Best Student Game (RMB10, 000, 1 Winner)
IGF Excellent Student Winner (RMB3, 000, 2 Winners)
There are SIX specifically named finalists in total with winners selected from these finalists. All finalists will be given TWO free All Access Passes and invited to attend the IGF awards ceremony at GDC China 2013, as well as showcase their game at the IGF China Pavilion. In addition to the prestige and prizes, all winners will be offered opportunities of the priority recommendations to the famous overseas and domestic game companies.
(Learn more at:
Event Consultant:
Ms. Shirley Wu
Source: GDC China

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Design-Led Landmark Projects by hpa Across India, Middle East and Greater China

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Award-winning architecture firm to expand its presence in India and South East Asia

HONG KONG, April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — hpa, a leading Hong Kong architecture firm with over 32 years of international experience, announces a series of landmark projects in India, Middle East and Greater China, showcasing its continued commitment to design, research and sustainability.

Asia Pacific projects by hpa (c) hpa
Asia Pacific projects by hpa (c) hpa

With a design footprint in excess of 70 million square metres in more than 40 cities across six countries, hpa continues to take a holistic, hands-on approach. The breadth of experience spans from boutique to master planning, whether conventional or avant-garde.

The FIVE highlight projects:

Township Development near New Delhi, India (Mixed-use Development)
– To create a “people-orientated” CBD to house more than 200,000 people; the project consists of residential, commercial, hi-tech park and education facilities, an 18-hole golf course, a small size polo field and other recreational facilities.
Al Marjan Island, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, Middle East (Residential Development)
– Mid-rise Residential, Hotel & Service Apartment development consisting of clubhouse, shops, recreational facilities and car parking.
Wu Yue Hua Living Plaza, Shanghai, China (High-Density Residential Development)
– Duplex residential units of diversified layouts, the design provides garden-like, convenient and comfortable living conditions, and well-established supporting facilities. The project has an above-ground commercial area and an underground shopping mall.
Yunda Central Plaza, Changsha, China (Mixed-use Development)
– Featuring W Hotel and St. Regis Hotel, grade A office tower and a strong shopping mall. It is the second largest twin hotel tower project in Central China. Total floor area exceed 500,000 m.sq.
Super D Technology Centre, Shenzhen, China (High-Tech Office Architecture)
– Sustainable LEED accredited, low carbon footprint design incorporating over 50% green coverage on site and use of locally sourced materials

On the heels of being named one of the top 10 Asian architectural practices in the BCI Asia Top 10 Awards in 2012, hpa’s strategy in 2013 is to reinforce its foothold in mainland China and Hong Kong and to further expand its presence in Middle East, India, and the South East Asia region, building upon the firm’s first-rate track record in designing award-winning architecture.

“hpa’s projects begin with our design research, and our diverse and innovative teams, supported by extensive resources, leadership and experience. Always looking forward, at hpa we invest in creativity for the future of design,” notes Bosco Ho, Founder of hpa.


hpa has helped pioneer Hong Kong architecture since its founding by Bosco Ho in 1980. The Hong Kong-based Band 1 architectural firm has over 30 years of international experience with a design footprint in excess of 70 million square metres in more than 40 cities across six countries. With sensitivity to local cultures, hpa is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that demonstrate attention to detail, quality, respect for the environment as well as to fulfill the vision and needs of each client.

As the first architectural practice in Hong Kong to obtain the Quality Assurance certification, and with consistent accreditation as a world-class firm, many hpa designs across the tenets of Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape and Interior have received prestigious design awards. Today, the team has a total strength of over 200 architectural professionals and supporting personnel in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. hpa has established an impressive body of work across a wide range of fields: Urban Design and Master Planning; Hospitality and Mixed Use Commercial and Office Complexes; Public and Institutional Centres; Large Scale Residential Communities; and Multi-Disciplinary Industrial Estates.

In 2004, hpa was listed within top 50 of World Architecture magazine’s “World’s Top 200” architectural practices. In 2008 and 2012, hpa was awarded as one of the top 10 Asian architectural practices in the BCI Asia Top 10 Awards.

For all media enquiries and image requests, please contact:

Stephanie Poon

Daisy Chu

For other enquiries:

hpa Hong Kong Head Office
5/F, Citicorp Centre, 18 Whitfield Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
T (852) 2811 5733
F (852) 2811 5775

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Novel Cancer Immunotherapy set to enter Clinical Trials

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LAWRENCEBURG, Indiana /PRNewswire/ — PDS Biotechnology Corporation today presented a summary of the company’s preclinical data on its lead cancer immunotherapy PDS0101 at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington DC. The product is based on the company’s ground-breaking and proprietary Versamune™ nanotechnology vaccine platform. PDS Biotechnology also announced that the company’s Investigational New Drug (IND) application had been granted by the FDA allowing PDS0101 to be evaluated in human patients.
PDS0101 is a first-in-class immunotherapy being developed to treat cancers and diseases caused by infection with the human papillomavirus such as cervical cancer, head and neck cancer and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. Dr. Frank Bedu-Addo, President and CEO presented the highly promising preclinical efficacy and safety data demonstrating eradication of the tumors without any of the safety drawbacks typical of the current immunotherapy technologies. PDS0101 is designed to prime the immune system to recruit cells of the body’s own immune system to specifically recognize, target and kill the cancer cells. PDS0101 is also designed to reduce the population of certain immune suppressive cells which prevent our immune systems from detecting and attacking the cancer cells. “Should the preclinical results be replicated in the clinical setting, this will be a giant leap forward in the development of safe and effective cancer therapies,” said Frank Bedu-Addo.
Versamune™ is a nanotechnology-based immune modulating technology which acts by a novel mechanism to prime and activate the immune system to recognize specific diseased cells and disease causing agents. The technology is unique in its multiple-mode-of-action enabling simple and effective disease-targeting vaccines and immunotherapies to be developed.
About PDS Biotechnology Corporation
PDS Biotechnology is a privately held biotechnology company developing vaccines and immunotherapies based on the company’s proprietary Versamune™ platform. In addition to PDS0101, the company is also currently developing a potentially game-changing influenza vaccine which in preclinical studies has demonstrated significantly improved speed in which protection against the disease is developed. In preclinical studies, the strength of the protective immune response was also significantly increased even at lower vaccine doses when compared to the current US licensed flu vaccine. In June of 2012 PDS granted an exclusive license to Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany for use of Versamune™ in 2 specific cancer vaccines. PDS Biotechnology Corporation is headquartered in Lawrenceburg, IN. Additional information about the company and technology may be found online at
Source: PDS Biotechnology Corporation

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Getac Launches the Most Technological Advanced Fully Rugged Tablet with Android 4.1

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MELBOURNE, Australia, April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Pioneering the way in innovative tablet technology, rugged computing manufacturer Getac Technology Corporation has launched the world’s toughest and most advanced tablet — the Getac Z710 — equipped with Android 4.1. The upgrade to the operating platform makes this model the most secure tablet on the Australian and New Zealand markets. It will be distributed exclusively by Synnex Australia Pty Ltd.

Aimed at sectors such as utility, automotive, transportation, and field services, which require a portable and lightweight device (just 800g), the Z710 comes with a battery life that is comprehensively longer than its competitors giving over 10 hours of operational time.

The device is fully integrated to boost performance in the field, making it the ideal companion in the diverse Australian climate. Key features include high sensitivity advanced GPS technology (SiRFstarIV™) which is accurate to 1.5 metres for precision positioning, whilst a high frequency RFID reader, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3.5G WWAN with both data and voice capabilities provide high performance connectivity for fast, accurate data download and efficient communication.

A 7” capacitive touchscreen using proprietary LumiBond™ technology offers an ultra-sensitive touchscreen which can be operated even whilst wearing gloves and a high definition 5 MP auto-focus camera provides users with the ability to visually record information if required.

“Getac is committed to producing industry-leading rugged technology and the Z710 with Android 4.1, sets a new standard for tablet computing in tough Australian environments,” says Frank Bryan, Getac Country Manager at Synnex Australia. “This latest upgrade is reflecting Getac has listened to the Australian business customers’ requirements and demands. Vertical industries, such as utility, are requiring an everyday tablet that can handle extreme temperatures, in particular, at the outback areas.”

The Z710 has been built to Getac’s unrelenting rugged standards and is MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certificated. In addition to its rugged criteria, it is the world’s first ANSI/ISA 12.12.01 certified fully rugged tablet — meaning it can be used in hazardous locations (such as areas where flammable gas may be present).

Thanks to the Android 4.1 Operating System, the Getac Z710 also offers a more fluid and smooth operation experience for users, improved security features, Google Play and other Google Mobile Services.

“The way in which our customers use devices in the field is changing at a rapid pace,” Mr Bryan says. “Synnex are delighted to distribute the cutting edge Getac rugged solutions for this change. We are constantly working with Australian resellers and businesses to provide solutions which optimise performance in demanding environments.”

The Getac Z710 is available now at Synnex Australia starting from RRP AU$1395. For more information visit: or contact your Synnex Getac Account Manager on 1300-100-104.

About Getac

Getac Technology Corporation, a key subsidiary of MiTAC-Synnex Business Group (2012 consolidated revenue 25.5 billion USD), was established in 1989 as a joint venture with GE Aerospace to supply defence electronic products. Getac’s business coverage includes: rugged notebooks, rugged tablet PCs and rugged handheld devices for military, police, government, communications, manufacturing and transportation applications ranging from fully rugged to commercial-grade rugged. Getac’s strong R&D capabilities allow it to provide a high level of customisation and all-aspect hardware-software integration solutions. For more information visit: respective companies.

About Synnex

Synnex Australia P/L, a global IT Supply Chain services company and the largest ICT distribution company in Australia, is a significant division of Synnex Technology International Corporation, the largest IT distribution company in the Asia Pacific region and ranked the third largest worldwide.

Today, the worldwide strength of the Synnex group of companies is reflected by its international market share positions. Synnex Australia is highly respected within the IT distribution market in Australia and by the largest IT distributor in Taiwan. Internationally, Synnex is also, among the top two distribution companies in mainland China, number one in Thailand and number three in North America. Moreover, it is a major player in Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, UK and New Zealand.

Synnex endeavours to service all businesses in the IT industry including SME Resellers, System Integrators, Computer Retailers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Corporate Retailers, National Retailers and VARs. Importantly, Synnex has established strategic partnerships with a large range of leading IT manufacturers. Synnex differentiates itself from its competitors by its expertise in Supply Chain Management (SCM). The strategic implementation of Just in Time Delivery (JIT) offers scheduled deliveries and an efficient RMA service provides rapid warranty replacement. Superior SCM also ensures inventory is available and items are current. For more information, please visit:

Media contact:
Chi Wing Chan
Source: Getac Technology Corporation

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