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Fitness-Buffet Establishes Global Head Office in Singapore

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SINGAPORE, March, 22 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Fitness-Buffet, a new company helping to put the fun back into fitness, has opened in Singapore, establishing its global headquarters at the same time. The company is looking to revolutionise the way that people approach fitness and sporting activities, by making them both fun and accessible.

Fitness-Buffet’s entry into the market is timely. Fitness, lifestyle and personal health have been a hot topic over recent years. Despite an influx of fitness providers and outlets – longer working hours and increasing levels of stress in the workplace make it seemingly difficult for many people to lead the healthy and fit lifestyle that they would ideally choose. At the same time companies are placing more emphasis on how they engage and motivate their employees, supporting higher levels of productivity and less absenteeism in the long-term. This in turn also supports a reduction in expensive employee health insurance costs.

The company is the brainchild of founder and CEO Callum Laing, a New Zealand-born entrepreneur with experience in Europe and Asia. Together with a senior leadership team, whose combined experience includes executives previously from Yahoo! and Microsoft, Laing believes that his company provides simple answers to ongoing problems faced by individuals and organisations, where poor fitness and poor lifestyle choices can have a negative impact at home as well as in the workplace.

Laing commented, “Our approach is fresh and our philosophy is simple. We help people find fun in fitness and to regain some of their vitality for life. At the same time, we provide health and fitness providers with new clients and minimise the barriers for people to try out new sports and leisure activities, while at the same time building confidence and gaining new experiences”.

“Our business model is equally appealing to the individual looking for some guidance and opportunities to ‘try before they buy’, as it is to a HR professional within an organisation looking for higher levels of employee engagement that will result in improved employee wellness, happiness and productivity”.

Laing added, “Fitness-Buffet is about having fun. Like many people, I had got stuck into thinking that getting fit was about spending half an hour on a treadmill, but there are so many other opportunities which allow you to meet new people, try new things and get fit as a bi-product of having fun”.

As its name suggests, Fitness-Buffet allows individuals to sample a wide variety of activities, ranging from fitness bootcamps and yoga, to massages and spa treatments, at many clubs and locations across Singapore. For this reason, several international organisations have already decided to partner with the company in offering Fitness-Buffet solutions to their employees as part of their health and wellness programmes.

In addition to a national presence, Fitness-Buffet has also established its regional headquarters in Singapore, and already has a presence in the US and Thailand with further city openings planned throughout 2012.

The company has launched at a time when employers are often under pressure to support the improvement of the overall health of their employees. Laing added, “With the very real health concerns associated with passive lifestyles, people are aware they need to do more exercise, but for many this is associated with working out in an environment that they do not enjoy. Fitness-Buffet shows that there are many more ways for someone to achieve a healthy lifestyle and to have fun at the same time. If someone is not enjoying themselves then it is hard to remain motivated, but discovering yoga for the first time or rediscovering tennis after 10 years can transform an individual’s lifestyle in an instant”.

About Fitness-Buffet

Fitness-Buffet is an exciting concept both for individual consumers and for employee wellness. By offering a range of opportunities the company hopes to raise awareness of interesting and alternative ways to have fun and to get healthy.

Established in 2011, Fitness-Buffet is headquartered in Singapore with a presence in the US and Thailand.

For further details, please contact:
Ian Grundy
Citrus Public Relations Pte Ltd


Glenn Lim
Head of Partner Services
Fitness-Buffet Pte Ltd

SOURCE: Fitness-Buffet Pte Ltd

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