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Leather Exports to Hong Kong and Mainland China Reach Double Digit Growth Amassing HK$780 million in 2012

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Breaking previous participating records, Turkish Leather Companies Participate in Full Force at the Asia Pacific Leather Fair in Hong Kong
With nearly 50 leather companies led by Turkish Leather Brands (TLB), Turkey is set to impress the world with the power of its design as well as its production capabilities. In a very special project carried out by TLB in collaboration with Turkish designer Umit Unal, Turkish leather brands will be exhibiting the Turkish influence in leather to the entire world via Hong Kong.
HONG KONG /PRNewswire/ — Hong Kong and mainland China have turned to become significant platforms for the leather trade of Turkey as leather exports to the two places achieved double-digit growth again last year to a total of nearly HK$780 million (US$100 million), accounting for 7.5% of Turkey’s total leather exports.

Mr Lemi Tolunay, Istanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters’ Association (İMDİB) and Turkish Leather Brands (TLB) President
Turkish leather firms are expected to draw the greatest interest tomorrow at the “Asia Pacific Leather Fair” (APLF), which has been held for 29 years and deemed the most important meeting point of the industry. With 50 leather firms — 45 of them in the fully/semi-finished leather and raw materials sector, 5 in the chemicals and machinery sector — from Turkish Leather Brands (TLB) participating at APLF out of a total of 76 Turkish firms at the Fair, TLB will be leading the pack in raising the profile of Turkish leather in the world. The APLF, which is being held between 25-27 March in Hong Kong, is expected to draw 1,200 companies and 20,000 visitors. The Fair has crucial importance to demonstrate the Turkish influence in leather industry.
“Asian markets including mainland China and Hong Kong account for a significant portion of Turkey’s leather exports with 7.5%,” says Lemi Tolunay, President of Istanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters’ Association (iMDiB) and Turkish Leather Brands (TLB). “Our leather exports to Hong Kong and mainland China grew by about 10% in 2012. Our total leather exports to both regions have reached HK$780 million (US$100 million). Our goal is to double this figure.”
In 2012, leather and leather products exported from Turkey to Asian countries amounted to nearly HK$1.3 billion (US$132 million), of which about HK$375 million (about US$48 million) was shipped to mainland China and about HK$385 million (US$49.4 million) to Hong Kong respectively, representing corresponding growth of over 10% and nearly 9% from 2011. Turkey is the fifth largest leather and fur garments supplier in the world and its leather processing industry ranked at second place in Europe. With mainland China and Hong Kong being the biggest and third biggest importers of leather and leather goods in the world, the partnership in leather trade with Turkey is expected to grow stronger in time.
Mr. Tolunay expresses his happiness with Turkey’s strong presence at this high-profile event. Noting that Turkey has taken its place among the leading countries in production and exports in the leather industry, Tolunay adds: “Today, we are an important business partner for Asia, particularly for Hong Kong, with our design capabilities as well.” Hong Kong plays a key role in the development of leather trade between Turkey and Asia.
Where leather meets design: ARTCORE
Growing luxury consumption as well as the increasing importance given to design in Asia has had a positive impact on Turkey’s authentic and stylish premium leather product exports. The ARTCORE project at the DTG booth demonstrates Turkey’s design capabilities in leather production.
Created by prominent Turkish designer Umit Unal, whose collections are admired and followed in Hong Kong and the Far East as well as other countries including the United States, France, and the United Kingdom, the work will once again demonstrate the Turkish influence in leather.
With his creations sold in Asia for 13 years under the “Umit Unal” signature, the young designer’s special work for TLB is reminiscent of a lively backstage scene featuring Turkish leather and double face products. Visitors can interact with and try the products at the booth, which will also offer live photo shootings and mini shows.
Underlining their desire to explain the contributions of Turkish fashion design to the universal language, Umit Unal said: “Today, Turkey has risen beyond a successful solution partner to prominence as a country that influences the entire global leather fashion with its design capability. And we wanted to exhibit this modern and realistic attitude in design.”
Detailed information on Mosshoes Fair and TLB’s activities is available on
Turkish Leather Brands (TLB)
The Turkish Leather Brands was founded with the purpose of promoting Turkish leather brands in domestic and international markets, increasing the market and exports potential and implementing the projects to be prepared. TLB carries out its activities with the support of companies operating in the leather sector and under the coordination of the Istanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters’ Association and Aegean Leather and Leather Products Exporters’ Association. TLB is responsible for organizing the activities of marketing to boost exports of Turkish leather and leather products, the footwear industry, developing the markets, creating a promotional strategy, increasing the market share of the sector across the globe, also primarily in the export markets, ensuring the image of Turkish leather is recognized all over the world, organizing permanent activities in the field of R&D, marketing, promotion and branding.
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Source: Turkish Leather Brands (TLB)

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