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(ISC)2 Recognizes Pioneering Cyber Security Workforce Initiatives at Its 2011 Information Security Leadership Achievements (ISLA) Gala Dinner in Jakarta

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 26, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — (ISC)2(R) (“ISC-squared”), the world’s largest not-for-profit information security professional body and administrators of the CISSP(R), today recognizes four distinguished information security workforce initiatives led by the most outstanding honorees at its fifth annual Asia-Pacific Information Security Leadership Achievements (ISLA) Program Gala Dinner and Ceremony on the evening of July 26 at the Shangri-la hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Guest of Honor, Dr. Ir. Ashwin Sasongko, M.Sc., director general for Informatics Applications, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Republic of Indonesia, will congratulate the honorees and deliver his opening address to Gala guests.

“I would like to thank (ISC)2 for hosting the annual Asia-Pacific ISLA celebration in Indonesia. This was made possible thanks in part to the collaborative relationship that the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology for the Republic of Indonesia, UniPro Nuansa Indonesia, the Association of Higher Education in Informatics and Computers in Indonesia (APTIKOM), and (ISC)2 have built over the past few years,” said Dr. Ir. Ashwin Sasongko. “ISLA facilitates a great opportunity for our information security professionals to exchange with and learn from the various global industry leaders that this celebration brings to Indonesia. I congratulate all of this year’s ISLA honorees for their contributions to the information security industry.”

Four distinguished workforce initiatives led by the honorees have been chosen to be showcased. They are:

— Managerial Professional for an Information Security Project
Showcased Honoree and Community Service Star: Soyoung Choi,
vice president, Media Group Infothe (South Korea). As a
decision-maker of a media organization in South Korea,
Ms. Choi is dedicated to educating the professional community
and public at large about the importance of information
security professionalism and awareness. She has been
advocating the roles of corporate and organizational
information security practitioners by stressing the
importance of nurturing local security experts, as well as
fostering a favorable environment for a high-quality
workforce. Ms. Choi said, “This is a joint effort between our
media company and all levels of the community. I hope our
meager effort can facilitate discourse throughout the
community about the importance of information security. As a
media practitioner, I hope that I can assist in building
organic networks with government departments, public agencies,
industry, academia and R&D entities, as well as all levels of
society for information sharing and opinion-gathering.”

— Managerial Professional for an Information Security Project
Showcased Honoree: Mohd Zabri Adil Talib, EnCE, GCFA, head,
Digital Forensics Department at CyberSecurity Malaysia
(Malaysia). Mr. Talib was one of the key figures involved in
the establishment of digital forensic capabilities in
Malaysia. The showcased project is part of a larger five-year
effort that began in 2005. He spearheaded the development of
the Digital Forensics Department, from training analysts to
the final establishment of a full-blown department.
“Throughout the past five years, the digital forensics lab
has shown remarkable achievements, thanks to all the hard
work of my associates. I am proud that our department has
been recognized by (ISC)2 as well as regional peers,” said
Mr. Talib.

— Senior Information Security Professional Showcased Honoree:
Chiung-ying (CY) Huang, CISSP-ISSAP, ISSMP, senior technical
manager of Acer e-Enabling Data Center, Acer Inc. (Taiwan).
Since 2004, Mr. Huang has been the technical head of Acer
Security Operations Center, providing managed security
services to customers, which include major government
agencies and leading enterprises in Taiwan. In 2008, Mr.
Huang started the SOC 2.0 project to design “technical
management” and “operational management” performance indexes
to help evaluate the ROI regarding security investment. The
discovery of new attack methods and malicious proxies are
shared not only with their own customers, but also across all
government agencies in Taiwan. “My team has achieved
fruitful results, discovering new attacks methods and
implementing new rules to detect them, contributing to the
development security practices for government agencies and
other customers,” said Mr. Huang.

— Information Security Practitioner Showcased Honoree: Jong-Oh
Hur, CISSP, CISA, APEC Engineer/EMF-IRPE, project manager for
IT Security Systems, AhnLab Inc. (South Korea). With a goal
to deliver the highest quality education to information
security practitioners in South Korea, Mr. Hur focused on
creating high quality content in an educational environment.
He was involved in a core group of Korean volunteers who
translated (ISC)2’s CBK(R) Review Seminar materials into
Korean, allowing more local security practitioners to gain a
clear understanding of the materials. He also helped to
organize monthly conferences and bi-weekly seminars for the
Korea CISSP Chapter so that local CISSPs could acquire
up-to-date knowledge and discuss industry challenges. “I am
very happy that this project is being recognized, and I also
enjoy seeing the spread of information security
professionalism in Korea and beyond,” said Mr. Hur.

W. Hord Tipton, CISSP-ISSEP, CAP, CISA, executive director of (ISC)2 said, “I truly admire the security professionals who are working diligently to combat increasing pressures to secure our systems, networks and infrastructures that we all rely on to function in our daily lives. This year’s nominees represent some of the top security professionals in Asia-Pacific, whose leadership and mentorship are paving the path for the future of information security. We received the highest number of nominations for this program to date, which we attribute to the expanding field of information security, and the growing demand for qualified professionals. We are also grateful to the ISLA Nomination Review Committee from our Asian Advisory Board for their impartial and dedicated effort to select the showcased honorees amongst so many impressive and diversified initiatives.”

At the ISLA Gala Dinner and Ceremony, members of the (ISC)2 Board of Directors and the (ISC)2 Asian Advisory Board and dignitaries will celebrate with honorees and guests from countries throughout Asia-Pacific, including Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Thailand, as well as local honorees and (ISC)2 members from Indonesia.

For a detailed list of all 2011 ISLA honorees, please visit:

About (ISC)2(R)
(ISC)2 is the largest not-for-profit membership body of certified information security professionals worldwide, with nearly 80,000 members in more than 135 countries. Globally recognized as the Gold Standard, (ISC)2 issues the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP(R)) and related concentrations, as well as the Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP(R)), Certified Authorization Professional (CAP(R)), and Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP(R)) credentials to qualifying candidates. (ISC)2’s certifications are among the first information technology credentials to meet the stringent requirements of ANSI/ISO/IEC Standard 17024, a global benchmark for assessing and certifying personnel. (ISC)2 also offers education programs and services based on its CBK(R), a compendium of information security topics. More information is available at

(C) 2011, (ISC)2 Inc. (ISC)2, CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP, ISSEP, and CSSLP, CAP, SSCP and CBK are registered marks of (ISC)2, Inc.

Follow (ISC)2 on Twitter ( ) and YouTube (

Media Contact:

Kitty Chung
(ISC)2 Asia-Pacific
Tel: +852-35204001


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P&G’s Pioneering “Omics” Research Advances Beauty and Grooming Innovation

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2011-07-22 10:00 


Cutting-edge “Omics” tools to solve molecular puzzles in skin and hair biology, and unlock new pathways for better skin and hair care

SINGAPORE, July 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ –Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) is at the forefront of the “Omics” revolution — by applying a new systems biology approach — with early successes in applying this breakthrough field of science to the complex “systems” of beauty.  At the recent World Congress of Dermatology 2011, P&G showcased some of the ways it is using “Omics” tools to drive an advanced and holistic understanding of beauty and grooming needs for consumers around the world: men and women, and head to toe — face, body, hair and scalp.

Using gene chips to analyze the activity of thousands of genes in a single experiment, P&G Beauty & Grooming scientists have identified a number of pathways that have become primary research programs for new beauty and grooming products.

The results of advanced ‘Omics’ technology are utilized by Dr Rosemarie Osborne, P&G Beauty & Grooming scientist, who is working on the next stage in product development — the use of in vitro models to analyze the impact of ingredients on skin and hair.

The New Science of “Omics”

While genomics has dominated the beauty and grooming discussion in recent years, new advances in genome sequencing and other “Omics” tools are enabling biologists to shift their attention from studying individual parts within a particular biological system to “mapping” the entire system — from the genome to the proteome to the metabolome.

  • Genomics studies gene activity or “expression” and describes how genes function, interact with one another and respond to environmental stimuli;
  • Proteomics studies proteins and the way they change as a result of gene activity;
  • Metabolomics studies how changes in genes and proteins impact biochemical processes within the cell.

There are more than 20,000 genes, as many as a million proteins and thousands of metabolites underlying our fundamental skin and hair processes. Where once scientists could only measure one gene or protein at a time, the latest “Omics” tools now allow us to monitor 9.4 million gene changes and hundreds of protein expression changes or metabolites in a single experiment.

“The secret to dramatically accelerating data and insights in skin and hair biology lies in bringing these tools and techniques together.  The “Omics” revolution significantly changes the way we analyze, think about and experience beauty and grooming.  It changes the rules of the game and gives us an unrivalled insight into the molecular pathways associated with common concerns in skin and hair biology,” said Dr Jay Tiesman, Principal Scientist, Global Biotechnology Division, P&G.

Dr Tiesman and other leading scientists on the P&G team including Dr Rosemarie Osborne, Dr John Oblong and Dr Ray Grant, have been the pioneers behind the “Omics” revolution at P&G for over 10 years. Backed by 45 peer-reviewed articles and 90 presentations, some P&G’s innovative work and successes in applying this breakthrough field of science to the beauty and grooming space include:

  • Profiling younger vs. older skin — P&G scientists have used gene chips to analyze the skin of younger and older women, tracking how the skin responds to photo-aging and chronological aging.  By comparing these profiles, they have found that photo-aging affects many of the same biological processes as chronological aging.  Furthermore, the P&G team has used advanced human skin models to identify solutions that help older skin appear more like younger skin, opening up tremendous potential for developing advanced anti-aging formulas and regimens.
  • Identifying promising new ingredients and combinations — one of which is the combination of peptides like Pal-KT, Niacinamide and Hexamidine.  This is fuelled by genomics insights into how peptides can help inhibit  collagen breakdown, as well as research that shows how Hexamidine can restore the synthesis of lipids, which are essential to the skin’s barrier function and protection of skin against aging effects. Pal-KT is a palmitoyl-lysine-threonine peptide which significantly inhibited collagen breakdown pathways
  • Solving the puzzle on the gender divide in skin –“Omics” science is now also beginning to help single out the key differences between male and female skin, finally putting to rest years of debate. While the basic biological processes are common to both genders, male skin biology has several unique qualities of its own: it is more sensitive to UV; has slower wound healing abilities; higher basal blood flow; and lower tolerance to pain and cold. “Omics” tools are also shedding light on how certain areas of the male face are more prone to inflammation compared to females, with the most vulnerable areas being the upper cheek, neck and skin behind the ears.
  • Advancing hair and scalp care science –Proteomics is rapidly transforming hair and scalp science by offering deep insights into the functions of proteins in the hair follicle that will impact the current understanding of hair damage and direct research into new ingredients. In particular, P&G’s state-of-the-art proteomic technologies are helping to pinpoint the specific elements of a hair fibre that are most impacted by hair damage, why these areas of the hair fibre are more prone to damage and investigate specific strategies to prevent damage.  This research has tremendous impact on how P&G approaches its haircare formulas not only to protect the hair shaft, but to potentially restore the loss of proteins.

While the application of “Omics” science has just begun, the far-reaching impact of its application across beauty and grooming is already informing P&G’s research and taking the company’s innovations across the category in new and different directions.

Much of this effort is driven by bringing together the extensive scientific expertise at P&G that parallel top research institutions globally, and P&G’s progressive stance towards collaboration. A key highlight is P&G’s recent partnership with the Institute for Systems Biology to bring deeper insights into skin biology, targeting ageing issues as one of its key focus areas.  The goal is to develop models of the global molecular changes that occur in skin under different conditions.

“‘Omics’ science is already helping us resolve some of the most complex and intriguing puzzles that still exist in beauty and grooming. Each puzzle we solve is not only expanding what we know but opening up new and intriguing future possibilities — not only for us as research scientists but also for the skin and hair products we all use everyday” said Dr Jim Thompson, Associate Director, Biotechnology and Systems Biology, P&G beauty.

About P&G Beauty and Grooming:

P&G Beauty & Grooming products help make beauty dreams real for women worldwide and help men look, feel and be their best every day. With more than 100 brands available in nearly 130 countries, P&G’s beauty and grooming products delivered sales of nearly US$28 billion in fiscal year 2007/08 , making it one of the world’s largest beauty and grooming companies. P&G Beauty & Grooming offers trusted brands with leading technology to meet the full complement of beauty and grooming needs, including Pantene®, Olay®, Head & Shoulders®, Max Factor®, Cover Girl®, DDF®, Frederic Fekkai®, Wellaflex®, Rejoice®, Sebastian Professional®, Herbal Essences®, Koleston®, Clairol Professional®, Nice ‘n Easy®, Venus®, Gillette®, SK-II®, Wella Professionals®, Braun® and a leading Prestige Fragrance division that spans from point of market entry consumers to high end luxury with global brands such as Hugo Boss®, Lacoste®, and Christina Aguilera®. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information about P&G (NYSE: PG) and its brand.

For further information, please contact:

Tabitha Ang / Valerie Tan
Tel: +65-6825-8074 / +65-6825-8057
HP: +65-9879-8777 / +65-985097476


SOURCE P&G Beauty and Grooming

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Wing Tai Properties Welcomes Marc Hediger as Chief Executive Officer of Lanson Place

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HONG KONG, July 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Wing Tai Properties Limited (the “Group” or “Wing Tai Properties”, SEHK stock code: 369) is pleased to announce today the appointment of Mr. Marc Hediger as the new Chief Executive Officer of Lanson Place Hospitality Management Limited (“Lanson Place”), effective 1 August 2011. Lanson Place is the Group’s hospitality arm, presently managing award-winning luxury boutique hotel and premium serviced residences in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Mr. Marc Hediger brings to Lanson Place over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry covering operations, branding, as well as business development. Prior to joining Lanson Place, Mr. Hediger was senior vice president of product and development at New World Hospitality. He was primarily responsible for promoting the New World Hospitality brand in management and product development, which included rolling out a new 5-star plus hotel brand and expanding a European limited service hotel chain to China and other parts of Asia.

Mr. Hediger began his career in hospitality management with Hyatt International in 1981. During his 16-year tenure with Hyatt, he was involved in assignments on several continents, including as General Manager of the Hyatt Casablanca, Grand Hyatt Taipei, Grand Hyatt Fukuoka and Bali Hyatt. In 1997, Mr. Hediger joined HPL Holdings in Singapore and successfully set up Hard Rock Hotels & Resorts International with the opening of its first Hard Rock Hotel in Bali. He also worked for Movenpick Hotels, based out of Zurich, Switzerland as Corporate Director of Food & Beverage. In 2001, Mr. Hediger was Senior Vice President of Development with Shangri-La Hotels Worldwide, where he played a key role in expanding Shangri-La’s global presence from 38 hotels to 65 hotels.

Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive of Wing Tai Properties, and Chairman of Lanson Place, Mr. Edward Cheng, said: “On behalf of the Group, I would like to warmly welcome Mr. Hediger to the professional team of Lanson Place. Marc will not only further strengthen the senior management but he will also be instrumental in spearheading the continued expansion of Lanson Place to capture the business potential of Asia’s fast-growing hospitality market.”

Vice Chairman of Lanson Place, Mr. Andreas Hofer, commented: “Mr. Hediger’s wealth of experience in international hospitality management will be invaluable in taking Lanson Place to its next phase of growth. We are confident that his profound industry expertise will greatly enhance the operational standards and brand credibility of Lanson Place in the Asia Pacific market.”

New Chief Executive Officer of Lanson Place, Mr. Marc Hediger, said: “I’m very excited to be joining Lanson Place’s leadership team. Leveraging a dynamic portfolio of boutique hotel and serviced residences, as well as a well-established regional network, I will work closely with the team to grow Lanson Place into a major industry player in Asia.”

About Wing Tai Properties Limited

The business of Wing Tai Properties Limited (SEHK stock code: 369) (Previously known as USI Holdings Limited) spans three core areas: property development under the Wing Tai Asia brand; hospitality investment and management under its Lanson Place brand in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur; and the property investment arm under its listed subsidiary Winsor Properties (SEHK stock code: 1036). Wing Tai Properties was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1991.

About Lanson Place Hospitality Management Limited

Lanson Place is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wing Tai Properties Limited. As its hospitality investment arm Lanson Place manages an award-winning boutique hotel in Hong Kong and serviced residences in Shanghai, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore providing over 1,200 luxury serviced residences.
SOURCE Wing Tai Properties Limited

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