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Geophysics Specialists to Discuss Risks of Dredging

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SINGAPORE, Sep. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ —

Dr. Lucien Halleux, CEO of G-Tec and Visiting Professor of Geophysics at the University of Leuven, explains that some of the risks associated with dredging and land reclamation projects cover multiple financial, technical and operational aspects. And as with any other industrial activities, the risk control of dredging operations starts with a thorough understanding of the processes and a comprehensive analysis of the associated risks, in order to edict and apply adequate procedures.

“The soil related risk is of a very different nature. Soil conditions have a major impact on the timely completion of a project, but they also have a major incidence on the short and long term stability of the works. The dyke failures around New Orleans triggered by hurricane Katrina are a powerful reminder of the importance of soil conditions, both as foundation material of the dykes or as building material for the levees,” he said.

“The presence of soils with poor bearing capacity, of cavities, or similar problems can all have an adverse impact on the stability of constructions at some stage in their lifetime. Such conditions must be anticipated and detected, in order to carry out suitable ground improvement and/or design the construction accordingly,” explained Halleux.

Shahariah Tahir, not only talks about the risks, but she also talks about what her firm — the Port Of Tanjung Pelepas is doing to reduce risks related to dredging.

“In terms of risks of using dredged material, I have read that dumping toxic dredged material in densely populated areas will be highly dangerous to the residents.  As a result of this, the toxic material could infiltrate the ground water, which could subsequently lead to adverse effects on the drinking water in the area. Normally, these spoils should be treated prior to dumping at populated areas,” said Tahir.

Shahariah Tahir and Dr. Lucien Halleux will be speaking at Dredging & Land Reclamation Asia 2011 ( ). Drop an email to for the complete list of topics that will be discussed at Dredging & Land Reclamation Asia 2011 or visit .


SOURCE International Quality & Productivity Centre (IQPC)

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Last Outfit for the Last Act

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2011-09-03 06:00 


Photo project captures people in what they would like to wear for their funeral

SINGAPORE, Sep. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — All of life’s a stage and when that final curtain call comes, what would you wear for a memorable last impression?

(L to R)Lam Chin Shin, Koh Goh Eng – Traditional Chinese costume, Emperor’s costume: We want to be remembered as performers; Foo Piao Lin (Passed away 1 Aug 2011) – Cheongsam (Chinese dress): Mdm Foo was 46 when cancer claimed her life. She joined the project to encourage people to talk about death openly; Low Mui Lang – Salvation Army uniform: This uniform expresses who I am and why I do what I do. (Photo: Desmond Lim, Wang Hui Fen/The Straits Times)

(L to R) Yuen Tat Yee – Nothing: One’s true nature is one’s bare skin; Marla Bendini – Sequin dress & disco balls: Uniting and projecting all my love for life like a disco ball would be a nice way to go. The party never ends; Moses Liew – Outdoor hiking clothes, shoes, camera gear: When I pass on, I’d like to be doing what I enjoy most, hiking and photographing nature and landscapes. (Photo: Samuel He, Nuria Ling, Mugilan Rajasegeran/The Straits Times)

(L to R) Kenny Png – Favourite leather jacket & guitar once used by member of Singapore post-rock band – In Each Hand A Cutlass: I’ll have fun rocking up to the Pearly Gates decked out like a hobo punk; Shannen Khai – Mermaid costume: I’d like to deposit my ashes at sea, then be reincarnated as a mermaid; Michael Ho – Wetsuit: It’s peaceful underwater. I want to live there forever. (Photo: Lim Wui Liang, Kevin Lim/The Straits Times)

(L to R) Vijayarengan Visvalingam – Favourite Liverpool FC T-shirt: I bought this shirt at Anfield, home of Liverpool FC – one of the places where I’d like my ashes scattered; Marcus Tan – Tailor-made clown costume: I want to experience death in a jovial way. Maybe I can cheer people up in heaven or hell; Jack Sim – Business suit with toilet seat garland: I want my last outfit to remind everyone of my pursuit of better sanitation for humanity. (Photo: Neo Xiaobin, Desmond Lim/The Straits Times)

A wetsuit, mermaid costume, clown attire, Liverpool FC T-shirt and an imperial Chinese robe. These last outfits were chosen by some of the 23 people taking part in a photo project initiated by The Straits Times, the leading Singapore daily, in partnership with Lien Foundation, a Singapore philanthropic house. Entitled “The Last Outfit“, the project showcases individuals in the clothes they wish to wear for their own funeral.

Celebrating life’s final epic 

“Dressing is a way of life and even at death, our clothes can be a statement of who we are,” said Mr. Lee Poh Wah, CEO, Lien Foundation. “Each exit outfit is one that best expresses the subject’s unique life. Their outfits and candid attitude have given us a fresh and fun perspective on how to deal with death. If there’s something like funeral fashion, they are setting a trend by wearing their souls on their sleeves.”

The Last Outfit seeks to remove the taboo of death and enthuse people to view life and death differently. As part of the Foundation’s Life Before Death initiative, the project’s unusual approach underlines a serious attempt to spur conversations and thoughts about end-of-life matters.

Behind the scenes 

Working behind the lens, the Straits Times photographers captured the passion behind each subject’s reflection on his or her own mortality. The eight photographers were: Desmond Lim, Lim Wuiliang, Kevin Lim, Neo Xiaobin, Nuria Ling, Mugilan Rajasegeran, Samuel He and Wang Hui Fen. Chief Photographer Wang Hui Fen said, “We are glad that our subjects were willing to put aside their superstitions and participate in this project. It wasn’t easy to convince people to talk about death, much less photograph them in their last outfit. We hope that through this project, the stigma of death will be reduced. People need to understand that talking about death is not going to kill you.”

A beautiful curtsey

The final curtain call came early for one of the subjects, 46 year-old cancer patient Madam Foo Piao Lin. All her life, she had always wanted to wear a beautiful cheongsam (Note 1). Now she has her wish fulfilled by the Last Outfit project and at her funeral. Beneath her sweet pose lies the courage to face death squarely. She prepared her family and shared with them her last wishes and hopes. She took part in the project to encourage others not to shy away from end-of-life issues and to make preparations for the inevitable. Madam Foo also wrote to her hospice to thank them for their care and to thank Straits Times photographer Desmond Lim for giving her loved ones “beautiful pictures for sweet memories” of her. On 1 August 2011, she passed away.

Rather than leave it to chance or for others to decide, Madam Foo took responsibility for her final affairs. “There can be brilliance in the shadows of death. Her family was fortunate to be part of her good-bye plans,” observed Mr Lee. “It’s so much more valuable and meaningful to have had such conversations when the person is alive.”

A last hurrah

Other subjects in the project shared Mdm Foo’s plucky attitude. They not only donned their last outfits with bravura, they saw it as a fitting way to proclaim a last hurrah to mark their final epic. “These are the most elaborate costumes we have for our performances. When we die, we want to be remembered as performers,” said part-time Chinese opera singers, Mr. Koh Goh Eng and his wife, Madam Lam Chin Shin.

View the last outfits at

Note 1:Chinese dress for ladies

About the Lien Foundation and Life Before Death

The Life Before Death initiative is part of the Lien Foundation’s mission to advocate better care of the dying. It commissioned the first-ever global Quality of Death index in 2010 and reaches out to the public through the use of social media, art, films and photography.

An international feature documentary film that examines the global crisis of untreated pain will be released in end 2011. It profiles palliative care professionals at the frontline as they seek to improve care for the dying. The film is shot in 11 countries and uncovers the diverse cultural perspectives on pain, death and dying.

Media Contact

Genevieve Kuek
Qeren Communications


SOURCE Lien Foundation

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Nominations Open For Flagship PublicAffairsAsia Gold Standard Awards 2011

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HONG KONG, Sept. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Nominations have opened for the flagship 2011 PublicAffairsAsia Gold Standard Awards with under seven weeks until the deadline for entry.

The Gold Standard Awards recognise excellence in public affairs, communications, corporate sustainability and stakeholder engagement, and will be judged by a top-flight panel from across the Asia Pacific region.

New categories in the 2011 line up include The Gold Standard Award for Public Private Partnership, The Gold Standard Award for Corporate Financial Communications, The Gold Standard Award for Public Relations Consultancy and The Gold Standard Award for Corporate Responsibility. These new awards join a wide selection of categories which include country and trade promotion, diplomatic engagement and social media engagement.

Once again, the awards will recognise a top-level in-country or regional public affairs or communications practitioner through The Prospect Gold Standard Award for Professional Excellence. The PA industry will also identify the achievement of a political leader or campaigner through the open nomination Gold Standard Award for Political Communications.

Commenting on the awards, Steven R. Okun, the director of public affairs at KKR and the awards chairman, said: “The Gold Standard Awards are the only programme which celebrates the collaborative public affairs and communications achievements of corporations, government agencies, specialist consultancies, trade groups and NGOs in Asia Pacific.”

The judges include over 40 senior practitioners from public affairs and corporate communications across business, government and the NGO community.

Okun added: “By nominating, or being nominated, you can promote the important work carried out by professional communicators, business, diplomats, governments and NGOs across Asia Pacific. Whether for your work in government relations, issues management, social media, trade promotion or good governance, we encourage you to become involved.”

The full details on the 2011 awards programme, categories and sponsors can be found below and at the website .

The 2011 Sponsors and Categories:

Sponsored by: AmCham-China

This award is made to identify excellence in the development of a CSR, sustainability or good governance project which enhances corporate reputation. It is open to corporations, NGOs and public bodies who can show commitment to sustainable business practices, governance values or corporate responsibility either through a single campaign, case study or broader corporate commitment to these outcomes.

Entry Advisory: Please provide no more than 1000 words with particular reference to the planning, implementation, outcomes achieved through a project or broader corporate commitment to corporate responsibility.

Sponsored by: Qantas Airways Limited

This award recognises effective communications and public affairs activity in the promotion of a country, industry or trade. It focuses on the work of chambers of commerce, embassies, trade and industry groups and government trade promotion agencies. It is open to any domestic, regional or global trade promotion activity connected to the Asia Pacific region.

Entry Advisory: The entry must not exceed 1000 words and illustrate how the body is effectively promoting its core industry, national or regional trade related aims and objectives.

Sponsored by: Kreab Gavin Anderson

This award is designed to identify excellence in corporate financial communications, government relations or regulatory affairs. It is open to corporations, financial institutions, government agencies or regulatory bodies active in the financial communications arena. Entrants should show “Gold Standard” excellence in areas such as M&A communications, IPO communications or regulatory or governmental affairs.

Entry Advisory: Please provide no more than 1000 words with particular reference to the planning, implementation and outcomes of a financial communications or related governmental/regulatory public affairs campaign. Nominations from the agency sector in this category should be lodged in the name of the corporation or governmental agency for whom any work was conducted. Third parties, such as public relations consultancies, can act as the nominator where the nominee is a client.

Sponsored by: News Corporation

This award identifies excellence in diplomatic engagement through the nomination of any ambassador, embassy or diplomatic mission. It recognises achievement in corporate public affairs in areas such as the promotion of trade, economic, political or cultural relations. Nominations can be made by diplomatic missions themselves or by a third party, such as a foreign ministry, a partnering corporation, trade group, chamber of commerce or NGO. Entries must show achievement of a desired strategy or outcome following a process of external engagement by the ambassador, embassy or consulate.

Entry Advisory: Please provide no more than 1000 words with particular reference to a project or broader engagement strategy developed by an ambassador or diplomatic mission. There is no entry fee for nominations lodged by embassies or consulates.

Sponsored by: EON, The Stakeholder Relations Firm

This category requires nominations outlining excellence by any corporation, government, NGO or agency in communicating key messages in the management of an “issue” or “crisis”. It is open to entrants from all sectors which can show a “Gold Standard” response to an event which took place in the 18 months prior to the close of nominations.

Entry advisory: Please provide no more than 1000 words with particular reference to the planning, implementation and outcomes achieved by the body in the preparation for, or handling of, a crisis or issue.

Sponsored by: Weber Shandwick

This award identifies excellence in NGO engagement with external groups. It applies to domestic and international NGOs operating in Asia Pacific or to Asian NGOs operating overseas. Nominations should identify “Gold Standard” achievement by an NGO in its strategic engagement with government, business or civil society. Nominations can be self made or by a third party, such as a fellow NGO/corporation/chamber of commerce or government agency.

Entry Advisory: Please provide no more than 1000 words with particular reference to the planning, implementation and outcomes achieved through NGO engagement. There is no entry fee for nominations lodged by NGOs.

Sponsored by: Food Industry Asia

This award recognises excellence in any project involving both the public and private sector in Asia Pacific. It reflects the growing importance of public private partnerships in areas such as health promotion, environmental protection and the delivery of public services. The award will be made to the partnership group in recognition of the public affairs and communications engagement, execution and outcomes connected to their PPP programme.

Entry Advisory: Nominations of no more than 1000 words can be lodged by any of the participants of the public private partnership and must illustrate how the collaboration achieved a pre-determined outcome utilising effective public affairs, government relations or communications.

Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard

This award recognises excellence in the use of social media as a communications tool by business, governments or NGOs. Entrants must show how social media has been used to effectively communicate with target stakeholder groups and has achieved desired outcomes.

Entry Advisory: Please provide no more than 1000 words with particular reference to the planning, implementation and outcomes achieved by the social media communications campaign or strategy.

Sponsored by: Henry Hale Maguire

This award identifies excellence in a strategy or campaign engaging stakeholders such as government, the media, regulators, employees and the public. It is open to corporations, governments, embassies, NGOs and trade groups represented in Asia Pacific or representing Asian interests outside Asia. Outcome based it will show how a process of planned engagement has achieved a positive outcome with stakeholders.

Entry Advisory: Please provide no more than 1000 words with particular reference to the planning, implementation and outcomes achieved through the process of stakeholder or governmental engagement.

Professional Categories:


Sponsored by: The Research Pacific Group

This award identifies public affairs excellence by a consultancy at either the in-country office or regional network level. It is open to public affairs and public relations consultancies operating in Asia Pacific who have developed service offerings in the areas of public affairs, government relations and corporate affairs. Entrants must illustrate excellence in benchmark areas such as such as client relationships and deliverables, professional team development and business growth.

Sponsored by: PR Newswire

This award identifies corporate public relations and communications excellence by a consultancy at either the in-country office or regional network level. It is open to public relations and communications consultancies operating in Asia Pacific who deliver service offerings in the areas of corporate communications and corporate public relations. Entrants must illustrate excellence in benchmark areas such as client relationships and deliverables, professional team development and business expansion.

Entry Advisory: For categories A and B entrants should provide no more than 1000 words with particular reference to the key benchmarks identified above.

Sponsored by: Vriens & Partners

This award identifies excellence in an in-house public/corporate affairs or communications team in Asia. It is open to global and domestic corporations, government agencies and NGOs. Entries are expected to demonstrate the development of functions such as corporate communications/public affairs/government relations and illustrate its importance and contribution to broader business goals and strategy.

Entry Advisory: Please provide no more than 1000 words with particular reference to the key benchmarks identified above.

Sponsored by: Prospect

This award recognises achievement by a communications, corporate or public affairs professional connected to the Asia Pacific region. It is open to senior corporate or consultancy communications and public affairs professionals who are seen as leaders among their peer-groups and the broader corporate affairs and communications industry in Asia Pacific.

Entry Advisory: In no more than 1000 words entries should illustrate how the career achievements by the nominee identify them as an industry leader in the Asia Pacific region.

Sponsored by: eBay

This category recognises excellence in political communications. It is open to anyone or any corporate, NGO or governmental group to nominate a politician, public figure or campaigner who has shown significant achievement through their communications over the previous 18 months. Nominations are invited from individuals and organisations.

Entry Advisory: Please provide no more than 400 words to describe how the nominee has displayed excellence in their communications and engagement with target audiences. There is no nomination fee for this category, for which nominations close on December 1, 2011.

For more information please contact:

Craig Hoy
Executive Director
Tel: +66-8483-79403
SOURCE PublicAffairsAsia

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SevOne, Terilogy and TS-Associates Partner to Provide Complete and Immediate Visibility of High Frequency Trading Environments for Financial Institutions

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2011-09-05 10:00 


HONG KONG, Sept. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — SevOne, the new leader in network performance management, today announced it has joined forces with TS-Associates and Terilogy to bring advanced monitoring capabilities that span the trading floor and corporate network management systems. The integration of the SevOne network performance management and TS-Associates Precision Instrumentation® solutions supports the rapid growth of high frequency and algorithmic trading across the financial markets in New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong which has been placing new demands on IT operations teams to provide and ensure the extreme levels of technical and business performance that is required.

An integration of best-of-breed products from TS-Associates and SevOne means information technology operations teams and business managers can now have complete and immediate visibility of the performance of their high frequency trading (HFT) environments using the same reporting consoles and workflows used to manage their network and servers.  The solution is easy to deploy offering fast time to results, a small solution footprint and low cost of ownership.

SevOne can now be configured to connect to one or more TipOff® appliances to gather and monitor summary latency metrics on transaction flows.  This allows users to monitor critical HFT performance indicators such as hop latency, build baselines of normal utilization levels, and proactively monitor and raise alerts when utilization deviates from historical norms. Once alerted, a user can quickly troubleshoot the network and trading infrastructure.

A single multi-hop flow may comprise several different middleware stacks or protocols. TS-Associates’ TipOff supports flows that undergo transformations through order aggregation, trading engines and execution venues.

Nobuo Miyamura, COO of Terilogy says, “We believe this jointly developed solution empowers our customers with unprecedented visibility into the health of trading specific applications and supporting infrastructures in a consolidated real time monitoring system. We are certain it will also provide them with a competitive edge in the market. A proof of concept of this solution is available at our Center of Excellence lab.”

Henry Young, CEO of TS-Associates says, “Up to now managing the performance and availability of low latency environments has been addressed using a variety of individual tools implemented and operated independently. Firms can now free up resources previously dedicated to these tools. Our aim is to integrate the esoteric island of latency instrumentation back into the mainstream of enterprise performance management.”

“SevOne offers a high frequency polling capability that many of our financial services customers already use today,” stated Vess Bakalov, CTO, SevOne. “Terilogy’s establishment of a CoE is very important to us since every major investment bank has requirements for providing complete visibility and service assurance for their HFT environments. We are now able to demonstrate integration with TS-Associates low-latency probes, to provide “complete visibility” of the performance of their HFT environments using the same reporting consoles and workflows used to manage their network and servers.”

SevOne, TS-Associates, and Terilogy will introduce the ability to deliver comprehensive solutions based on “Best of Breed” performance monitoring in ultra low latency environments at a private seminar on Sept 5th preceding the Trading Architecture Asia 2011 conference in Hong Kong. Terilogy COO Nobuo Miyamura, TS-Associates CEO Henry Young, and SevOne CTO Vess Bakalov, will present a comprehensive solution based on “Best of Breed” performance monitoring in ultra low latency environments.

Notes to editors:

Terilogy is the exclusive distributor within Japan and Asia for the TS-Associates Precision Instrumentation solutions, and a reseller and support partner for SevOne’s performance management solution. It has recently established an Ultra Low Latency “Center of Excellence” in Tokyo for demonstration and exploration of low latency monitoring technologies. The Center of Excellence showcases a comprehensive solution based on “Best of Breed” precision instrumentation, network performance management and service level assurance technologies.

About TS-Associates

TS-Associates is a leading supplier of precision instrumentation solutions for latency sensitive trading systems. With the TipOff network monitoring appliance and the Application Tap software instrumentation card, TS-Associates provides a complete range of precision instrumentation solutions capable of providing nanometric transparency into the latency dynamics of trading systems.  TS-Associates precision instrumentation solutions have been integrated with all leading transaction, market data, middleware and HFT systems. With deployments at leading financial institutions throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, TS-Associates offers a truly global support capability through its centres in London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore. Visit us at

Application Tap®, TipOff® and TS-Associates Precision Instrumentation® are UK registered trademarks, numbers 2555443, 2555442 and 2572239, of TS-Associates plc, US trademarks 85238120, 85238136 and 85397167, applied for.

About Terilogy

Terilogy Co., Ltd. provides network infrastructure solutions and technologies in Japan and internationally. The company’s solutions enable information technology (IT) managers and non-technical users to manage their IT resources. The company markets its solutions primarily to telecommunications companies and Internet service providers, as well as to various IT-intensive organizations, such as financial services companies, outsourcers of IT services, application service providers, and other multinational companies. Terilogy was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Terilogy Co., Ltd. is a public listed company on the JASDAQ Exchange (Code 3356). Visit us at

About SevOne

SevOne, Inc. provides an application-aware, network performance management solution that enables enterprises, cloud and service providers, and government organizations to keep increasingly complex networks, servers and applications functioning at peak performance levels. SevOne delivers the industry’s fastest, most scalable and comprehensive real-time monitoring, troubleshooting and performance reporting solution to ensure application performance and reliability. Capable of monitoring millions of IT elements and flows, the SevOne solution provides IT Operations teams with the most accurate and timely data available to ensure enterprise-wide performance and reliability for business applications. Visit us at


SOURCE Terilogy Co., Ltd.

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