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Harbour City Presents Yue Min Jun’s First Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

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Exhibiting the Brand New Sculpture – “The Tao of Laughter”

HONG KONG, Sept. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Harbour City has long supported the arts and has been a pivotal force in bringing several high-profile international artists to Hong Kong. Following the presentation of Japanese avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition “Dots Obsession – Soul of Pumpkin” in 2007 and the work of renowned American artist KAWS’ “Passing Through” exhibition in 2010, Harbour City’s third-ever exhibition involves none other than famous Chinese artist Yue Min Jun. Under the watchful curation of AllRightsReserved, Yue Min Jun’s first ever Hong Kong exhibition will provide the local public with access to one of the world’s brightest stars. The majority of Yue Min Jun’s work for “The Tao of Laughter” revolves around five brand new sculptures that will be displayed at the forecourt of Ocean Terminal, Harbour City. Additionally, 12 pieces of Yue Min Jun’s silk screened artwork will also be on display at Gallery by the Harbour. Harbour City wants everybody to get involved and share the laughter and fun!

Yue Min Jun and his new works “The Tao of Laughter” at Harbour City, Hong Kong

Yue Min Jun Art Exhibition at Gallery by the Harbour of Harbour City

Harbour City crossover Master Yue Min Jun limited edition premiums
The name of this exhibition “The Tao of Laughter” was inspired by Lao Zi’s 6th century classical text on Taoism known as Tao Te Ching. Yue Min Jun often incorporates themes of the Tao Te Ching’s “silly man” into his work, in which the book has served as a cornerstone of inspiration for many artists and creatives. When people are faced with society’s problems, many choose to give up or avoid the situation. In order to reach inner peace, Lao Zhuang suggested all problems could be solved with laughter, allowing them to disappear without pain or heartache. In Yue Min Jun’s works, one can see large faces and big mouths with gapping smiles. Through the exaggeration of each character’s expression, he wishes to strengthen the power of each piece in his works. By using smiles as covers, he hopes to hide the sad, bad and even dangerous feelings behind each smile.

Yue Min Jun’s five new sculptures each measuring three meters will utilize his iconic “silly man” theme. Through constant repetition of his signature icons, the ultimate goal is to build a brand new idol. At the Gallery by the Harbour, you will find 12 pieces of silk-screened paintings, each accompanied by a Spanish poet’s poems, that help further promote the hidden message behind his works.

In addition, Harbour City has developed a series of limited edition of crossover premiums with Master Yue Min Jun available for sale at “Gallery by the Harbour”. Premiums include necklace (HK$350), Tee (HK$350), Postcard (HK$60/set, 12 pcs /set) and Mahjong (HK$3,500) and all the proceeds of Postcard will be donated to the charity organization, “Operation Smile”.

“The Tao of Laughter” by Yue Min Jun Exhibition Details
Date: September 20 – October 23, 2012

Silk Screen Paintings by Yue Min Jun Exhibition
Date: September 20 – October 14, 2012
Venue: Gallery by the Harbour – Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre (Near Fendi)

“The Tao of Laughter” Sculptures by Yue Min Jun
Date: September 24 – October 23, 2012
Venue: Forecourt, Ocean Terminal

Contact & Social Media
Enquiry: (852) 2118 8666
Sina Weibo:
Tencent Weibo:

About Yue Min Jun:

Yue Min-Jun is a contemporary Chinese avant-garde artist based in Beijing. In the early 1990s, he gave up a stable government job to begin his life as an artist, joining the art community at Yuan Ming Yuan on the outskirts of Beijing. In the midst of China’s turbulent social environment, Yue’s artistic identity takes the form of laughing self-reflection and his contemplation of society. His cynical and realist style of painting has been acclaimed by the international art world. More recently, Yue’s paintings have demonstrated his commitment to cultural heritage and his concern for humanity.

SOURCE Harbour City

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