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Monsoon Cup Director Elected as Vice President of the Malaysian Yachting Association

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2011-07-12 14:57 


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia,  July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Dato’ Wan Hisham Wan Salleh was voted Vice President of the Malaysian Yachting Association at the 14th Annual General Meeting of the Malaysian Yachting Association (MYA) held at the Maritime Centre in Putrajaya. The director of T-Best Events that organises the annual Monsoon Cup race in Pulau Duyong, Terengganu is responsible for putting Malaysia on the world map.


Dato Wan Hisham Director of T-Best Events Sdn Bhd Organiser of Monsoon Cup – photo by Subzero, Monsoon Cup

In his opening speech President of MYA, Tuan Haji Kamaruzzaman Abu Kassim, who is also the Chairman of KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Berhad and President & Chief Executive of Johor Corporation commended the association for their achievements in elevating Malaysia’s reputation in the world’s yachting arena, thus creating a positive impact on the country and its citizens.

Tuan Haji Kamaruzzaman Abu Kassim also applauded Monsoon Cup’s accomplishment in earning worldwide attention saying, “Take for example the successful organisation of the Monsoon Cup which has been acknowledged as the best in terms of standards of organisation and participation. This places Malaysia on par with other countries on the world’s yachting calendar. Moreover, this achievement has succeeded in bringing many tourists to Terengganu every year, consequently providing the residents with business opportunities and this deserves accolades.”

Dato’ Wan Hisham said that his vision for the Malaysian sailing scene was to create a platform for marine-related businesses to flourish. Through the support of corporate sponsorship, money can be utilised to create better boat-building facilities, repair and maintenance services, and provide quality education and training which in turn boosts the economy and creates a higher standard of living.

He added that sailing doesn’t just have to be a hobby. For many sailors, the sport provides them with numerous career opportunities including competitive sailing, yacht designers, marine electronics, marine architects, marine mechanics, ship construction and many more.

“The Monsoon Cup is one event that not only offers all these advantages but also encourages companies to be more innovative, productive and competitive,” said Dato’ Wan Hisham.

He remarked, “The recent acknowledgement by the sailing fraternity in Malaysia via my appointment as Vice President of the Malaysian Yachting Association is a clear indication that what we have done so far with the Monsoon Cup is right on track. I am honoured to have been awarded this position and plan to share with everyone what I have learnt from my experience in organising the Monsoon Cup for the benefit of the advancement of sailing as a sport and business in Malaysia.”

Malaysian Yachting Association Committee 2011/2012
President: Tuan Haji Kamaruzzaman Abu Kassim
Deputy President: Tuan Haji Lukman Haji Abu Bakar
Vice President I: Dato’ Wan Hisham bin Wan Salleh
Vice President II: Dato’ Mansor bin Ismail
Honorary Secretary: Megat Fairuz Khairuddin
Assistant Honorary Secretary:  Mohd Tarmizi Ahmad
Honorary Treasurer: Haji Mazlan Othman
Committee Members: 1. Abdul Halim bin Hassan
2. Lawrence Yeow Eng Leong
3. Zainal bin Madi
4. Abdul Razak bin Haji Abu Bakar
5. Yeap Leong Soon
6. Hassan bin Hanapiah
7. Tuan Haji Hairuddin bin Hassan
Auditor: Mat Ropi Yazid
Abdul Rashid bin Mohd Nor

About Monsoon Cup

Monsoon Cup ( grew from a simple vision to a world-class experience attended by the cream of the crop in yacht racing. A not-to-be missed yacht race event, Monsoon Cup is the last leg of the prestigious World Match Racing Tour, a professional sailing series featuring eight World Championship events across the globe. Monsoon Cup brings together the world’s top sailing teams who will battle it out for a championship trophy and the highest prize money awarded for a match racing event.

Facebook Group name – Monsoon Cup Malaysia
Twitter Profile name – MonsoonCup


SOURCE Monsoon Cup

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Eco-friendly Companies and Green Brands to Participate in Exhibition in Shanghai

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2011-07-12 09:00
Global brands like Volkswagen and Mengniu have already confirmed presence at China’s leading eco-event

SHANGHAI, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — ECO LIFESTYLES 2011 is already described as the “largest and most comprehensive eco exhibition in China”.

To be held at the Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion from 15 to 17 September 2011, the event will bring together eco-friendly companies and green brands. It also aims to grow China’s LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) market, by educating consumers on the benefits of eco-friendly and green products, as well as encouraging green and eco-friendly lifestyles.

ECO LIFESTYLES 2011 will showcase eco products, including Food, Design, Home, Fashion, Health and Transportation. It will be a full three-day event, inspiring healthy ecological lifestyles in China.

The exhibition will be held alongside two major events, namely the ECO LIFESTYLES DESIGN FAIR, and the Eco Industry and LOHAS Forum. These two concurrent events are targeted at the “trade segment”.

The ECO LIFESTYLES DESIGN FAIR, a component of ECO LIFESTYLES 2011, will showcase innovative sustainable designs in China. Categories include home design, furniture, household arts, product, building and fashion. A premiere sustainable Design Competition is now underway (closing date for entries on 31 July 2011), with finalists’ works being showcased and judged at the three-day event.

For the Eco Industry and LOHAS Forum, many of China’s senior government officials from the environmental, water and agriculture sector will attend. They will be joined by green investors, industry experts and top executives from China’s growing eco and LOHAS industry.

To be held from 15 to 16 September 2011, the two-day forum will serve as a platform for networking and learning the latest developments in the eco and LOHAS industry, in China as well as internationally. Speakers from renowned companies will share their green marketing strategies, case studies and ways to grow green brands and develop eco businesses.

Confirmed speakers include China’s State Council Economics Advisor, senior officials from the China ASEAN Trade Council, as well as from the UK Government and France Government, and many of China’s leading eco companies.

The Green Transportation Hub is organized as part of ECO LIFESTYLES 2011, to showcase green technologies in the automotive industry as well as eco-friendly transport options for the residents in China. Volkswagen, one of the global leaders in the automotive industry, has already confirmed their participation in the Green Transportation Hub.

There will also be concurrent activities and special pavilions for the consumers and the public. These include the LOHAS One-stop Eco Home, the Nostalgia Theme Pavilion, Green Kitchen, and the One Million Signature LOHAS Day Event.

In the GREEN KITCHEN, visitors can learn about eating healthily, with great tasting foods, drinks, and organic desserts. They can also pick up a few tips on city farming and grow their own vegetables, which guides at the GREEN KITCHEN will share. Mengniu, one of the largest dairy producers in China and a conglomerate listed on the HKSE, has already confirmed their participation.

In the One Million Signature LOHAS DAY event, more residents in Shanghai will get a chance to sign up and pledge their affirmation to live a LOHAS Day. In one of the signature collection drives, 500 students and academics from Shanghai University pledged their commitment to live a day of health and sustainability. More of these signature drives will be held at shopping centres, universities and residents’ communities, and will continue into the ECO LIFESTYLES 2011 event.

Other exhibitors at ECO LIFESTYLES 2011 include Warrior Shoes, China’s most famous vintage footwear, Lekue, one of the world’s leading producers in innovative silicone home products, and Dethlefsen & Balk (D&B), one of the world’s oldest suppliers of high-quality teas.

Click on to see more details of the event.

ECO LIFESTYLES 2011 is supported by the Shanghai municipal government and organized by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission and China Trade Promotion Committee.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Emma Xu Patrick Wong (Singapore Representative)
Shanghai Ecowing Business Consulting Co, Ltd. Tel: +65-9327-1535
Tel: +86-21-6605-1988; Email: Email:
SOURCE Shanghai Ecowing Business Consulting Co, Ltd.

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PPTV and CNC Form Strategic Partnership

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2011-07-12 19:50
BEIJING, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — CNC and PPLive Corporation, a leading Chinese Internet TV portal, and the global OTT TV platform provider, today announced a strategic partnership.

CNC Internet TV ( was launched last year as the official internet portal for multimedia Xinhua news. Since its launch in 2004 as the first Internet TV provider, PPTV has led the Internet TV industry, with its 200M global royal user base, high concurrency live channel support, a vast HD VoD library, innovative and interactive Internet TV viewing experience. The two parties will partner on multiple fronts, including content, business offerings, platform and technology.

Mr. JingCai Hu, CNC president and Xinhua vice chief editor, said, “This strategic partnership, combines the strength of CNC and PPLive, the official Chinese news agency, and the leading Internet TV provider. It will enable fast expansion of CNC’s new media and internet business.”

“PPTV’s global user base, global TV Cloud platform, and ubiquitous device access on PC, Pad and mobile devices, combined with CNC’s global media coverage,” said Dr. Tao, PPLive’s CEO, “will form one of the largest Internet news delivery networks, delivering multimedia news from China to a global audience. This is of strategic importance to both CNC and PPTV.”

Following the partnership announcement, CNC and PPTV plan to launch a new web portal. The new portal will deliver news to multiple device types, including PC, mobile and pad; allowing instant news access globally.

About PPTV

PPTV is the leading Online TV portal in China’s market, and the global leading OTT TV platform provider. With its complete Online TV offering, global TV delivery network, and deep partnership with content providers, PPLive is delivering an innovative TV viewing experience to consumers, while driving the transformation of TV business. To gain additional insights into our products and services, please visit


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