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Deutsche Post DHL Champions Education Through Teach for India Partnership

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SINGAPORE, Nov. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — As part of the ongoing efforts to foster equal access to education worldwide, Deutsche Post DHL, the world’s leading logistics company has partnered with Teach For India (TFI), a non-profit organization aimed at raising literacy levels and to eliminate education inequality in the country. The Deutsche Post DHL-TFI partnership, which started in November 2010, has since benefited over 100 schools in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi, with plans for expansion into Hyderabad and Chennai in 2012.

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“For many children across the world, access to education sadly remains a distant hope. At Deutsche Post DHL, we believe in the value of education and the impact that it can have in the communities that we operate in. As a leading international logistics company, we hope that by taking concrete steps in supporting individuals in their development and expanding their personal skills, we can empower children in India for a better future,” said Christoph Remund, Chief Executive Officer, DHL Global Forwarding India.

The partnership is central to Deutsche Post DHL’s GoTeach program, one of three Corporate Responsibility programs towards fulfilling the company’s motto of Living Responsibility. With the GoTeach program, Deutsche Post DHL works with partners in the field of education and aspires that one day, all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

Since the kick-off in November 2010, Deutsche Post DHL has organized donation drives for used computers and laptops as well as stationery items to facilitate classroom learning for the students. Led by the employees in India, the team collected 180 computers and 90 laptops, which are used to equip the students with basic computer skills. Fifty boxes of stationery items and euro3,000 in cash, which was used to purchase additional stationery for the students, were also distributed to the students in June, in time for the commencement of the new academic year.

In addition to benefiting the vast number of students in India’s low-income communities, the partnership with TFI also helps strengthen our talent pipeline through mentoring and identifying suitable individuals for internships and careers within the Deutsche Post DHL network. To equip the teachers with soft skills suitable for their teaching stints as well as their subsequent professional careers with corporations, a four-day Leadership Development Program that covered topics such as transformational leadership, managing conflict and change management was also organized.

As an extension of the partnership, the team in India rolled out the Deutsche Post DHL Global Volunteer Day in the TFI schools in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. To give the students a break from their classroom routine, ‘Redraw India’, a drawing competition for 2,500 students from the primary levels was organized. In Delhi, the team also organized a ‘Cleanliness Drive’ where our colleagues swept and cleaned the schools; and conducted sessions on ‘Keeping our Environment Clean’ where the team shared with the students the importance of planting trees, keeping their surroundings clean, and conservation of our environment.

“Our partnership with Deutsche Post DHL has bolstered our efforts to eliminate educational inequality in India. The Fellows and our students from low-income communities have benefited tremendously from the various meaningful activities that not only enhance the classroom environment but also the personal development of each individual,” said Shaheen Mistri, CEO, Teach For India.

The TFI program has received strong support from employees and to date, over 800 volunteers have participated in various activities organized for the Deutsche Post-TFI partnership.

Today, six million primary school age Indian children never even enroll in school. Of those in school, 30 per cent drop out before getting a primary education. On average, 25 per cent of teachers in government schools are absent on any given day. Of those teachers that attend school, only 50 per cent are likely to be teaching at any given time. TFI attracts young graduates, trains them to become full time teachers, who then work in lower income schools to bring about long-term transformation on the educational system.

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DHL – The Logistics company for the world

DHL is the global market leader in the logistics industry and “The Logistics company for the world”. DHL commits its expertise in international express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and international mail services to its customers. A global network composed of more than 220 countries and territories and about 275,000 employees worldwide offers customers superior service quality and local knowledge to satisfy their supply chain requirements. DHL accepts its social responsibility by supporting climate protection, disaster management and education.

DHL is part of Deutsche Post DHL. The Group generated revenue of more than 51 billion Euros in 2010.


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Global Survey Shows Outlook Worsening for Nearly 100 Million People With the Most Challenging Form of Hypertension

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Hypertension Experts Launch New Global Awareness Effort ‘Power Over Pressure’to Support and Educate Patients

ERLANGEN, Germany and BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Nov. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Despite ongoing medical care, an alarming 65 percent of people with ‘treatment-resistant’ hypertension reported in a new survey that high blood pressure remains their most serious health concern, and 79 percent of the respondents said they need new treatment options to get their dangerously high blood pressure under control.

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Treatment-resistant hypertension, defined as persistently high blood pressure despite treatment with three or more antihypertensive medications, poses a serious health threat to nearly 100 million people worldwide.[i], [ii]

The survey was conducted by Harris Interactive with more than 4,500 high blood pressure patients worldwide as the first step in a global health campaign called ‘Power Over Pressure,’ which is endorsed by both the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) and the American Society of Hypertension, Inc. (ASH).

The survey, supported by Medtronic, Inc., also found that people with treatment-resistant hypertension are extremely worried about their overall health. Two-thirds (67 percent) of the respondents described their overall health as ‘fair or poor,’ despite the fact that most people with treatment-resistant hypertension reported being under the care of either a general practitioner (70 percent) or a cardiologist (25 percent).

A team of global hypertension experts have reviewed the findings of this global survey. In response, the group is launching Power Over Pressure to raise awareness of the challenges faced by the nearly 100 million people worldwide who are living with treatment-resistant hypertension. The campaign aims to educate and empower patients and physicians to finally take control of this challenging disease. More information about the campaign is available online at

Power Over Pressure is chaired by two world-renowned hypertension experts: Suzanne Oparil, M.D., professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics, and director of the vascular biology and hypertension program in the division of cardiovascular disease at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, in the United States; and Roland E. Schmieder, M.D., professor of internal medicine, nephrology and hypertension and head of the clinical research center hypertension and vascular medicine at the department of nephrology and hypertension of the University Hospital Erlangen, in Germany.

“A new approach is needed to improve control of this most challenging form of hypertension,” said Prof. Schmieder. “The number of treatment-resistant patients has increased by 62 percent in the past 20 years. Our survey results underscore the impact that treatment-resistant hypertension has on our patients and the critical need for more collaboration between patients and their physicians as well as appropriate referrals to specialists to aid in the management of this disease.”

Prof. Oparil added: “These survey results confirm the critical need for these patients and their physicians to improve overall patient outcomes through new or more effective treatment approaches. We are launching Power Over Pressure to help address this public health challenge.”

The survey polled a range of 400 to 800 people with uncontrolled hypertension in each of eight countries around the world: Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom and United States. In each country, at least 200 adults with treatment-resistant hypertension taking three or more medications and at least 200 adults with uncontrolled hypertension taking one, two or no medications were interviewed.

The survey revealed that adults with treatment-resistant hypertension face more serious medical challenges compared to others with less advanced forms of the disease. They are more likely to suffer from other life threatening illnesses including type 2 diabetes (22 percent vs. 15 percent), heart disease (30 percent vs. 11 percent) and obesity (37 percent vs. 26 percent); they take an average of four pills each day for their prescribed blood pressure medications and have been struggling with their high blood pressure for more than 9 years.

Treatment-resistant patients are extremely worried about their overall health

Patients with treatment-resistant hypertension in the survey indicated that the condition is their most serious health concern and has a profound impact on their everyday lives. Six out of ten patients (60 percent) admitted to being very worried about having a stroke as a result of their high blood pressure, and more than half of patients (53 percent) said they are worried about dying prematurely because of their high blood pressure. Eight out of ten patients with treatment-resistant hypertension said their high blood pressure has had a negative impact on their overall peace of mind (80 percent) and overall health (87 percent).

In addition, patients with treatment-resistant hypertension want more options to manage their condition. Three out of four patients (75 percent) with treatment-resistant hypertension expressed concern about the number of medications they are taking, and more than eight out of 10 patients (84 percent) said they wish it was easier to get their blood pressure under control. Additionally, three out of four patients with treatment-resistant hypertension (75 percent) predicted that their quality of life would greatly improve if they could control their blood pressure with fewer medications.

About Treatment-Resistant Hypertension

Treatment-resistant high blood pressure is an especially dangerous chronic disease because of its association with increased cardiovascular risk, including stroke and heart attack, as well as heart failure and kidney disease. Research suggests that 28 percent of treated hypertensive individuals are considered resistant to treatment.[iii] Additionally, these patients have a three fold increase in risk of cardiovascular events compared to individuals with controlled high blood pressure.[iv]

About the Survey

This survey was conducted online October 4-25, 2011 by Harris Interactive and sponsored by Medtronic, Inc. among 4,574 adults aged 18+ who self-report that they have been diagnosed with uncontrolled (n=2,649) or resistant (n=1,925) hypertension within the United States (n=571 uncontrolled, n=238 resistant), United Kingdom (n=220 uncontrolled, n=318 resistant), France (n=214 uncontrolled, n=210 resistant), Germany (n=291 uncontrolled, n=218 resistant), Italy (n=393 uncontrolled, n=221 resistant), Spain (n=280 uncontrolled, n=257 resistant), Brazil (n=376 uncontrolled, n=213 resistant), and Japan (n=304 uncontrolled, n=250 resistant).

[i] Persell, Stephen D. “Prevalence of Resistant Hypertension in the United States, 2003-2008.” Hypertension 57.6 (2011): 1076-1080.
[ii] “Hypertension and cardiovascular disease.” World Heart Federation. 2011. Accessed 28 Oct. 2011.
[iii] Egan, Brent M., et al. “Uncontrolled and Apparent Treatment Resistant Hypertension in the United States, 1988-2008.” Circulation 124. 9 (2011): 1046-1058.
[iv] Doumas, Michael, et al. “Benefits from Treatment and Control of Patients with Resistant Hypertension.” International Journal of Hypertension 2011 (2011) Article ID 318549, 8 pages, 2011. doi:10.4061/2011/318549.

SOURCE﹛Medtronic Inc.

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Refund FX Announces the Official Launch in Australia

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BRISBANE, Australia, Nov. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Refund FX ( announced today that it has launched in Australia, allowing forex traders the opportunity to earn cash back( ) on their forex trades, known as forex rebates, from many of the major forex brokers( ) around Australia and overseas.

Through Refund FX, it is now possible to receive an AxiTrader rebate( ), Synergy FX rebate( ), Pepperstone rebate( ), Vantage FX rebate( ), FX Pro rebate( ), IBFX Australia rebate(–got-money-fx.htm ), and many more forex brokers( ) are available.

Clients with existing forex trading accounts may still be eligible to start earning forex rebates.

Additional forex brokers can also be added upon request.

Here is how it works: Refund FX acts as an introducing broker to several FX and CFD providers. For referring clients, Refund FX is paid a commission from these brokers. The trading conditions do not change. Clients receive the same great spreads, service and execution as they would if they opened an account directly with the broker. This is much like how a mortgage broker gets paid for referring its clients to a bank for a home loan. Refund FX then pays clients up to 80% of the rebates and commissions it receives.

Commissions can be paid in either AUD or USD and are paid directly to clients’ bank accounts or PayPal accounts each month.

With cash back on every forex trade placed, winners will be larger, losers will be smaller, and break even trades are now winning trades.


The average forex trader with $2,000 in their account trades about 0.4 standard lots per day. If you receive a 0.8 pip or $8 per lot rebate, that would equate to about $3 – $4 per day. That does not sound like much, but over time that $4 per day quickly adds up. Over a 1-year period that $4 per trading day adds up to over $1,000 per year, which equates to an extra 50% return. Many clients using Forex Expert Advisors trade significantly more than 0.4 lots per day increasing their rebates even further.

Visit – NOW- and start earning forex rebates today!

About Refund FX

Refund FX is the latest offering by Got Money FX Pty Ltd. Got Money FX is an Australian owned and operated company that holds Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) #441323. Got Money FX also operates – an MT4 forex firm offering spreads from 1 pip and STP and that provides ASIC authorised representative solutions to clients wanting to give advice in foreign exchange and derivatives.

Media Contacts:

Sally Fields
SOURCE Got Money FX Pty Ltd.

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DHL Appoints Chizoba Nnamchi to Lead Central Africa

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SINGAPORE, Nov. 23, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — DHL, the world’s leading logistics company, announced, that Chizoba Nnamchi (Chizzy) has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DHL Global Forwarding for Central Africa. In his new role, Chizzy is responsible for the air and ocean freight business in Ghana, Angola, Nigeria, Gabon, Cameroon and the Republic of the Congo where there is a strong focus on the oil and energy and mining sectors. He will be based in Lagos, Nigeria, and takes over from John Cokayne.

Thomas Nieszner, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “Central Africa is a key growth region of DHL Global Forwarding and we are performing exceptionally well in a challenging environment, with excellent first half year results. It is therefore timely to have Chizzy on board with us to take the business to the next level.”

There is vast potential in the oil and energy and mining sectors in Central Africa. The economy of Ghana was listed in The World’s Fastest Growing Economy in 2011 in the IMF’s tracker of GDP Growth. Oil exploration continues to increase in Ghana with oil expected to account for six per cent of the county’s revenue in 2011. Nigeria is an OPEC member and the 12th largest producer of petroleum in the world and the 8th largest exporter. Nigeria is also the United States’ largest trading partner in Sub-Saharan Africa and supplies a fifth of its oil.

Chizzy will join DHL Global Forwarding from 3M Company where he had extensive international business management exposure, covering Asia Pacific in his most recent assignment while based in Singapore for eight years. Prior to this, he founded and led a company in Singapore specializing in consulting for technology business start-ups, licensing, new product management and related joint ventures in Asia Pacific for over a decade. He has also lived and worked in Egypt, Pakistan, Oman and India and now has more than 20 years of experience in the oil and energy, mining and technology sectors.

Chizzy is also a part of Akaraka, an organization championing social change through education.

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DHL – The Logistics company for the world

DHL is the global market leader in the logistics industry and “The Logistics company for the world”. DHL commits its expertise in international express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and international mail services to its customers. A global network composed of more than 220 countries and territories and about 275,000 employees worldwide offers customers superior service quality and local knowledge to satisfy their supply chain requirements. DHL accepts its social responsibility by supporting climate protection, disaster management and education.

DHL is part of Deutsche Post DHL. The Group generated revenue of more than 51 billion Euros in 2010.



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