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The Rise of New Asia: Cloud Computing is the Crucial Point to Control Own Destinations

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TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Trend Micro Chairman and Founder Steve Chang attended the 2011 CommonWealth Economic Forum’s “Era of Digital Convergence” panel discussion yesterday, during which he stressed the importance of Cloud Computing in Asia. Chang said that Asian countries missed the opportunity to play a crucial role in the birth of the Internet during the last Industrial Revolution, which makes this wave of popularity in Cloud Computing important to Asian countries for two reasons. First, it will give Asian countries to “control their own destinations;” and second, it will allow Asian countries to truly join global society. That is to say, involvement in Cloud Computing will not only contribute innovation to global society to become a global citizen, but will also be the first time Asian countries have the chance to jointly formulate industry rules.

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Chang said, “Up till now, some Asian countries, such as those in the Greater China area, have only played a supporting role in the business process, resulting in limited profits; many Asian countries were only mere marketplaces for the high-tech industry, but through Cloud Computing, we can, for the first time, have a complete Value Chain.”

In addition, Cloud Computing will present the best solution in the face of urbanization in emerging Asian countries. According to a report by management consulting firm McKinsey & Co., China’s urban population will be approaching 350 million in 2025. “At this time, an extremely large amount of information management will rely on Cloud Computing,” says Chang. “The Beijing government agrees with this view, which is why it is actively grasping at IT independence.”

Chang also stressed the importance of professional talent in the development of Cloud Computing; training Cloud talent cannot rely on past successful experiences, but must surpass the previous limitations in the framework used by IT technical staff. At present, Trend Micro supports two Taiwan universities in Cloud Computing studies. Using this as an example, one of the universities is required to have at least half of its Cloud computing students studying non-computer science majors, in hopes of using insight from different fields to contribute to a more diverse Cloud Computing application development. At the same time, talent training will no longer emphasize the “do more, do better” mantra; rather, “do different, do unique.” The most important aspect will be the ability to see user insight, to grasp the critical thinking of Cloud development. As such, the other of the two supported universities requires professors lead students in the use of Cloud Computing technology to help SMEs improve their performance, relying on this experience to train a group of professionals who have insight into user needs, discover problems, and search for multiple solutions for the same problem.

Finally, Chang used “If not now, when? If not you, who?” to actively call on Asian countries, and not miss out on the “Lifetime Chance” of this Cloud wave.

SOURCE﹛Trend Micro Incorporated

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