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Perfect Sense Digital to Unveil Dari, an Open Source Java Development Framework, at JavaOne 2012

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Dari is an intuitive Java development framework that accomplishes a wide range of peripheral tasks to let developers focus on their application. Crafted over years of large-scale problem solving, Dari brings professional best practices into every developer’s workflow.
Come and meet us at JavaOne 2012, booth #5101.
RESTON, Va. /PRNewswire/ — Next week at JavaOne 2012, Perfect Sense Digital will be unveiling Dari, the open source Java development framework that lets developers focus on their application in the most natural way. Well known for the unique experiences it builds with consumer publishing partners such as Scripps Networks Interactive, IndieWire, SnagFilms, Healthgrades and USA TODAY, Perfect Sense Digital ( is a fast-growing digital products and professional services company based in Reston, Virginia
“One of our core goals with each client is to help remove friction from their every day work,” said David Gang, CEO of Perfect Sense Digital. “To that end, Dari was developed to streamline and automate critical, yet tedious, portions of the development process.”
Every Dari capability has its roots in real-world problems faced by Perfect Sense Digital’s partners. Dari began as an access layer to multiple legacy databases, with built-in best practices for high-performance, low-level access that shield developers from underlying complexity. It evolved into a data-modeling tool that enables developers to query databases as well as to create and modify custom data structures from within the same access layer. Dari provides the ability to incrementally add to, and efficiently alter, a data model by simply modifying the Java classes that define it, without having to worry about database schema or other configurations.
“Dari is unique in that it doesn’t dictate how to approach a problem,” says Hyoo Lim, Chief Architect at Perfect Sense Digital. “Developers can focus on building their application in a completely natural way.”
Next came the need for an editorial interface to create, edit and publish content objects through Dari. The framework was extended to provide an automatic user interface that is dynamically derived from the definitions of the objects themselves. Perfect Sense Digital leveraged this new capability to differentiate its open source Content Management System. Built on top of Dari, Brightspot CMS is automatically and uniquely tailored to the specific content objects it handles.
Dari also includes powerful monitoring and debugging tools that give developers intuitive and granular insight into their data models, their application logic, and how the two interact to deliver the intended experience. Dari and Brightspot CMS feel natural, seamless and unencumbered, as everything is organized and automatically derived from the data models as conceived by the developer.
“We are really proud of what we have achieved with Dari so far,” adds Jeremy Collins, Chief Architect at Perfect Sense Digital. “It has become second nature in our daily work, and we are excited to share its benefits with the Java community.”
Dari and Brightspot CMS currently power 14 highly dynamic sites, some with traffic in excess of 10 million unique visitors, including:
IndieWire, the premier news and information destination for Indie filmmakers, operates a seamless infrastructure that supports a network of more than 20 independent professional blogger sites, each with unique daily content. Dari handles all content across the network in a unified data repository. The multi-site capabilities of Brightspot CMS enable IndieWire’s editorial staff to repurpose articles across sites, and deliver a uniquely aggregated and integrated experience to consumers.
SnagFilms is a video portal dedicated to bringing more than 3,000 independent films to a wide audience on a range of devices. Their legacy infrastructure required separate assets for each supported device, creating editorial and data consistency challenges. Dari enabled the team to start modeling their sophisticated data structures right away, with the flexibility to adjust them over the course of the project without migrations. Multiple devices are now supported through simple variations of single assets, thereby greatly improving editorial robustness and ease of use.
BetterMedicine is a comprehensive health site regularly featured on CNN and MSN homepages. “We have been using Dari and Brightspot CMS at HealthGrades for well over a year,” says Bill Bell, Vice President Web Technologies. “Dari takes the guesswork out of mapping your data to Solr/Lucene and MySQL, which greatly helped us build and scale”
The editorial team at Travora required a tool to assign and collect tasks to and from a widely distributed team of contributors. Thanks to its perfect mapping to content objects, the tailored workflow in Brightspot CMS delivers a uniquely easy-to-use and familiar editorial experience.
Dari and Brightspot CMS are integrated into heterogeneous consumer publishing eco-systems, including video platforms (Kaltura, Brightcove), social media (KickApps, Gigya), CRMs (Seibel), e-Commerce (Kalio). Dari currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and OData, and can be extended into, and abstract, any other database or data repository.
With Dari and Brightspot CMS, Perfect Sense Digital is uniquely positioned to help your company design, build and deploy your next consumer digital experience. Come and meet us at JavaOne 2012, booth #5101 and see what the excitement is about, and download Dari ( to explore its powerful features. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Natasha Crowe at +1 703-956-5824, or by email at
About Perfect Sense Digital
Perfect Sense Digital was founded in 2008 by David Gang and Lisa Malmud to help companies materially change the way they do business online. We do this by delivering integrated digital products, including premium user experiences, high-quality content and programming, and unique sponsor products across all platforms – web, mobile and social. We help drive brand awareness, expand capabilities, improve performance, and work to build more profitable relationships between our partners and their users. Perfect Sense Digital and its 85 employees are located in Reston, VA.
About Dari
Dari is an intuitive Java development framework that accomplishes a wide range of peripheral tasks to let developers focus on their application. Crafted over years of large-scale problem solving, Dari brings professional best practices into every developer’s workflow. Perfect Sense Digital released Dari under an Open Source BSD License. A support portal designed for further community development of the framework will be monitored and contributed to by Perfect Sense Digital.
About Brightspot CMS
Brightspot CMS is the first application built on top of Dari. Each instance of Brightspot CMS is transparently tailored to the business application it powers, as it is automatically generated from the specific data objects it handles. Brightspot CMS is uniquely adaptable to change, and delivers a uniquely easy-to-use and familiar editorial experience. Perfect Sense Digital released Brightspot CMS under a dual licensing scheme: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2) for the Community Edition, and an Enterprise License for our enterprise partners.
Contact: Natasha Crowe
Perfect Sense Digital
+1 703-956-5824
Source: Perfect Sense Digital

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