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ChanTest Announces Drug Discovery Services Using the Enamine 3D Compound Library

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CLEVELAND /PRNewswire/ — ChanTest, the industry leading ion channel Contract Research Organization (CRO) announces today the addition of a 50,000 compound chemical library from Enamine Ltd., a leading provider of screening compounds and chemical building blocks. This compound library (3D Diversity Set) will be available to ChanTest clients effective immediately as a key tool for drug discovery services.
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Enamine created this 3D Diversity Set of compounds by selecting from their 1.6 million compound high throughput screening collection (HTS collection) based on the diversity of three dimensional shapes. All compounds in the HTS collection are “drug-like” according to Lipinski Rules, so compounds in the 3D Diversity Set have maximum diversity based on molecular shape and structural/physiochemical features common to known drugs.
Bill Heilman, Business Development Director, at Enamine, said, “We are excited about partnering with ChanTest. Our company and reputation grows among professional screening companies and academic research centers as more research programs screen our compounds in various assays.”
ChanTest offers screening of the Enamine 3D Diversity Set to clients outsourcing drug discovery screening programs to ChanTest. ChanTest has the broadest selection of ion channel assays-and industry-leading expertise to match. Included with each drug discovery service contract, ChanTest scientists work with clients to design meaningful assays and interpret the results in a cost effective manner. In this case, ChanTest and Enamine will partner with clients to convert hits identified from the non-proprietary library to proprietary leads.
Chris Mathes, Ph.D., Chief Commercial Officer at ChanTest commented, “Discovery services at ChanTest lacked a large compound library for high throughput screening. Thanks to the 3D Diversity Set from Enamine, ChanTest can now use its powerful HTS of Ion Channels, GPCRs and Transporters in partnership with pharma and biotech companies to help discover new drugs.”
About ChanTest — The Ion Channel Expert
ChanTest’s mission is to serve the drug discovery and development needs of customers worldwide with high-value solutions for ion channel and GPCR biology. Since its inception in 1998, the CRO has tested compounds for more than 500 global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and partners with them to speed the drug development process for the release of better, safer drugs. ChanTest offers integrated ion channel and GPCR services (GLP and non-GLP) and reagents; the company’s library of validated ion channel cell lines and pre-clinical cardiac risk assessment service portfolio are the most comprehensive commercially available today. Because of ChanTest’s seminal role in the nonclinical cardiac safety field, along with the company’s uncompromising commitment to quality, ChanTest has been named the “most trusted and most used fee-for-service provider” for ion channel screening in an independent survey for the past three years. ChanTest is based in Cleveland, Ohio. For more information, e-mail
About Enamine
Established in Kiev in 1991, Enamine, Ltd. is a chemical company supplying novel screening compounds to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutritional and agrochemical industries. Enamine’s design and synthesis capabilities allow the Company to add more than 250,000 new organic compounds to its catalogue of screening compounds each year, with 2 million compounds currently available. These compounds can be downloaded from their web site at: The Company offers collaborative expertise to exclusively design and supply libraries of new, potentially bioactive organic compounds and building blocks, in addition to furnishing in-house chemical libraries to screening centers worldwide.
Chris Mathes, Ph.D.
Chief Commercial Officer
ChanTest Corporation
Source: ChanTest Corporation

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