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Vivante Leads Mobile GPGPU Revolution Becoming First GPU IP Supplier to Pass OpenCL(TM) 1.1 Conformance Test

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Vivante’s multi-core GPU Compute products unleash new application areas combining GPGPU and graphics

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 29, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Vivante Corporation, a world-wide leader in graphics and visualization technologies for handheld and consumer devices, today announced Vivante GC Cores passed the Khronos(TM) Group OpenCL 1.1 Embedded Profile (EP) conformance test suite on Freescale’s (NYSE: FSL) i.MX 6 platform. The GC Cores use the latest programmable ScalarMorphic(TM) architecture to accelerate parallel data workloads on thousands of concurrent threads to achieve Gigaflops (GFLOPS) of computational performance. Applications taking advantage of Vivante cores to significantly speed-up processing includes image processing, computer vision, analytics, augmented reality and gesture-motion tracking.

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OpenCL (Open Computing Language) is an open industry standard API and framework used to program multiple devices including GPUs and CPUs, organized as part of a single computational platform. The API takes advantage of all resources to efficiently process the growing number of incoming data from multiple sources including cameras, sensors, IPUs and other complex data streams that require data or task parallelism. The standard targets a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs and CE devices, to embedded applications like automotive ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System).

OpenCL uses the Vivante parallel execution SIMD engines to enhance computation density by performing massively parallel data processing on multiple data streams, across several compute engines. Each compute engine has its own ALU, including pipelined floating point (FP) and integer (INT) units for math operations, plus a special function unit (SFU) for transcendental operations. A parallel computation and associated series of operations is called a kernel, and the Vivante GC cores can execute thousands of parallel kernels in real-time.

“We are pleased that Vivante passed OpenCL 1.1 EP using GPU acceleration on Freescale’s i.MX 6 triple-play graphics platform,” said Rajeev Kumar, i.MX product line manager for Freescale Semiconductor. “OpenCL is a key industry resource for driving the next wave of mobile and embedded products. We are actively engaged in several OpenCL projects on i.MX 6, with leading customers and partners productizing this technology. Vivante’s milestone has the potential to spur mass market adoption of OpenCL across our line of i.MX 6 processors.”

“OpenCL is an area that has been tightly coupled with GPU development, so this evolution has been a natural extension of our core competence,” said Wei-Jin Dai, President and CEO of Vivante. “New innovations inside our GPUs that accelerate OpenCL include enhanced multi-level memory access support, synchronization, math functions, ULP precision and atomics. Our advantages in mobile GPU architectures give us the opportunity to bring high performance compute to low power form factors, without sacrificing computational performance or features.”

About Freescale i.MX 6 Processors

Integrating one, two or four ARM(R) Cortex(TM)-A9 cores running at up to 1.2 GHz each, the i.MX 6 series of processors delivers outstanding performance for unbounded user experiences in a range of end-devices. Scalability across single-, dual- and quad-core products is a hallmark of the i.MX 6 series. Common SoC IP building blocks enable series-wide software and development tool compatibility, while integrated power management capabilities, a broad range of integrated I/Os, and pin compatibility within package families reduce overall product complexity and development costs. Please visit http://www.freescale.comimx( ) for more information.

About Vivante Corporation

Vivante Corporation, a leader in multi-core GPU, OpenCL(TM), and 2D Composition IP solutions, provides the highest performance and lowest power characteristics across a range of Khronos(TM) Group( ) API conformant standards based on the ScalarMorphic(TM) architecture. Vivante GPUs are integrated into customer silicon solutions in mass market products including smartphones, tablets, HDTVs, consumer electronics and embedded devices, running thousands of graphics applications across multiple operating systems and software platforms. Vivante is a privately held company incorporated and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with multiple R&D centers in China and Europe. For more information, visit

Vivante and the Vivante logo are trademarks of Vivante. OpenCL is trademark of Apple Inc. used under license to the Khronos Group Inc. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.

SOURCE﹛Vivante Corporation

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