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OAG Launches Next Generation Of Airline Schedules Analysis

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OAG Launches Next Generation Of Airline Schedules Analysis

LONDON, July 30, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — OAG( ), the global flight information provider, is today launching an airline schedules tool that sets new standards in accessible, sophisticated aviation data analysis.


‘OAG Analyser'( ) provides the entire aviation industry with an easy-to-use online tool for extracting real meaning and insight from airline schedules data. By interrogating OAG’s industry-leading databases, the new tool brings an unprecedented level of advanced data analysis functionality, offering users rapid access to detailed reports ranging from airline and airport route development trends to aircraft usage patterns.

Airlines, airports, tourism authorities and aircraft manufacturers will be able to use OAG Analyser to help identify new service opportunities, forecast future demand, monitor competitor activity and keep internal audiences up-to-date with market developments. Consultants can use OAG Analyser to build strategies for developments in the air transport industry, financial institutions will interrogate the tool to help plan profitable investments, and government agencies will look to the tool for support on tasks such as allocating resources at airports and traffic flow management. Even educational establishments and journalists will be able to use OAG Analyser to improve their understanding of the aviation industry.

OAG Analyser is available in three versions – ‘Select’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Pro’. The many product features range from pre-formatted reports and automatic report generation through to the use of aviation network mapping tool OAG Mapper.

Rob Shaw, OAG’s director of analytics, says: “Data is essential in any industry, especially aviation, but only through intelligent analysis of that data can you build meaningful and viable plans for growth and development, or accurately assess the impact of past decisions. OAG Analyser is a perfect combination – powerful and comprehensive but fast and user-friendly. As always, we have listened to our customers to provide another tool the industry needs. OAG Analyser is the latest example of our commitment to continual progress.”

Notes to Editors:
OAG( ), a UBM Aviation ( )brand, is the trusted source for aviation information and analytical services. OAG’s leading aviation databases are unrivalled in their scale, accuracy and comprehensiveness and are integral to the world’s aviation industry operations. For more information, visit:


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