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Finally, a Clinically Proven Treatment for Lasting Knee Pain Relief

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2011-01-07 06:00 


This treatment has relieved Mdm Yap from 12 years of agony

SINGAPORE, Jan. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — For 12 years, Mdm Yap suffered from terrible knee pain, which hindered her from the most basic activities such as standing while cooking and leisurely walks. Even going up and down the stairs was painful.

Mdm Yap walking after her treatment

After just a few months of AposTherapy, she said “Thanks to AposTherapy, I can stand in the kitchen and cook for longer hours. Best of all, I’m able to play more with my grandchildren.”

AposTherapy stands at the forefront of medical advances, offering a clinically proven non-surgical and drug free treatment for knee osteoarthritis. A fully personalised care programme re-designs the way you walk by aligning the body and re-educating the muscles around your joint. AposTherapy fits seamlessly into your daily routine, delivering lasting pain relief so you can move with confidence and be yourself again.

AposTherapy for knee pain:

    -- Non-surgical and drug-free, clinically proven for lasting pain 
    -- 85% of patients report substantial pain relief(2)
    -- 95% satisfaction rate - 8 out of 10 patients say that AposTherapy 
       exceeded or met their expectations(2)
    -- 70% reduction in pain-killer usage(3)
    -- Over 20,000 people have already benefited 

    (1) Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, Volume 15
    (2) Independent survey conducted by Network Research in Nov 2009 
        amongst 150 AposTherapy patients
    (3) Independent survey conducted by the Brandman research group in 
        March 2008

AposTherapy in Singapore

AposTherapy is located at Camden Medical Centre. AposTherapy’s pioneering approach to the understanding and management of knee osteoarthritis integrates three treatment components:

    1) The fully personalised AposTherapy treatment programme involves 
       proactive, comprehensive evaluations from AposTherapists, 
       specially trained physiotherapists. We adjust and recalibrate 
       your treatment as necessary to ensure optimal success. 

    2) A breakthrough personalized biomechanical device featuring 
       patented Pertupods - convex pods located beneath the forefoot 
       and heel which corrects body alignment and re-educates muscle 
       control whilst walking.

    3) A treatment program that fits seamlessly into your regular daily 
       activity, making it very easy to comply with.

The first step for anyone interested in AposTherapy is to undergo an assessment at the AposTherapy Centre at Camden Medical Centre to see whether it is suitable for them.

Contact Info:

AposTherapy Centre
Camden Medical Centre
#05-05, 1 Orchard Boulevard
Singapore 248649

For more information or appointment bookings, please call us at:

Toll-free no: 1800-2767-000


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