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Lab Dom Launches ’68 Days of Change’ Consumer Campaign at Hong Kong’s ‘Cosmoprof Asia 2011’

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World-leading cellular therapy company views ‘Gateway to China’ as strategic to global expansion plans

HONG KONG, Nov. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Laboratoires Dom AVMM (Suisse) Inc (Lab Dom) — a world-leading regenerative medicine and cellular therapy company specialising in precursor stem cell, placental extract, organ-specific and botanical cell products — is launching its innovative ’68 Days of Change’ consumer cellular therapy challenge at Hong Kong’s ‘Cosmoprof Asia 2011’ aesthetic exhibition being held from 9-11 November 2011.

The consumer campaign is aimed at encouraging exhibition attendees to experience ‘Change, with Lab Dom’ by signing up to win 68 days worth of the company’s premium cellular therapy brand — MFIII of Switzerland’s Nano Cell Extracts for Skin — and posting a daily photo update of the change to the company’s dedicated website to share the results.

“A new era is dawning in the regenerative medicine industry, and Lab Dom is a well-respected pioneer at the forefront of that change,” explained Michelle Wong, co-founder of Lab Dom.

“We are in the business of providing the opportunity for change for humankind, and an opportunity to increase the quality of life itself. We believe our ’68 Days of Change’ challenge will open the experience of our award-winning MFIII Nano Cell Extracts to the vibrant and rapidly expanding Chinese market.”

Lab Dom’s ’68 Days of Change’ consumer incentive program will be opened to global participants at various international exhibitions in the coming months, and forms part of the company’s dynamic new stakeholder campaign ‘Change, with Lab Dom’.

“Our new stakeholder campaign is aimed at servicing stakeholders and customers around the globe at a world’s best practice level, as we embark on ambitious global expansion plans,” said Mike Chan, co-founder of Lab Dom.

“This will incorporate an innovative distribution model and channel activation program, as well as new corporate branding, which will be officially unveiled in Las Vegas in December this year.”

Hong Kong is perceived as a vital gateway to China by the company, as part of its intention to capitalise on its existing leading presence in the Asia-Pacific region and expand into China, the European Union, North and South America as well as the Middle East.

According to a study by the Canadian-based McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health (MRC), published by the UK journal Regenerative Medicine( ), the Chinese government is currently investing heavily in regenerative medicine research with the aim of becoming a world leader in the field. The country’s gross domestic expenditure on research and development in the field has grown from USD 5.9 billion in 1996 to USD 44 billion today. (Note 1)

“With China expecting to play a future pivotal role in stem cell research and development, it is crucial for us to establish a key presence in this important emerging market. Our participation at this exhibition is firmly aimed at opening the opportunity for preferred partners and associates in the region to join us, share the bounty of our science and grow with our new business,” continued Mike Chan.

Hong Kong’s ‘Cosmoprof Asia 2011’ marks the fourth international event, in a series of six, that Lab Dom is participating in this year to create awareness of its new ‘Change, with Lab Dom’ stakeholder campaign. Lab Dom recently successfully introduced the campaign to the South-East Asian market, following its launch in Paris, France in September this year and the company’s first Middle East regenerative medicine conference held in Beirut, Lebanon in October.

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1. ‘China a rising star in regenerative medicine’, 9 January 2010,

About Lab Dom

Laboratoires Dom AVMM (Suisse) Inc., (LabDom) is a Swiss held and globally headquartered regenerative medicine and cellular therapy company, with regional Asia-Pacific headquarters in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Founded in 1998 by entrepreneurial husband and wife team, Mike Chan and Michelle Wong, LabDom is a world-leader in precursor stem cell, placenta extract, organ-specific and botanical cell product manufacturing and distribution, providing rejuvenation and revitalisation therapies to combat aging and chronic degenerative diseases.

With state-of-the-art laboratories and highly professional medical staff based in Switzerland, as well as the European Union and Asia-Pacific, Lab Dom is committed to innovative research and development in the rapidly expanding fields of regenerative medicine and anti-aging cellular therapy fields.


MFIII of Switzerland is a world-renowned anti-aging cellular therapy brand, manufactured and distributed by its parent company Laboratoires Dom AVMM (Suisse) Inc., (Lab Dom) — a world leader in the regenerative medicine industry and cellular therapy field.

Launched to market in 2003, MFIII of Switzerland excels in rejuvenation and revitalisation therapy products using placenta, organ-specific and botanical extracts to combat chronic degenerative diseases and anti-aging.

Signature MFIII cellular product ranges received awards at Switzerland’s 2011 International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva Gold Medals for Innovation — the ‘Innovation in Anti-Aging Formulation Technologies’ for MFIII PE Advance Formula Softgels and the ‘Innovations in Regenerative Medicine’ for MFIII Nano Cell Extracts.

About FCTI

Fetal Cell Technologies International Inc., (FCTI) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of precursor stem cellular therapy products, held by its parent company Laboratoires Dom AVMM (Suisse) Inc., (Lab Dom) — a world leader in the regenerative medicine industry and cellular therapy fields.

Standing at the frontier of biotechnology in the field of modern integrative therapies and regenerative medicine since 2006, FCTI’s precursor stem cellular therapy product portfolio is aimed at certified medical practitioners.

This product range, which includes the Eco-Ultrafiltrates (EUF) and ASI Therapy brands, has yielded unprecedented results in the treatment of diseases deemed previously untreatable by conventional therapies such as Downs Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease and chronic arthritis.

FCTI’s premium practitioner product, Eco-Ultrafiltrates (EUF) received the ‘Bio-Regenerative Medicine’ award at the prestigious 2011 International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva Gold Medals for Innovation, held in Switzerland.

For media inquiries contact:

Andrew Tham
Message Manager
Tel: +60-16-810-5490
Lab Dom

SOURCE: Laboratoires Dom AVMM (Suisse) Inc.

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