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Haier Establishes Asian Headquarters in Japan as Part of Its Global Expansion Strategy

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The world’s No. 1 Global Major Appliances brand plans its growth in Asia by establishing a stronger foothold in Japan

TOKYO, Feb. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — At a press conference today, Haier Group, the world’s No. 1 Global Major Appliances brand, officially announced its plans to establish its Asian headquarters in Osaka, and two R&D centers in Tokyo and Kyoto, a development that now establishes Japan an overseas market that combines all of the three key elements for business – R&D, manufacturing, and marketing. It also demonstrates Haier’s long-term strategic plan to grow its international market and establish its global brand reputation.

The conference marked the official unveiling of Haier’s second brand in Japan, AQUA. Last year, Haier purchased SANYO’s washing machine and consumer refrigerator businesses in Japan, in addition to its washing machine, refrigerator and consumer home electric appliances businesses in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. AQUA, as part of SANYO’s intangible assets, was transferred to Haier in 2011. Meanwhile, Haier owns two brands, Haier and AQUA, in the Japanese market as part of its dual brand strategy.

Haier expected its sales in Japan to reach 50 billion yen in 2012, including AQUA’s estimated 35 billion yen. However, the company emphasized that it is not only eying an increase in market share. “What is most important for us is to better understand Japanese consumers, and provide high-quality appliances to meet the demands of their lives through our localized operations, technology innovation, and resource consolidation,” said Liang Haishan, Haier’s Executive VP.

Following the acquisition, Haier decided to keep AQUA’s DNA – its unique technology, function and concept – intact to continue to provide high-quality products to Japanese consumers. Under Haier’s ownership, AQUA has evolved from a brand of washing machines to one that will comprise over 60 models of washing machines, refrigerators and other white goods. AQUA, currently available in Japan, is targeted at middle-and-high-income Japanese families that value their quality of life. AQUA’s brand concept is defined by Haier as “Life is precious,” and is created for those who “value every day of their lives.”

Besides Japan, Haier is also launching its duel brand strategy in the Southeast Asian market where it will operate under the brand names of “Haier” and “SANYO.” Haier’s Asian headquarters in Japan will oversee the innovation-oriented R&D, manufacturing, and marketing across the two regional markets.

Du Jingguo, Haier’s vice president, told press conference attendees, “Haier chose Japan as the home for its Asian headquarters because of the country’s mature home appliances market and its global leadership position in terms of technological innovation and design. This combined with the deep understanding and insights that Haier has gained over the past 10 years of operations in Japan, as well as its leading-edge innovation and world-class competitiveness will help accelerate its growth and consolidation as the world’s No.1 Global Major Appliances brand.”

About Haier

Over the past 27 years, Haier has endeavored to establish a world-famous brand in the international marketplace. So far, it has established 61 sales centers, 10 R&D centers, and 21 industrial parks across over 160 markets. It has also been ranked by Euromonitor as the No. 1 Global Major Appliances brand in terms of market share in the world for years consecutively.

Based in Osaka, Haier’s Asian headquarters oversees two R&D centers in Tokyo and Kyoto, respectively. It has registered a capital of 250 million yen to date, and currently has 220 employees. It also oversees sales companies that market AQUA and Haier brands separately for the Japanese market, as well as a company in Shiga Prefecture that produces household and commercial machines.

About AQUA

AQUA was originally created as a marketing brand of SANYO washing machines. Established in 2006, AQUA was known for its unprecedented “air wash” technology and has long been popular among energy and cost-conscious Japanese consumers. Haier purchased AQUA from SANYO in 2011 as part of its expansion strategy into the Japanese market.

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