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CIBJO to Expand Membership and International Role, Eli Avidar to Chair Strategic Task Force to Plan and Manage Process

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VICENZA, Italy, May 23, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Meeting at the CIBJO Congress in Vicenza, Italy, the organisation’s Board of Directors has unanimously approved a proposal to establish a Strategic Task Force to grow industry membership in the organisation, broaden its financial base, and expand the range of international diplomatic activities conducted with the United Nations, and other national and international organisations.

The Strategic Task Force will be chaired by Eli Avidar, a member of the CIBJO President’s Council and the CEO of the Israel Diamond Institute.

CIBJO President Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri said: “As a seasoned diplomat Eli Avidar will be able to bring to CIBJO his considerable experience and contacts in the international diplomatic arena.”

“With this Task Force, CIBJO will now reach out to new industry participants and demonstrate to members and stakeholders that we stand together, united and committed,” said Avidar.

“Members of our industry are sometimes faced with major changes in regulations in their own countries. They are required to challenge the authorities, but they need not do so alone. They will be able to rely upon the broad support of the international jewellery community, under the banner of CIBJO,” Avidar stated.

Avidar cited CIBJO’s unique relationship with the United Nations and associated agencies as providing a platform that should be leveraged to expand its global activism. “There is no other organisation in this business with the same degree of access into the chambers of power and influence,” he stated.

Avidar called on CIBJO members to provide names of potential members, both national associations and commercial bodies, who will then be approached by the Strategic Task Force to join CIBJO.

“We need to look ahead, as an organisation that is larger, more diverse and reflective of this great industry. The future belongs to all of us, and so does the responsibility to grasp that future,” he said.

With members from more than 40 countries, CIBJO is an international body that represents the interests of national jewellery and gemstone organisations and commercial bodies operating within the jewellery chain of distribution.

The 2012 CIBJO Congress took place between May 17 and 20, and was hosted by the Fiera di Vicenza, Italy’s leading jewellery trade show company, in the framework the World Jewellery Forum.


Steve Benson


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IWC Schaffhausen Celebrates its Passion for Film-making

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CANNES, France and SCHAFFHAUSEN, Switzerland, May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — During the Cannes International Film Festival, the Swiss watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen hosted another glamorous evening event demonstrating its commitment to film and film-makers. The exclusive Filmmakers Dinner, which was presented in partnership with Finch’s Quarterly Review and, for the first time, Mercedes-AMG, was attended by famous personalities such as Oscar winner Robert De Niro, actor Ewan McGregor and top model Karolina Kurkova. IWC Friends of the Brand such as “Grey’s Anatomy” star Eric Dane and gallery owner Tim Jefferies were also on the high-calibre guest list. At the after party, soul singer Aloe Blacc provided the evening’s musical highlights.

“For years now we have had a passion for film and film-making. We are happy to celebrate it here in Cannes with other like-minded individuals and friends of the IWC brand,” explained Georges Kern, CEO of IWC. “Every director tells a story with his films. At IWC, storytelling is the basis or, to be more precise, part of the DNA of everything we do,” emphasized Kern.

For some time now, there have been close ties between the film industry and IWC Schaffhausen. Not only does IWC cultivate long-standing personal relationships with several international actors, film directors and producers; it has also produced a number of its own film projects with some of its Friends of the Brand. Aside from this, watches from IWC have been favourite props in countless Hollywood movies and US TV series. These timepieces “made in Schaffhausen” were worn by actors with leading roles in the thriller “Wall Street”, in the major box-office success “Ocean’s 13” and in the action comedy “RED”. They have also been favourites with some of the protagonists in the US TV series “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Private Practice” and “Gossip Girl”.

A glittering evening

The Filmmakers Dinner at the legendary Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc was attended by around 200 well-known personalities from the world of entertainment, such as renowned actors Robert De Niro, Ewan McGregor and Gerard Butler, celebrated photographer Peter Lindbergh and top model Karolina Kurkova. Other prominent guests included Friends of the Brand Eric Dane, Paulo Coelho and Tim Jefferies. Terry Gilliam, American-born British screenwriter, film director, animator, actor and member of the Monty Python comedy troupe, was presented with the Finch’s Quarterly Filmmaker Award, created by producer and media entrepreneur Charles Finch, together with an IWC watch with an engraved dedication. “For years, Terry Gilliam has given us endless demonstrations of his extraordinary talent for film-making, both behind and in front of the camera. It is an enormous pleasure for me to present him with this award,” said Charles Finch, explaining the choice.

Exclusive concert by Aloe Blacc

At the Filmmakers Party, which followed the dinner and was attended by approximately 200 more guests and personalities, charismatic superstar Aloe Blacc gave a private concert and the audience was enthralled by his soul-steeped vocals. The highlight was the joint performance by Aloe Blacc and the former Supertramp band member John Helliwell. Their interpretation of the all-time classic “Just the Two of Us” by Bill Withers was an unforgettable musical experience. Afterwards, DJ Jack E from Saint-Tropez kept the party going in full swing until the early hours of the morning.

Videos and other illustrative material from the Filmmakers Dinner and Party can be downloaded free of charge using the following links: (free online registration required)

IWC Schaffhausen

With a clear focus on technology and development, the Swiss watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen has been producing watches of lasting value since 1868. The company has gained an international reputation based on a passion for innovative solutions and technical ingenuity. One of the world’s leading brands in the luxury watch segment, IWC crafts masterpieces of Haute Horlogerie at its finest, combining supreme precision with exclusive design.

SOURCE﹛IWC Schaffhausen

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Study Results of Novocure’s NovoTTF(TM) Pivotal Phase 3 Trial Published in European Journal of Cancer

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Data Show that NovoTTF(TM) Therapy was Comparable to Physicians’ First Chemotherapy Choice in Clinical Efficacy with Better Quality of Life Outcomes in Patients with Recurrent Glioblastoma

PORTSMOUTH, N.H., May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Results of the first randomized controlled trial to compare a novel cancer treatment modalitydelivering Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) therapy versus chemotherapy in patients with recurrent glioblastoma (GBM) were published in the European Journal of Cancer (Stupp R. et al., NovoTTF-100A versus physician’s choice chemotherapy in recurrent glioblastoma: A randomized phase III trial of a novel treatment modality, Eur J Cancer(2012), The study showed that NovoTTF(TM) therapy was comparable to active chemotherapy in extending overall survival, with minimal side effects and far better quality of life.

Novocure(TM), a commercial stage private oncology company, manufactures the device, NovoTTF(TM)-100A, a wearable device that delivers TTFields, or alternating electrical fields, specifically tuned to disrupt the uncontrolled division of cancer cells, resulting in cell death.

This is the first publication in a peer reviewed journal of the Phase 3 trial of chemotherapy-free treatment with NovoTTF monotherapy (20-24h/day) versus active chemotherapy in the treatment of patients with recurrent GBM. The primary endpoint of the trial was overall survival. The secondary endpoints were progression-free survival at six months, 1-year survival rate, and quality of life.

Patients enrolled in the Phase 3 trial had a median age of 54 years (range 23-80) with a Karnofsky performance status of 80% (range 50-100). Patients were randomized to NovoTTF alone (n=120) or active chemotherapy control (n=117). The average number of prior non-TTField treatments was two (range 1-6). At a median follow-up of 39 months, median survival was 6.6 versus 6.0 months (hazard ratio 0.86 [95% CI 0.66-1.12]; p=0.27), one-year survival rate was 20% and 20%, and progression-free survival rate at six months was 21.4% and 15.1% (p=0.13), in NovoTTF and active control patients, respectively. Radiological responses were comparable (14% versus 9.6%, p=0.19), with 3% complete responses seen only in the NovoTTF arm.

The most common NovoTTF-related adverse events were principally mild (14%) to moderate (2%) skin rash beneath the device’s transducer arrays. Severe adverse events occurred in 6% of patients treated with NovoTTF vs 16% for those treated with chemotherapy (p=0.02). Quality of life analyses favored NovoTTF therapy in most domains, including vomiting, nausea, pain, diarrhea, constipation, and cognitive and emotional functioning.

“The patients treated within this trial had very, very advanced disease. Most of our patients rapidly become independent in handling the device and loved having a treatment without the need for chemotherapy,” said Dr. Roger Stupp of the University of Lausanne, lead author of the study. “We are encouraged by our findings and the future groundbreaking potential of NovoTTF therapy in this tough-to-treat disease and other cancer.”

The study’s co-principal investigator Dr. Philip Gutin, Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery and Co-Executive Director of the Brain Tumor Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York said, “Patients who have GBM face significant challenges, and we as physicians currently have limited treatment options. This study shows that a new, safe and effective treatment option is now available.”

“The results of this important trial clearly show that a fourth treatment modality now exists for patients with recurrent GBM,” said Asaf Danziger, Novocure’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are working closely with many of the leading cancer centers in the world to make NovoTTF therapy available to their patients, and will continue to develop this new cancer fighting weapon to improve the lives of people suffering from this disease.”

About Glioblastoma

Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most aggressive and most common form of primary brain tumor in the U.S. The disease affects approximately 10,000 Americans each year. Historically, based on literature, the median overall survival time from initial diagnosis is 15 months with optimal treatment, and median survival from the time of tumor recurrence is only 3-5 months without additional effective treatment. The disease is widely recognized as one of the deadliest forms of cancer.

About the NovoTTF(TM)-100A System

NovoTTF(TM)-100A System is a portable, non-invasive medical device designed for continuous use throughout the day by the patient. The device has been shown in both in vitro and in vivo studies to slow and reverse tumor growth by inhibiting mitosis, the process by which cells divide and replicate. The NovoTTF-100A device, which weighs about six pounds (three kilograms), creates a low intensity, alternating electric field within the tumor that exerts physical forces on electrically charged cellular components, preventing the normal mitotic process and causing cancer cell death prior to division. In patients with recurrent glioblastoma brain tumors, the device has shown clinical efficacy comparable to that of active chemotherapies with better quality of life and without many of the side effects of chemotherapy. The NovoTTF-100A has received marketing approval in the US and is a CE Marked device that is cleared for sale in Europe.

Approved Indication

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the NovoTTF-100A System in April 2011 for use as a treatment for adult patients (22 years of age or older) with histologically-confirmed glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), following histologically每 or radiologically-confirmed recurrence in the supra-tentorial region of the brain after receiving chemotherapy. The device is intended to be used as monotherapy, and is intended as an alternative to standard medical therapy for GBM after surgical and radiation options have been exhausted.

Patients should only use the NovoTTF-100A System under the supervision of a physician properly trained in use of the device. Full prescribing information is available at ) or by calling toll free 1-855-281-9301.

About Novocure(TM)

Novocure(TM) Limited is a private oncology company pioneering a novel therapy for solid tumors. Novocure’s worldwide headquarters is located in the Jersey Isle. Novocure’s US operations are based in Portsmouth, NH and the company’s research center is located in Haifa, Israel. For additional information about the company, please visit

Media contacts:

Frank Leonard

Peter Melnyk


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Top Brands Thrive Despite Economy According to Millward Brown’s Latest BrandZ[TM] top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands Study

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NEW YORK, May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ —

No1 Brand Apple Grows 19% to $182.9 Billion While IBM Eases Past Google to Take No.2 Spot

First African brand enters ranking

The world’s biggest brands have continued to grow in value during the current economic uncertainty, according to WPP company Millward Brown’s annual BrandZ[TM]Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study. The No1 brand for the second year, Apple, rose 19% in value and is now worth $182.9 billion. IBM grew 15% in value to $115.9 billion and overtook Google, which dropped to third place in the ranking and is now worth $107.8 billion. In advance of its IPO, eight year old Facebook rose 74% in value, making it the fastest brand value riser in the ranking. Worth $33.2 billion the social network moved up to No.19 from No.35.

The study, commissioned by WPP and conducted by Millward Brown Optimor and now in its seventh year, identifies and ranks the world’s most valuable brands by their dollar value, an analysis based on financial data, market intelligence and consumer measures of brand equity.

The 2012 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking demonstrates the power of strong brands as both a driver of new business growth and a critical support in hard times. Between 2006 and 2012, the total value of the BrandZ Top 100 rose 66% and is now worth $2.4 trillion.

“Brands are an insurance policy for businesses,” said Eileen Campbell, Global CEO of brand research company Millward Brown. “Despite a prolonged period of economic stress, political uncertainty and natural disasters that buffeted brands across many categories, the value of the world’s leading brands keeps rising across many categories, sustaining and nurturing businesses.”

The Top 10 Most Valuable Global Brands 2012

Rank Rank Rank Value
2011 change 2012 Category Brand 2012 ($M)
1 0 1 Tech Apple 182,951
3 1 2 Tech IBM 115,985
2 -1 3 Tech Google 107,857
4 0 4 Fast Food McDonald’s 95,188
5 0 5 Tech Microsoft 76,651
6 0 6 Soft drinks Coca-Cola 74,286
8 1 7 Tobacco Marlboro 73,612
7 -1 8 Communication Provider AT&T 68,870
13 4 9 Communication Provider Verizon 49,151
9 -1 10 Communication Provider China Mobile 47,041

David Roth for WPP said, “Brands help businesses create competitive differentiation, command a price premium and become more resilient to crises or economic turbulence. This year, those businesses that leveraged technology, focused on the customer experience or boosted control of their brands thrived”.

Apple continues to innovate and maintain its ‘luxury’ brand status, but faces future competition from Samsung. Now worth more than $14.1 billion, thanks in part to the success of its Galaxy handsets, Samsung is successfully outpacing Apple in a significant number of markets by positioning as a cool, well-priced alternative to the ubiquitous iPhone.”

Key findings highlighted in this year’s research report include:

— Technology Prevails: Technology has become ubiquitous in all areas of
our lives. Seven of the top 10 brands are technology or telecoms brands.
However, the power of smart, simple-to-use technology can also be seen
beyond these two sectors. In other categories – cars, financial services,
luxury and retail for example – we can also see that brands are gaining
significant advantages by using smart technology to enhance their
customer experience. For example, Burberry – up 21% to $4 billion –
created a virtual world where younger brand followers can view fashion
shows and more.
— The Rise of Africa: This year’s ranking highlights the progress of
Africa’s economic development with the arrival of the first African
brand in the Top 100 – South African mobile company MTN – No 88 at $9.2
billion. But it’s not just African brands that are thriving south of the
Sahara. Around 40% of Guinness’s sales come from Africa, Airtel’s third
quarter results showed a 16% increase in revenue in Africa. Similarly,
Orange enjoyed rapid growth in Africa in 2011, while Walmart invested
there with the acquisition of Massmart.
— The Future is Mobile: The future of the internet will be predominantly
mobile rather than computer based. Mobile, to some extent, has been
shielded from the recession as one of the few items consumers don’t want
to give up or cut back on. The most valuable telecoms brand is AT&T
worth $68.8 billion. Whilst the USA’s largest mobile service provider,
Verizon, increased its brand value by 15% in the last year and is now
worth $49.1 billion.
— Retail: Constructing an Omni-Channel Business: The customer experience is
a new focus for many retailers as they recognise its importance in keeping
customers loyal and the need to be present anywhere and everywhere on the
path to purchase. Walmart knocked Amazon from the top position and its
brand is now worth $34.4 billion whilst Amazon is now worth $34 billion.
— Brands with Women on the Board Outperform: As the number of women on
corporate boards continues to rise,the BrandZ Top100 study this year
reveals the success that women bring to brands. 77% of the brands appearing
in the BrandZ[TM]Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands have women in the
boardroom. The average value of brands with women on the boards is $27
billion, double that of those companies without female directors. Not only
that, these brands also show an average five-year growth of 66% compared to
an average growth of only 6% for those BrandZ Top100 brands that don’t have
a woman on the board.
— Strong Brands Provide Better Shareholder Value: An analysis of BrandZ Top
100 Most Valuable Global Brands as a ‘stock portfolio’ over the last seven
years shows a highly favourable performance compared to a current stock
market index, the S&P500. While the total return on investment (ROI) for all
companies in the S&P500 index was just 2.3%, the BrandZ Portfolio provided a
36.3% ROI, proving that companies with strong brands are able to deliver better
value to their shareholders. A graphic is available here.
( )

The BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study is the only valuation in the world that takes into account what people think about the brands they buy alongside rigorous analysis of financial data, market valuations, analyst reports and risk profiles. The research report, which is available online, includes a ranking and analysis of the most valuable brands for key regions of the world and 13 market sectors. Download the complete BrandZ ranking here( ), including regional and category breakdowns. The rankings and a great deal more are also available as a free interactive mobile app for Apple and Android and as an iPad magazine( ).


About the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands Ranking

Developed for WPP’s operating companies by Millward Brown Optimor, the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking is now in its seventh year. It is the only study to combine

measures of brand equity based on interviews with over 2 million consumers globally about thousands of global “consumer facing” and business-to-business brands with a rigorous analysis of the financial and business performance of each company (using data from Bloomberg and Kantar Worldpanel) to separate the value that brand plays in driving business revenue and market capitalization. Consumer perception of a brand is a key input in determining brand value because brands are a combination of business performance, product delivery, clarity of positioning, and leadership. The ranking takes into account regional variations since, even for truly global brands, measures of brand contribution might differ substantially across countries.

About Millward Brown

Millward Brown is one of the world’s leading research agencies and is expert in effective advertising, marketing communications, media and brand equity research. Through the use of an integrated suite of validated research solutions – both qualitative and quantitative – Millward Brown helps clients build strong brands and services. Millward Brown has 82 offices in 52 countries. Additional practices include Millward Brown’s Global Media Practice (media effectiveness unit), The Neuroscience Practice (using neuroscience to enhance traditional research techniques), Millward Brown Optimor (focused on helping clients maximize the returns on their brand and marketing investments), Dynamic Logic (the world leader in digital marketing effectiveness) and Firefly Millward Brown (a global qualitative research business). Millward Brown is part of Kantar, WPP’s insight, information and consultancy group.

About WPP

WPP( ) is the world’s largest communications services group. Through its operating companies, the Group provides a comprehensive range of advertising and marketing services including advertising; media investment management; consumer insight; public relations and public affairs; branding and identity; healthcare communications; direct, digital, promotion and relationship marketing and specialist communications. The company employs over 158,000 people (including associates) in 2,500 offices in 107 countries.

For further information please contact:

Delyth Hughes
Associate Director, Global Communications and Marketing, Millward Brown
Tel: +44(0)1926-826179


Teresa Horscroft
Eureka Communications
Tel: +44(0)1420-564346
Mobile: +44(0)7990-520390

SOURCE﹛Millward Brown

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Air China’s Second Daily Nonstop Los Angeles-Beijing Flight Gets the New Generation Boeing 777-300ER Upgrade, June 1, 2012

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China’s exclusive national flag carrier continues its fleet upgrade with USA-China flights


LOS ANGELES, May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Reflecting on Air China’s commitment to the Southern California market, the airline’s second daily nonstop flight between Los Angelesand Beijing (CA 988/CA 987) will be upgraded to the new-generation B777-300ER on June 1, 2012. In February this year, the Los Angeles-Beijing evening flight (CA 984/CA 983) was the first Air China flight from the USA to use the greener, cleaner and more fuel-efficient “triple seven.” Air China is the only airline that offers nonstop service between these two cities.


(Logo: )

(Photo: )


The airline’s daily nonstop New York-Beijing route is scheduled to be upgraded to the same aircraft on October 1, 2012. In 2013, the San Francisco daily nonstop flight is expected to have its own B777-300ER upgrade.


“The USA is a priority for us. The upgrade of the two daily flights out of Los Angeles and the daily flight out of New York during this year alone shows our commitment to provide air travelers with the best product available. The performance enhancements in the range and payload capabilities of the B777-300ER make it a perfect match for our passengers to and from the United States,” Dr. Chi, Air China’s Vice President and General Manager for North America stated.


The “triple seven” has a wider cabin than any competing airplane—current or planned. It is designed for maximum passenger comfort and convenience. Air China’s Forbidden Pavilion First Class features 8 luxury suites, 41 flat beds in the Capital Pavilion business class and 259 economy seats with individual monitors and AVOD (audio-video on demand).


Air China offers its premium passengers with a personal “meet-and-greet” service on arrival inBeijing. An English and Chinese bilingual Air China agent will meet the passenger at the gate; escort him/her to immigration, baggage claim and customs all the way to the main exit at the arrival level for ground transportation. Even better, premium passengers can reserve, at the time of booking, complimentary chauffeured individual BMW sedan transfers from the airport to any final destination in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.


Domestic and international premium passengers can relax in luxurious business or first class lounges in Beijing between flights or before boarding. Inside the lounges are VIP rooms, dining rooms serving local and international cuisines, wine bar, shower rooms, Internet access, desktop computers and facilities for sleep or business. The lounges are also available to Air China’s Companion VIP members and Star Alliance Gold card holders.


Air China is a member of Star Alliance, the world’s biggest airline network which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. The network’s global coverage now includes 1,300 airport destinations in 190 countries with over 21,000 flights daily.


For more information, visit For reservations and sales, please contact 800-882-8122. Follow us on Twitter @AirChinaNA or Watch the videos of Air China’s state-of-the-art B777-300ER at Like us on Facebook at

SOURCE Air China

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Antitrust Expert: OECD Recommendations Would “Cartelize” Mexican Telecom Market

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WASHINGTON, May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — A noted economist and antitrust expert has authored a report calling OECD’s proposed regulations to Mexico’s telecommunication market unnecessary and unsubstantiated. Worse, they would harm Mexican consumers.


On Monday, Criterion Economics lead expert Gregory Sidak( ) presented his study commissioned by America Movil( )〞the parent company of Telmex and Telcel〞to the OECD, a global development and policymaking forum with members from thirty-four countries.

Sidak’s report( ) explained how policies recommended by the OECD would stifle competition and reward inefficient competitors. The report accompanies independent econometric findings from economists Jerry Hausman and Agustin Ros.

“The asymmetric regulation( ) advocated by the OECD would invite a government-sanctioned price-fixing cartel,” says Sidak. “They would be rewarding inefficiency while penalizing efficient carriers at the consumer’s expense.”

“The OECD criticizes Mexico’s amparo process and the filing of such appeals by [carriers like] Telmex and Telcel with regard to various [commission] rulings, despite that fact that, as the OECD report itself admits, the courts more often than not found that Telmex and Telcel were correct, and that [the commission] had in fact acted unlawfully,” the Sidak report states. “Despite this fact, the OECD urges that [the commission], the organization that requested the OECD report, be given absolute and unquestionable authority over the telecommunications sectors, subrogating the role of [other agencies] and the Mexican courts.”

The solution to promoting innovation and deployment of next-generation telecommunications networks, says Sidak, is to remove government barriers to entry in the wireless and television markets, not impose outdated and counterproductive regulations( ).

“This is not just an America Movil issue,” Sidak says, stressing that countries and governments count on the accuracy of data( ) produced in reports like the OECD’s to guide policymaking. “Had Mexico relied on this report to implement new policies, they would not only have harmed innocent, innovative companies( ), they would have harmed the Mexican consumer, too.”

SOURCE﹛Criterion Economics

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RE/MAX Global Site Connects Buyers and Sellers Around the World

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— Tops 18 Million Page Views in Six Months

DENVER, May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — The first truly global online real estate resource, with hundreds of thousands of home listings in more than 70 countries and territories, has seen unprecedented success and growth since the website’s launch. has drawn in nearly 750,000 unique visitors, who have generated more than 18 million page views. The majority of visitors are from China, the most searched city is London and the most searched country, the United States.

“Consumers have an appetite for a website that gives them not only the home listings from around the world, but in their own language and in their own currency,” said William E. Soteroff( ), RE/MAX Executive Vice President, U.S. and International Regional Development. “The real estate market is truly global and buyers are no longer just looking in their own cities, they’re looking for homes half a world away and is delivering.”

Since its launch, the site has steadily grown and now has listings in more than 70 countries and territories in 32 languages. Visitors can also check prices in 31 currencies and get the latest world real estate news and events through an in-depth and detailed news feed. The closest competing website offers properties in only 18 countries, 11 languages and 20 currencies.

“You can see the strength of the RE/MAX network behind the success of the site,” said Soteroff. “All our offices know how important the global buyer is to the real estate market today.”

RE/MAX is continuing to add offices and sales agents around the world. In 2011, 725 new franchises were sold and eight new countries were added, including Egypt, which opened its first RE/MAX office. So far this year, three countries have joined the network; Morocco, Thailand and the Philippines.

RE/MAX has a presence in more than 80 countries, a global reach far greater than any competitor. With more than 6,250 independently owned and operated offices around the world and a sales force of nearly 90,000 sales associates, buyers and sellers can take advantage of the experience and knowledge of the most productive professionals in the real estate industry.

For more information about RE/MAX global listings, please visit:

To find out more about RE/MAX, visit To join the best performing real estate sales force, visit

Watch a video about (

About the RE/MAX Network:

RE/MAX was founded in 1973 by Dave and Gail Liniger, real estate industry visionaries who still lead the Denver-based global franchisor today.

RE/MAX is recognized as a leading real estate franchise company with the most productive sales force in the industry and a global reach of more than 80 countries.

Each office is independently owned and operated.

With a passion for the communities in which its agents live and work, RE/MAX is proud to have raised more than $120 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Susan G. Komen for the Cure(R) and other charities.

Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.

Please visit or


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Avis Wins “Best Car Rental” Title & “Chinese Tourists Welcoming Award”

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SINGAPORE, May 21, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Leading car hire company, Avis, is again recognized for its outstanding service performance and significant contribution to the travel and tourism industry in the recent “China Tourism 2012 Gold List Awards” and the “Chinese Tourists Welcoming Awards”.

Avis won the title of “Best Car Rental Company” in the “China Tourism 2012 Gold List Awards” hosted by the popular National Geographic Traveler China magazine. The award, chosen by readers, online users and judges, was presented at a gala event on May 14, 2012 at the China World Hotel in Beijing, China.

The 2012 “Gold List Award of China Tourism” was inaugurated to showcase the results of the “Gold Tourism List Voted by Readers”, hosted by National Geographic Traveler China, one of the leading travel publications in the country produced by Trends Media Group.

The companies nominated by the “Gold List Award of China Tourism” were voted on by the readers of National Geographic Traveler China and online users. Professional judges were invited to generate the award list which includes awards for hotels, airlines, cruise liners, car rental companies, online tourism service providers and outbound tourism products. During the past 7 years, National Geographic Traveler China has shaped a brand image of “The Top 1 List Award of China Tourism” and established its leadership on tourism media for China.

On a similar awards category, Avis was honored with the “Chinese Tourists Welcoming Award” (CTWA) during the close of the China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market (COTTM) on April 20, 2012 in Beijing, China. The accolade given to Avis, “Chinese Tourists Welcoming Award – Silver Award of Overall Performance” was conferred by the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI).

CTWA was founded in 2004 by COTRI, one of the leading Chinese outbound research organizations, which provides updated information on the outbound market of China to support tourism organizations.

In China, Avis operates in 38 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. with over one hundred service points. It has always been committed to providing professional and world class service with a personal touch for the Chinese outbound customers – both business and leisure.

About Avis in Asia

In Asia, Avis is a leading provider of vehicle rental; vehicle leasing and limousine/chauffeur drive services operating in more than 300 locations through a network of wholly owned subsidiaries, joint ventures and licensee agreements in 22 markets. Avis opened its first operations in Asia in 1970 in Hong Kong. Throughout the 70’s Avis grew steadily in the region, with operations launched in Singapore, the Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia. More recently, developments have included openings in India, Mainland China, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Avis is owned by Avis Budget Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAR), which operates and licenses the brand throughout the world. For more information about Avis Budget Group, visit

Source: Avis Asia

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Go Hiking Over the Swiss Alps in HD

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CHUR, Switzerland, May 22, 2012/PRNewswire-Asia/ —

The longest hiking film in the world

Now everyone can experience the most spectacular hike in Switzerland from their living rooms in HD quality. Hiking fans around the world can “wander” through the ten legs of the Albula/Bernina trail in real time in a 36-hour film at Hundreds of hotspots along the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) UNESCO World Heritage Site route present interesting facts about the sights and locations.

The 131km hike along the Albula/Bernina route primarily follows this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hiking fans can experience high-Alpine, alpine and subtropical zones in a nature paradise in any way they please. 100 hotspots present everything you need to know about the sights and locations. The 65 metre-high Landwasser Viaduct is spectacular, as are the numerous mountain lakes such as the Crap Alv or the Lej Nair.

The Albula/Bernina hiking trails

The hikes along the Albula/Bernina route of the RhB UNESCO World Heritage Site are breathtaking. Hiking fans can “wander” through the 36-hour film of the Albula/Bernina route in real time and in HD quality at You can share any point along the walk and all the hotspots via numerous social media channels. “The clear aim of this platform is to get hikers – and would-be hikers – excited about going out into the Albula/Bernina for real,” says Martin Sturzenegger, RhB’s Head of Sales and Marketing. The platform has been created by the Rhaetian Railway and Graub邦nden Tourism, and is part of the communication campaign under the graubunden regional brand.

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