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RooM 1550 — a Man Has to Look Good Anywhere He Goes; “Into the Wild” Edition

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SHANGHAI, Dec. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — RooM1550 is presenting today the first part of its Autumn Winter 2011 Look Book entitled “Into the Wild”

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RooM 1550 sees itself as a window to new worlds: Fashion, Art & Traveling are its pillars and it wanted to tell the story of one man, alone, in nature, surviving, blending in.

For the people at RooM1550, there is nothing like going to a new place. If it is not taking a flight or a train to a new country or city, they at least try to go hiking outside in nature over the weekend.

“We hold some of the most fashionable cutting edge brands around, but before making a purchase I always ask myself. Will this outfit or shoes be comfortable for traveling? Can I feel safe in an adventure with this item?” said Alexis, Buyer, RooM1550.

With that in mind, RooM1550 becomes the first store in China to carry products of Sandqvist from Sweden. Since 2004 Sandqvist has managed to create some amazing bags and today, more than ever, the modern man relies on his bags. A messenger bag like the “Jack” or a tote bag like the “Herr Judith” are key pieces in a man”s daily survival. The combination with RooM1550’s exclusive brand “Grenson England 1866” shoes creates a pillar in modern clothing.

RooM1550 used two amazing models:

The Sharp boot with crepe wedge soles, a personal favorite of RooM1550’s buyer, gives an amazing grip on any terrain. “You have to remember this is the type of soles the Moroccan soldiers in the previous century were wearing, and they had to face so many different topographies, from the dessert to urban areas to wild plantations,” said Tal, CEO, RooM1550.

The second model RooM1550 chose was the Glenn, inspired by Old Italian infantry boots from the 1800″s, the time the Grenson factory was built. They are an amazing mix of leather and canvas, a true classic, the marriage of British elegance and Italian tradition.

“A man has to look good anywhere he goes, and we wanted to illustrate that in this photoshoot. The Glenn boots are exactly what I imagine a man wearing in the jungle, adventurous but equipped.” said Jana, Social media, RooM1550.

RooM1550 believes that in today’s world, a man’s survival is very much in his clothing, in how he presents himself and how it protects him and allows him to be ready for anything.

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About RooM 1550 HK Limitd:

RooM1550 (“The Company”) is a new provider of men”s limited edition casual apparel and accessories in China. It operates only online and its products are mainly sold via word-of-mouth among friends. The company addresses men who seek unique, fashionable clothing to suit their work & lifestyle needs. RooM1550 accepts various payment methods such as Major credit cards, PayPal, & Alipay with SSL. Deliveries are conducted with FedEx and Shunfeng Express Worldwide. For additional information, please visit:

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